Cyberpunk    1993
Billy during Cyberpunk Tour from  Mike's Collection
Billy on Arsenio Hall Show 1993...Video  Capture by RuthiThe look that defined  Cyberpunk was mostly the dead locks /rasta locks and sort of futuristic cyberpunk inspired styles by New York's  Steven Strauss   .It was considered a great  risk for Billy to shed his  established and recognizable look  , to try the dreadlocks and cyberpunk fashion . It would appear that Billy really believed in the  music and message of Cyberpunk ,to  adopt  some of the cyberpunk persona  and add it to the presentation of  the stage  show . It may have been  a lack of  promotion and maybe also that some  of  Billy Idol's public  were not quite  ready to  embrace this  new  concept . Which  contributed to that CyberPunk did not fare as well . 
During Cyberpunk Tour  from Mikes CollectionAs Billy reflected in recent interview " You see the thing about Cyberpunk is that it was suppose to be like a home made record , much like these rap bands are doing, all made really on home equipment . But it was hard to make people understand  that I was, sort of , making an alternative record. They don't allow you to make an alternative record."  
Quoting from my Idol -friend Carole Page Billy Idol Interview for complete interview check out Billy Idol's Official Homepage   
Mac Format  /Start up Screen   From Mike's CollectionCyberpunk was  promoted partly with  an interactive MAC format press kit  _  which navigates samples of sounds bytes , lyrics and  graphics  from  Album ,  in  1993 was a cutting edge concept ...  
Tonights Show  1993  surrounded by Swarm Cameras and Blendo Large screen  ..Video Capture by RuthiThe CyberPunk Tour  involved  the use of giant video screens  to produce a real -time  BLENDO image .  Using multiple " Swarm Cameras " to inter link all the energy and synchrocity of the live stage performances into one continuous Blendo Stream .  
Tonights Show  1993..  Blendo stream screen in back ground...  Video Capture by RuthiThe visual jamming of blendo technique is much like a deejay  mixing different records. Thereby throwing a combination of images at you at once .( Similar to Brett Leonards virtual reality movie Lawnmover Man ) Also Leonard  directed " Shock to the System " and " Heroin "  video's from CyberPunk . Billy had added some of his own video 8 footage  for these vids .  
Also circa Cyberpunk ... 
Details Mag  1993 ..scan by Ruthi

From  Details Magazine July 1993 
 cotton velvet jacket  &  cotton shirt by  Helmut Lang  
( tie by Dolce & Gabbana )  

Details Mag 1993..  Scan by RuthiDetails Mag 1993  Scan by Ruthi 
upper right :Acetate wool suit by Jean Paul Gaultier .  
 Upper Left :Distressed-velvet jacket and matching trousers by Paul Smith  
 The distressed velvet suit was also wardrobe for the video  
 .. Shock   to the System .. And  also  some  personal  appearances such as the 1993 Billboard Awards presentation spot. .
  Jean  Paul  Gaultier  Fashion   Show
" I've always thought that Jean Paul Gaultier look's like   he designs for  
 Billy Idol  !! "
Gaultier Fashion Show  from Fashion TV  video Capture by RuthiGaultier Fashion Show  from Fashion TV  Video capture by Ruthi
Gaultier Fashion Show.. from  '' Billy Idol :Generation WWW   websiteBilly Idol  had  modeled this  wild sunglass armored leather outfit  on Jean Paul Gaultier's catwalk in 1992 , to the song  "Neuromancer" from  ,then , yet to be released CD"Cyberpunk"
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