rome prayer
pictures of you
the kyoto song
a night like this
just like heaven
last dance
fascination street
charlotte sometimes
the walk
a forest
inbetween days
prayers for rain
the same deep water as you
close to me
why can't i be you?
a strange day
three imaginary boys
boys don't cry
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just a quck note, this recording is good and solid--not perfect, but good and enjoyable, instead of a complete review at this time--i'm just putting up the improvised lyrics/thoughts that robert shared about what had just happened earlier in the day at tiannammen.

speaking before the song, robert says this...

"it's like there's two different ways of looking at things, then i think it doesn't make any fucking difference at all anyway. so if you were like stuck in the same place, and it wouldn't make any difference where you were to die, like now with a coin stuck right in the middle of your head or if you were prepared to go and say 'i need to sing a song called 'faith' and someone says you can't--someone says you can't sing it, so what would you do? this is for everyone that died today in china, it's called 'faith.'"

then the cure goes into the performance of the song...followed by extra lyrics and guitars, leading into robert singing/speaking about his feelings and/emotions upon hearing about the events in tiannammen square...

"it makes me sick...if i would dare this...
it makes me think...i would dare this...
someone walks up to you and is so much bigger than you,
you say, 'shut your fucking face'
you can grab ahold of their eyes and go
and they will fall down in front of you...
fall down in front of you...
it's so much different if a man walks up, and he's this high
he says, 'shut your fucking face'
and holds a gun to my mouth...
what would i do...
what would i do...
what would you do...
he won't let me speak,
he says, 'you can only say the word 'yes,'
if i ask you a question and you say no
i'll shoot out the back of your fucking head,'
he says...
'do you love me?'
'do you love me?'
i'll say...
i'll say...
i'll say...
he's this small, he's this far away
he says 'i'm fucking waiting for your answer, answer me now
do you love me? do you love me??'
(lots of screaming and noise)
i say, 'no! of course i fucking don't love you!
of course i fucking don't love you!!
walk into the room
push anything in my face
anything in my mouth
i'll never fucking love you!!'
i push this deep inside my head
deep inside my head
this means nothing...
...means nothing...
(more six string bass/guitar work)
there's nothing left but faith...
(repeated until the end)