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The best way to get to La Rochelle is to fly there. On the other hand, if can drive but can't hire a car you can easly take your own car by driving there. The drive is only 6 hours from the port at Cherbourg. You can catch a ferry from Southampton!

The only airline which flyes to La Rochelle from the UK is Ryanair. I booked my flights online at this address:

Flights are usually really cheap ranging from £35 per adult. minus tax. All flights to La Rochelle leave from London Stansted. Be aware that the airport in La Rochelle is only very small with little amenities.

If you are staying on I'le D'Oleron (the closest island to Fort Boyard) beware that you can only get to the island without a car by taxi and it's a good 40min journey. The taxi can also be very expensive.