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Last updated 06-08-03
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Fort Boyard was created by Jaques Antoin which was firstly broadcast in France back in 1990. The first series was called 'Le Cles De Fort Boyard' (The Keys Of Fort Boyard) and was presented by Patrice Lafont (Boyard) and Sophie Davant. The series was so popular that many other TV stations around Europe, including Channel 4, wanted to make their own series on the Fort. Due to the lack of money and technology only Germany was able to make their own series. This unfortnatelly only lasted for one season. As our own Channel 4 was unable to make a series, they asked Jaques Antion to devise a simular adventure gameshow. Jaques came up with 'The Crystal Maze' which was exclusive to the UK and ran for 6 series!

With the launch of Channel 5 and 8 successful years of Fort Boyard being made for French TV (by Expand Images). Pearson Televison and Grundy applyed to make our own series. With updated equipment and more money, Fort Boyard burst onto our screens in November 98 on Channel 5, Staring Melinda Messenger, Leslie Grantham and Geoffrey Bayldon as the Professor.

Fort Boyard remained on our screens for 4 seasons but was finally axed by Channel 5 in 2001 to fit in new programs and presenters.

Now in 2003 Fort Boyard is bouncing back on our screens new presenters, games and challenges. The series was filmed in the last week of July and the makers say that we are in for a supprise! I'll keep you posted!