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Picking Up The Pace
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Picking Up The Pace cover design by Valerie Hayken Who would have thought a rookie 25-year-old reporter would find a story worth dying for in quiet Fort Worth? Angie Mitchell certainly doesn't, and neither do her editors. But only weeks into her first big investigative piece, the death threats pour in, her car gets vandalized, and she begins to suspect that there's more to the story than a troublesome amount of homeless people showing up dead in the street. And as if dealing with her professional life isn't enough to keep her busy, she faces another struggle: how to deal with Lauren Lucelli, the beautiful, dark-haired stranger who waltzes into her life and flips it upside down.

*** Chapters posted are the original, pre-edited versions. Thank you Nae and Tara, for getting rid of all the typos and silly errors.

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Preying On Generosity
Sequel to Picking Up The Pace
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Picking Up The Pace cover design by Valerie Hayken Investigative reporter Angie Mitchell has a reputation for finding dangerous stories. Only a week back on the job from her last ill-fated fiasco, she's called on to cover a bizarre homicide in a quiet Fort Worth neighborhood, not knowing that her investigation will put her on the tail of a serial killer with an appetite for the media spotlight. But her lover, Lauren Lucelli, hasn't fogotten the last time Angie began digging at a dangerous story and nearly died. Tension mounts between the two with each fresh murder -- Angie doggedly determined to help a new homicide detective track down a dangerous killer, Lauren desperate to keep her lover out of harm's way. And Angie will learn a lesson she'll never forget in this sequel to Picking Up The Pace.

TEASER CHAPTERS: 1· 2· 3· 4· 5

Let It Shine
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Life can be impossibly beautiful, even in the roughest of times, when fear and emotional hurt threaten to drive everything else away. Most people shut down -- pray for a fast-forward to better times and let minutes run together until all that remains is a hazy blur. One of the toughest choices a woman can make is to stand strongly still and search for the beauty. It's scary. It hurts. Still, it can ultimately be fuller and richer in color. After losing her father and suffering a failed relationship, artist Jordan Coones makes that difficult choice -- decides to search with her heart and eyes until she can find the wonder and let it shine. Leslie Becker is at her side, struggling just the same to rediscover trust in love and life. Their blazing romance could rebuild them both or burn everything around them.


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