Fatima Jinnah Medical College has a staff of well-qualified physicians.  Not only have they received their medical training from Pakistan, but also from many other parts of the world. While they devote much of their time to their students on campus and the patients of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, many are also active with their own private clinics.  The accomplishments of FJ's staff are great; and it is with the tremendous support of the FJMC staff that the expansion of the hospital has been undertaken!

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FJMC Faculty (partial list):

Chief Executive:  Dr. Humayun Maqsood
Principal:             Dr. Akbar Chaudhary

Head of Departments:

  • Anatomy: Dr. Tasnim Aamir
  • Physiology:  Dr. Humera Wyne
  • Biochemistry:
  • Forensic Medicine:  Dr. Sauda Maqsood
  • Pharmacology:  Dr. Bushra Farooqi
  • Pathology: Dr. Moussarat Nisar
  • Community Medicine:  Dr. Mahlaqa Rana
  • Medicine:   Dr. Humayun Maqsood 
  • Pediatrics: Dr. Jovaria Mannan
  • Surgery:  Dr. Sajjad Dar
  • OB/GYN:  Dr. Fehmida Naheed
  • Opthalmology: 
  • ENT: Dr. Mansoor Pal
  • Medical Superintendent:  Dr. Abdul Karim Khan 
  • Medical Superintendent:  Dr. Fauzia 

OB/GYN: (Click here for more info. about the dept.)

  • Unit I:   Dr. Fehmida Naheed
  • Unit II:  Dr.Yasmin Rashed
  • Unit III: Dr. Rakhshandah
  • Head:  Dr. Tasnim Aamir 


  • Head of  Department:       Dr. Sajjad Dar 
  • Head of Surgery Unit II: 
  • Assoc. Prof.                   Dr.Shameen Jafri 
  • Head of Surgery Unit III:   Dr. Aftab Chaudry
  • Asst. Prof.                      Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Arain
  • Senior Registrar, Unit III:  Dr. Farogh Zahra 
  • Head of Department:   Dr. Humayun Maqsood  hmahmed@paknet4.ptc.pk
  • Assoc. Prof.                Dr. Sameena Akram
  • Head of Unit II:            Dr. Akbar Chaudhary   akbar1@pol.com.pk 
  • Assoc. Prof.               Dr. Gulsena Masood
  • Head of Unit III:           Dr. Saleema Qaisera  qaisera_s@yahoo.com  
  • Assoc. Prof.               Dr.  Asma Nazeer
Community Medicine:
  • Head of Department:  Dr. Mahlaqa Rana  picture
  • Head of Department: Dr. Moussarat Nisar
  • Assoc. Professor:     Dr. Nazifa Ahmed    Nazifa9@yahoo.com 

Pediatrics Dept:

  • Head of the Department: Dr. Jovaria Mannan
  • Associate Professor:      Dr. Jovaria Mannan
  • Assistant Professor:       Dr. Ayesha Arif  picture
  • Assistant Professor:       Dr. Tallat Seyal picture 
  • Assistant Professor:       Dr. Muhammad Idrees Gaba picture 
  • Assistant Professor:       Dr. Khalid Kamal:  khalidk@wol.net.pk
  • Senior Registrar:            Dr. Sajida Zaman
  • Senior Registrar:            Dr. Amtul
  • Registrar:                      Dr. Muhammad Tahir Chaudry
  • Registrar:                      Dr. Sumaira Naveed
  • Email Dr. Khalid Kamal to be added to the Pediatric Cases List!
Preventive Pediatrics:
  • Head of Dept:  Dr. Nishat Maqsood
  • Assoc. Prof.:  Dr. Parfveen Zulifqar   parveenz@yahoo.com 
  • Head of Dept:  Prof. Atif Kazmi 
Library: FJMC Offices:
  • Office Superintendent:  Mr. Muhammad Razzaq, ph 6369468
Other Departments: will be added soon!

Personal Web Pages of FJMC Faculty:
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