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Hi, this is our fashion webpage. We created it to show what our dream wardrobe would be. If you have any suggestions/Comments/questions about our site, write us at honey013@hotmail.com We need to give some credit to the web pages of Clinique, Airshop, Zoe, Vans, Jnco, Guppy22, and all the stores at Gen-X Fashion Mall. We would also like to let you know that our pages do take some time to load, sorry! Thanx for visiting our page, please stop buy again,
We have a newest finds page, updated often, check it out here
Everyone is asking where to get the stuff,
click here if you're interested.
~~~~~This site last updated 11/24/98~~~~~
sorry if the clothes from the main pages are...yucky, but i havent had time to update them in a long time

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