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Last updated 06-08-03

Congratulations! You have found the secret page part of the site which will tell you all about the other habitants of the fort!

Monsieur La Bouille sounds the gong at the beginning of the key games and when the treasure room doors are about to open. He also takes care of any contestants that get locked in the cells. He collects them and places them in a cage!
Jules in a dwarf who serves the master of the fort. He escorts the challenger up to the watchtower where the professor is waiting with a riddle.
Jaques is the other dwaf. He leads the contestants to each key game and ordeal. He also looks after all the keys won by the team
Jabba is more famous for appearing in the French series. He appeared in the UK 98 series and his job in both countries is to pester the challengers between games and ordeals with his hook and pitching fork!
Monique is the tiger mistress. When its time for the treasure room doors to open, she lockes the tigers away so that it's safe for the team to enter. Once the team spell out the password on the treasure room floor, she is then required to spin the tigers head, which will release the gold, should the password be correct.
Arrianne resides in the depths of the forts dungeouns. She is only seen in an ordeal where the challenger musy find their way through the dungeons, in complete darkness, by direction of the rest of the team. The challenger will find her at the end of the ordeal where the clue word is tatooed on her naked body
Not seen in the UK series, the tiger masters are found in 'Matires du tempts'. For the French series only, challengers must play mind, memory and skill games against the masters. Each challenger gets one game. Each game completed, the team will win a bag of gold. This gold is then weighed, which will determin how much time the team get in the treasure room. The more games one.. the more time to collect gold!
'The Strong Man' is seen in a number of key games including the one above. The contestants must out strength him in order to win a key!