Title: Chance of Rain

Author: longbeachtrekstar ( longbeachtrekstar@yahoo.com )

Series: ENT

Codes: T/S

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1/1

Warnings: 'Golden showers', and a contrived plot to make it happen.

Summary: Hoshi tells T'Pol she should have 'gone' before they left.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns Star Trek. This is not for profit, just wet fun.

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Notes: Second episode of the "Ensign and Sub-Commander" trilogy.

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by longbeachtrekstar, February 2004

Hoshi drained the last of her drink and put the empty mug down on the table with a flourish. "Ahh, that's good. Do you want another?"

T'Pol inspected her own mug, which was still approximately one-third full. "No, thank you."

Hoshi raised her hand to flag down the waiter of the establishment they were visiting.

Exploration was clearly number two on the list of priorities here in the Expanse, but while Commander Tucker was conducting some upgrades to the Enterprise engines, Captain Archer had agreed to let T'Pol and Sato take the shuttle-pod to a nearby planet for some cultural observations. The planet's current state of development corresponded to Earth's late nineteenth or early twentieth centuries -- the cusp of a modern industrial revolution. After landing in a remote area, the two women plotted a circular course from the shuttle-pod to visit several area villages.

The waiter stopped at their table, and Hoshi ordered another mug of the mead-like drink. Her accent wasn't perfect, but she communicated quite well considering she had only been studying the language for a few hours. They'd been in this particular town since early morning, and when they finished their refreshment they planned to hike to a neighboring village, interacting with the locals wherever possible.

When both their drinks were finished, they got up to leave. Hoshi looked around until she deciphered a sign for the toilet. They stopped there on their way out. "You want to go first?" asked Hoshi.

T'Pol looked at the less-than-sterile facilities and wrinkled her nose. "No, you go ahead."

Hoshi shrugged and went in, closing the door behind her. She emerged a few moments later. "Your turn."

"I'm fine, thank you."

"Are you sure? We don't know how long it will take to get to the next village."

"I'll manage."


Several hours later, they were walking down a wide dirt road. T'Pol appeared distracted, agitated. Every time Hoshi tried to make conversation, T'Pol gave her short, snippy answers. Finally, Hoshi asked, "T'Pol, *what* is the matter?"

They stopped, facing each other. T'Pol was reluctant to speak. "I'm afraid I must... relieve myself... urinate."

This presented Hoshi with a mild dilemma. After T'Pol had somewhat arrogantly refused to use the facilities earlier, this was certainly deserving of some friendly kidding, but too much was liable to incur the Vulcan's wrath. Despite their recent neuro-pressure session, and several intimate encounters since then, Hoshi was still scoping out the dividing line between 'friend' and 'superior officer'. She spoke in a humorously patronizing tone. "I *told* you to go before we left."

"And you were correct," said T'Pol icily. "However, I am now faced with an unfortunate situation."

"Well then, let's just go off into the bushes."

They picked their way carefully through the dense underbrush, finding a small clearing out of sight of the road. As Hoshi stood by, T'Pol pulled up her shirt, holding it against her body with her elbows. She was about to pull down her pants when she looked up at Hoshi. "Ensign, could you please turn around?"

"Oh God, T'Pol. After everything we've been through?"

"Those activities were intimate. This is private. There's a difference."

"Whatever," said Hoshi, turning her back. She pretended to study a leaf on a branch before her as she listened to T'Pol. After the sound of clothes rustling, T'Pol sighed, and Hoshi imagined she was getting down to business.

At first, Hoshi heard nothing, but as the ground beneath T'Pol became saturated, a puddle formed beneath her, and Hoshi heard the distinct sound of a splashing stream of water. A strange thrill passed through her as she pictured in her mind's eye what was happening for real less than a meter away from her. The sharp sound of water-on-water gave way to a softer, spongy sound. Hoshi imagined T'Pol's warm puddle of pee frothing up into a sudsy pile.

Hoshi suddenly began to breath heavier. She just *had* to get a look. She looked skyward briefly and, pretending to follow the path of a bird in flight, nonchalantly turned toward T'Pol. The Vulcan was squatting before her, blouse up around her belly, pants and a surprisingly feminine pair of Vulcan panties down just past her knees. Her legs were as far apart as her pants allowed, with one hand guiding the stream and the other on the ground for additional balance. T'Pol's head was back, and her eyes were closed, so Hoshi could look at her without fear of discovery.

Vulcan piss, it turns out, is a bit more orange than human piss, but Hoshi figured its basic composition was roughly the same -- excess water and a host of dissolved minerals and such. She gazed at the squirting stream hitting the ground between T'Pol's feet. The stream suddenly ended. She saw T'Pol flex, and another, short stream squirted out. T'Pol opened her eyes, and Hoshi looked away quickly, then back again as if for the first time.

T'Pol pulled up her pants and smoothed her blouse, trying to regain some dignity. "I apologize for the delay, Ensign."

"Not at all. Shall we be going?" As they headed back toward the road, Hoshi turned and looked once more at the dark stain on the ground. She didn't even wait until they reached the road before bringing the subject up again. "It's nothing to be embarrassed about, y'know. Everybody does it."

"Wanting privacy does not necessarily mean one is embarrassed."

"Well, I'm just saying... I even won a contest once!" Hoshi blurted out, just as they got back onto the road.

T'Pol was silent for a moment. "For distance, I assume."

"Yeah," giggled Hoshi. "It was me and a few girlfriends. We were kind of drunk."

"No doubt."


They reached the next village as darkness fell, and ate dinner at a less-than-gourmet restaurant. There was only one rooming house in the village, and it was full, but a helpful citizen owned a farm on the edge of town and let them bed down in the barn for no charge. The night was warm, and the hay was soft, so they didn't mind, although Hoshi thought the smell of the single horse-like creature in the far corner bothered T'Pol more than she let on.

They passed a bit of time on their duties. T'Pol correlated numerous tricorder readings, while Hoshi made language entries in her log. Eventually, T'Pol stood up, stretched, and announced that she would return shortly, after which they should retire.

"If you're going to pee," said Hoshi, "you may as well do it here."


"Sure. You think that horse-thing over there goes outside to pee? What do you think all the hay on the ground is for? C'mon, I have to go too," she said, standing up.

"You wish to have a contest?"

"It'll be fun!" said Hoshi, pulling off her blue tunic. She then slid off her bra, letting her breasts bob freely.

"It is not necessary to completely disrobe just to urinate."

"Of course it is." Hoshi pulled down her trousers and panties in one motion. " 'Cause afterward, I'm gonna pounce on that Vulcan pussy of yours."

T'Pol was only partially successful at suppressing a smile at this announcement. That was one activity she could fully support. Moments later, they were both naked and reclining against a bale of hay.

"Okay," announced Hoshi, "Whoever pees the farthest wins. Let's try to go together."

Hoshi closed her eyes. T'Pol looked at her. "When are you going to-?"

"Shhh!" Hoshi waved a hand in T'Pol's direction. "Wait a sec. Lemme concentrate." A moment later, a golden stream sprang from Hoshi's pussy and arced across the floor, landing softly in the hay about a meter-and-a-half away. Hoshi opened her eyes and smiled at her effort. "Mmmm," she said, as her bladder emptied.

T'Pol took a moment longer to get started, but soon her golden arch sprang up beside Hoshi's. She had neither the volume nor the range of the Ensign, and Hoshi was easily declared the winner. T'Pol ran a hand across her wet lips as she watched Hoshi continue. Once her display ended, T'Pol started to crawl toward her.

Hoshi stiffened. "Wait a minute. Here's a little more." A fresh stream emerged from between her legs, and in a moment of inexplicable silliness, she pivoted toward T'Pol. Her golden shower splashed across the flabbergasted Vulcan's tits and belly.


Hoshi's giggle was cut short at the sound of the Vulcan curse. T'Pol wiped her hands across her chest and stomach. "Ensign, have you taken leave of your senses?"

"I'm sorry!" Hoshi composed herself, afraid she'd gone too far. "I'm so sorry. I'll make it up to you, I promise."

"Very well... I believe an appropriate response would be, 'Fergedabowdit'... Do you still wish to commence with our romantic interlude?"

"Well, when you put it that way, how can I resist?" Hoshi wrapped her arms around the damp Vulcan, pressing her lips against her in a warm kiss.

Relaxing into the embrace, T'Pol felt an unusually strong sensation tingling through her body -- a sensation not directly related to the Ensign's smooth, warm proximity. She hugged Hoshi, and behind her back T'Pol raised a still-damp hand to her own nose. She sniffed the remnants of Hoshi that clung to her fingers, and another tingling surge rolled over her. She didn't know exactly what was happening, but she was suddenly as ready to ravage the hot young Ensign as she'd ever been.


Rays of alien sunlight filtered in through the slats of the barn, spilling across the girls, who were covered with a thin blanket but warm in each other's naked embrace. Hoshi opened her sleepy eyes and pulled herself reluctantly to her feet. Lacing her fingers together, she stretched her arms over her head. She ran her fingers through her long hair and pulled it into a ponytail. She then began stretching into various yoga positions, and T'Pol awoke to watch the lithe Ensign's nude body from all it's lovely angles.

Hoshi felt T'Pol's gaze and turned to face her. "Well, I'm surprised to see you up so soon, after last night. God, T'Pol, you were incredible! Whatever came over you? You've never been so... passionate!"

"I was a bit surprised, myself. I found last night to be exhilarating indeed."

They dressed, thanked their host, and got on their way back to the shuttle-pod. They soon left the road and started cross-country, into the remote area where they'd hidden their vessel. As their journey neared an end -- and their time alone together as well -- T'Pol decided to confide something in Hoshi.

"Ensign." She stopped and started again. "Hoshi..." Hoshi stopped and turned to face her. "I believe I have an explanation as to why last night was more passionate for me than usual. I noticed a strange sensation come over me after you urinated on me."

"T'Pol, can you *please* stop saying 'urinate'? You sound like a doctor."

"After you peed on me."

"Or 'pissed'. Go on."

"I suspect there may be elements in human urine -- 'piss' -- that have an aphrodisiac effect on Vulcans. Or at least yours does on me. Some pheromone-like substance. Or hormones. Or some complex amino acids, perhaps. I can only say for sure that its effect was powerful."

Hoshi couldn't believe where this conversation was going. "Really? And what do you want to do about it?"

"The next logical step would be to experience the activity again -- to confirm the effects."

"I suppose I'm willing. When did you have in mind?"

"It would be best to take advantage of the privacy we have before returning to Enterprise."

"Well then," said Hoshi, cheerfully lifting up her canteen. "I'd better drink up!"


The early afternoon sun warmed the metal skin of the shuttle-pod, sending tiny ripples of heat into the air. Beside the open hatch, T'Pol spread her naked body across the thick tufts of grass that covered the region. Hoshi, likewise naked, stood over her, straddling T'Pol's thighs. Tensing some muscles, while relaxing others, she sighed as the warm golden water sprang from her once more.

The stream splashed noisily across T'Pol's tits and belly, the smooth flow interrupted here and there by her bellybutton or an erect nipple. Tugging her labia this way and that, Hoshi steered the stream up across T'Pol's face, smacking the bridge of her nose. T'Pol closed her eyes against the stream, letting it wash over her brow and lashes. She opened her lips and caught the stream directly in her mouth, which filled to overflowing and spilled over her chin. She did not swallow, expelling the liquid with her tongue instead. It was not the taste she enjoyed, nor the smell. It was the subconscious effects the human chemicals had on her Vulcan psyche -- effects which quickly manifested themselves physically. Already aroused, T'Pol's heart rate increased further, and her groin flushed warm -- and not from Hoshi's splashing pee.

T'Pol leaned up and caught the last few drops of Hoshi's discharge on her tapered green tongue, swallowing down the small amount. She ran her hands across her belly and over her tits, thoroughly wetting them. She ran both hands across her face -- inhaling the fumes deeply -- before sliding them up through her hair.

Hoshi watched the amazing scene with a devious smile on her face. "You like that, huh?"

"I do not know why. I only know that I do." T'Pol reached up and took Hoshi by the wrist, pulling her down. Hoshi came to rest completely on top of the horny Vulcan, sliding back and forth slightly on her wet skin. Their mouths met in a passionate kiss, as roaming hands caressed each other's bodies.

Suddenly shifting her weight, T'Pol rolled them both over, putting herself on top. Straddling Hoshi's belly, she shimmied her groin back and forth a few moments, enjoying the sensation of smooth soft skin against her most tender areas. She then turned around and leaned into a sixty-nine position. Tasting Hoshi's pussy once more, she found it wet -- not with piss, but with sexual excitement.

Hoshi too reached out to taste her lover's sex. It was still a thrill to her to see this strange green alien pussy spread wide before her. When T'Pol was excited, it seemed to spread wider than a human's, creating an even more unusual image. Hoshi lapped happily at the fat Vulcan cunt lips, enjoying their unique (to her) taste and texture. Wrapping her arms around the small of T'Pol's back, she pulled the Vulcan close, burying her nose between the lips as her tongue probed as deeply as it could.

The superheated Vulcan climaxed violently, screaming and thrashing about. Hoshi was thankful they were in such a remote area. She wondered what their farmer-host had thought of the noise they'd made the night before. He *did* have a peculiar smile on his face as they'd said goodbye that morning. She held on to T'Pol tightly for her own safety, until the flailing subsided.

Momentarily distracted, T'Pol now returned to working Hoshi's hot sex. She kissed it and sucked it and began to use her fingers.

"Use that sexy tongue of yours, T'Pol," growled Hoshi.

T'Pol complied, snaking her long tongue deep inside the Ensign. Wrapping her arms around her, T'Pol leaned back and hoisted Hoshi's ass off the ground. In this manner she continued her tongue-work, but also used her fingertips on two hard-to-reach neuro-pressure points -- one between vagina and anus, the other at the very top of her ass-crack, just below the last bump of her spine.

A mass of conflicting yet pleasurable sensations overwhelmed Hoshi's nervous system, sending her into equally uncontrolled spasms of sexual climax. When they subsided, T'Pol laid her down gently on the ground, where she lay limp, exhausted, and thoroughly satisfied. T'Pol lay next to her, and they dozed in the warm afternoon sun.

Hoshi sighed contentedly. "I wish we didn't have to go back."

"Of course, we must. But there *is* one more activity I'd like to try."

"Well, you are just full of surprises, T'Pol. I'm afraid to ask what it is."

T'Pol was about to say something to placate Hoshi's fears, when she realized it was just a human idiom. She smiled.

Hoshi cupped T'Pol's chin gently in the palm of her hand. "You're so beautiful when you smile. I wish you would do it more often."

T'Pol blushed a slightly deeper shade of olive. "What I propose is rather intimate." She seemed to be probing for a reaction.

"Go on," encouraged Hoshi.

"It is a mind-meld. A telepathic link between two people."

Hoshi's cheerful demeanor grew contemplative. "I've heard a little about it."

T'Pol sensed her sudden apprehension. "There would be no risk. There are many levels to melding, and we would begin at the lowest one. It is not a widely accepted practice, but it can be quite rewarding between lovers."

Hoshi's heart leapt at the word. "Okay," she smiled, taking T'Pol's hand in hers and kissing the back of it. They both turned on their sides, facing each other. "What do I do?"

"Nothing. Simply relax." T'Pol placed the fingers of one hand delicately against Hoshi's temple.

At first, Hoshi experienced nothing. Then she heard something. No, felt something. No, *sensed* something.

//My mind to your mind... My thoughts to your thoughts... Hoshi... My love...//

A euphoria spread through Hoshi. She couldn't describe the sensation. It was exquisite.

After a few moments, T'Pol withdrew. "You are very adept, Ensign. Beginners are rarely so receptive. You have a very well-organized mind. Thank you for sharing."

Hoshi smiled at T'Pol's facade, so easily recognized now. "It works both ways, y'know, T'Pol." The Sub-Commander looked at her questioningly. Hoshi put her arms around her again and kissed her gently. "I could sense *your* thoughts as well." Already knowing the answer, she asked, "Just what does 't'hy'la' mean, anyway?"