All Saints May Hill

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Bluebell Hi,
Third week of May completed, with a Bank Holiday coming May 26.
This is Blue Bell Week, and we watched a TV program describing the neat bright blue Local plant and the bigger, paler Spanish Bluebell invader which arrived with the Spanish Amada about 400 years ago
We took part in the Bluebell Walk at May Hill, a place of national beauty which has not been cultivated, though it has trees planted by Queen Victoria.

May God smile on you today,

Bluebell Hike at May Hill
Walk up May Hill and discover Bluebell plants Roger Cox is our local expert, and led a group of folk all well dressed for the walk up May Hill in misty conditions. Bluebells spotted. Odd how the plant I focused on was shy, and the unintended 'extra' is my best shot of a bluebell plant
Spot the plant with the white flowers Downhill return to base Bluebells below the trees - there are occasional plants with a white stalk of flowers. A triumphant return to an afternoon tea prepared by the Methodist community in May Hill
All Saints Anglican Church, May Hill
All Saints May Hill All Saints May Hill bell tower We find the church, down the road beside the Methodist church, and opposite a large car park at May Hill Hall. The churchyard is very well kept.
Pedestal Pulpit Organ Inside All Saints the Pulpit is on the left, with the Communion Table in the background. The Pulpit is built on a pedestal. The Organ on the right of the Chancel, with Russ organising the music for the service.
Communion Table Looking from the Sanctuary to the West End A closer view of the Sanctuary, and then the Service leader's view of the Nave, and West End.
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