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Hi! I’m the webmaster of this site, you can call me JessiE. I write fan fictions and post them here and in some mailing lists. My current fan fic is 'If Only' and some others. Feel free to read my fan fic. I've post some chapters and I've received some good feedbacks as well. So PleasE read it!


If you write or have any fan fiction about the Backstreet Boys or N Sync, you can always contact me so that I can host your fan fictions here! I would love to host your fan fictions! Or maybe if you have any fan fiction links, please please please give me the links so that I can put them here! E-mail me at


Just wanna say that this site is wholly under construction and it will always be until I say it’s finished! I'm in the process of making a superb website. You'll soon see some changes. So keep checking out... or else you can subscribe to my mailing list so that I can tell you whenever I update this site! Go to FictionZ StreeT Mailing List Site.


I'll even add more features here other than fan fics. Just subscribe to my mailing list and I’ll tell you when!


Fan Fics

To read my fan fics, choose from below:-
Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync

  1. If Only

Title: If Only
Rating: PG
Characters: All N Sync and the Backstreet Boys and some other characters
Description: Jennifer McKaustin is just a simple, beautiful girl. A bad plan planned by Caitlin changes her life. The plan kinda involving Brian and Jennifer's best friend, Amanda. While Jennifer suffers from the pain she's going through, JC comes to her life.
Backstreet Boys

  1. Living Next Door

Title: Living Next Door
Rating: PG
Characters: All the Backstreet Boys, Aaron Carter and some other characters
Summary: Brian, Nick, AJ, Kevin and Howie, all of them move to a house and live together there. They have five girls living right next door. In the case of Aaron, he has to go to a boys hostel and stay there as long as he's in school. Living right next to the hostel is a nice girl who is five months older than Aaron.

 'N Sync

  1. Endless Days

Title: Endless Days
Rating: General, maybe
Characters: All the *N Sync and some other characters, maybe
Summary: *N Sync are leaving by plane to another country after doing  a  showcase  in New York, America. While in there, the plane got an engine  problem  and  it crashed in an unknown deep jungle. They had to try to live  there till they find a way to go home.

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