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Esther Canadas Appreciation Site

Over 50,000 hits since March 98! I would have never imagined so many people coming to my little site, Thanks to all you visitors, and to Yahoo Internet Life magazine (Oct. 98)for mentioning this sit e.

Update July 1/99:   The Official MGM  site for The Thomas Crown Affair is up.Pictures of the cast and crew, a bit of information.  And here's a new photo just added.

Click here for The Thomas Crown Affair website


June 12/99 EC is on the cover of July's Esquire magazine. A very sexy photo, and all in the cause of advancing literacy.  And there's another picture inside.


National Post article Jan 13/99

and here is an incredible b&w photo send in by Juan


reds.jpg (3449 bytes)

wpeB.jpg (10984 bytes)

And   she is the  cover story in the March/April 98 Top Model magazine, and  on the cover of March/april Fashion Almanac .

Since I could not find one, I decided to create this page for Esther Canadas , an underrated supermodel. And one of Spain's great exports. By coincidence I started it up on March 1/98, which is  her  birthday.

Of course the eyes are what first grab the attention,  then the rest of the extremely expressive face.  And  in  the Todd Oldham Spring 98 fashion show she displayed  - well, just about every bit of her 5'10".  Ironic that she will show off her body, and yet  gives out very little personal information in the few interviews I've come across. Born in Alicante, a small town in Spain. At the tender (and tall) age of 14 she went to Barcelona to try out modeling. In very short order she had won a model contest in South Africa . Soon after began a long string of photo assignments. Esther's  first cover was the November 95 Fashion magazine. And here she is, a runway veteran at twenty, in  a very recent set of pix showing Esther 'letting it all hang out' at the MTV Fashionably Loud show. It's still rarer to find personal information than to find  a picture of her smiling but there's lots of time for that - there will be more interviews as  her  career progresses.

Rather than trying to find every photo ever taken of this long cool woman, I've just collected a few of my faves which demonstrate some of her different looks and attitudes. It was good to read in TopModel that she has a sense of humor - just in case she ever finds out about this site.

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 Esther Canadas Appreciation Page by El Topo

Site launch: March 1/98. Latest update: April 25/99


I've tried to make most of the pictures  link to the originating site or page. Either that or the site is listed on the Links page.Just a bit of netiquette.

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Trivia: if you spellcheck Canadas, the replacement word is "candies".