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Company :

We are a Macau's company which is located in the north part (just behind the port to China) of Macau.

Factory :

Own factory which is locate in west of Zhuhai, China which take 45 minutes by car from the port of Macau 

Experience :

Our company have over 11 years experience act as a manufacturer and 7 years for direct exporter. Our major products are Sport's and Babies' Wear. Especially on padding wear such as Ski and Padding Babies Infants. 

Production Line and Capacity

Two Major production line.

I.    Sport's Wear - over 70 worker worked on this production line, monthly production volume 16,000 sets of Woven Track Suit, 8500 pcs of Parka.  

II.    Babies' Wear - appx 30 worker worked on this production line, monthly production volume 2000 pcs of Padding Infant (Overall), 5000 pcs of Dungarees

Exporting Countries 

For the time being, we are only export into European & Middle East Country. i.e. Germany, Norway, Austria, Denmark, Holland, U.A.E and etc. 


Please give us a E-mail and describe your requirement. We will contact you and in your favorites by return.  

Contact Information

+853 270091
+853 234744
Postal address
P.O.Box 1399, Macau
Electronic mail
General Information & Sales : charcter@macau.ctm.net
Webmaster: charactersport@hotmail.com