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Last updated 06-08-03
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If you wish to stay in the busty fishing town of La Rochelle, there are plenty of cheap hotels to choose from. You needn't even book a hotel until you get there unless it's high season. March to late May are the best times to go with good warm weather and less tourists.

I stayed in a resort called 'Camping La Brande' just outside 'Le Chateau' on I'le D'Oleron. The resort was lovely but a good 20min walk to the nearest town. Ideal for a family with a car looking for some peace and quiet. The resort is situated right on the beach with Fort Boyard in the bay! Click here for the website with competing prices!

Camping La Brande

If you want to stay as close to Fort Boyard as possible with a number of boat trips at your feet, then the best place to stay is on I'le D Oleron in a town called 'Boyardville' This is a lovely town with lots of souvenir shops and a gorgeous beach. You can see the beach behind the fort in the Fort Boyard UK introduction when the logo flies onto the screen!

Me on Boyardville Beach

Click here to see the beach on video!

For more places to stay visit these websites!