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Ryo-Oh-Ki, The Cuddliest Battleship in the Universe!

In most of the TenchiMuyo universes, she is the spaceship of Ryoko, the notorious space pirate!

This is Ryo-Oh-Ki's crystal form.  Usually, you only see the crystals on her bridge when she's a battleship.   <----------the bridge!
Although, in the OVA episode "The Night Before the Carnival", our carrot-scarfing cabbit was seen doing tricks for Tenchi and friends.  She just happened to be popping in and out of crystal form.

In TenchiMuyo! Ryo-Oh-Ki (The OVA)...

The original Ryo-Oh-Ki was completly destroyed by Ryu-Oh (Ayeka's ship), and was reborn from an egg in Episode 3.  She could shapeshift from animal mode to spaceship mode when needed.
In Episode 7, also known as the Ryo-Oh-Ki Special, she assimilated with a creature known as MASU, which is the same primitive life form that Washuu used to create her.  After assimilation, Ryo-Oh-Ki gained the ability to shift into a humanoid form.
It is even possible for her to speak as the humanoid version.  Washuu asked her to speak, and she said "Ninjin!"  (Carrot, in Japanese)
Sorry, Cartoon Network watchers, you missed that part!
The adult-sized Ryo-Oh-Ki was quite clumsy, so whenever she used the humanoid mode after that day, it was in the form of a toddler--to better master the art of bipedal locomotion.

In Tenchi Universe. . .

Ryo-Oh-Ki does not have the ability to change into the humanoid mode, since that series has a COMPLETELY different story line.  However, she does meet up with Ken-Oh-Ki, the cabbit of her dreams.

Ken-Oh-Ki doesn't appear in any other series, that I know of.

In Shin TenchiMuyo, aka Tenchi In Tokyo. . .

Ryo-Oh-Ki is still a cabbit, and can still become a battleship.  Only she has a compact, one-seat version of the flying battleship mode, and has gained another transformation.  This time, it's in the form of a pink mecha, perfectly sized for Sasami to pilot.
    Personally, I find it quite strange. . . downright messed up!
Still, no humanoid form in this universe.  Although it is bipedal. . .

In Mahou Shojou Pretty Samy, aka Magical Girl Pretty Sammy. . .

Ryo-Oh-Ki is male in this series!  Don't ask me why, because I don't know.  All I can tell you is that instead of being one of Washuu's technological masterpieces, Ryo-Oh-Ki is the magical guide to Sasami.  He *ugh* provides Sasami with all her magical devices, as well as a link to Tsunami (who isn't a ship anymore, either).  Also, Ryo-Oh-Ki can talk, as well as meow.

No spaceships, no humanoid cabbits.  Just lots of magical furry goodness.

In Magical Project S, aka Pretty Samy TV. . .

Ryo-Oh-Ki DOES have a humanoid form!
In episode 3, he (*UGH*, again) he goes anthropomorphic.  It is even made known later that he has a crush on Samy, and that they are actually "destined" for each other.

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