The Original's Library



1. All right hello and welcome to my page, this is the TOL, or as it says above The Original's Library, I host anything here as long as it is 'Original' which means that the Author was the one that wrote it and it's not based off of someone elses fandom or creation. I host anything, which means that I will host, Yaoi/Slash, or stories that contian malexmale relationships. I do host a small number of yuri femalexfemale stories as well as lemon sex. However I also host a growing number of stories that do not contian such content. Along with Poetry and other things. I think that it's good to encourage everyone so I will not turn anyone away in good taste unless I feel strongly on the subject. If you would like to read more about the TOL and how it got started and what I was thinking when I started it please see here

2. Second that all up there means that this page contians material that is suitable for Adults and not for children. Most everything in here contians a clear warning of it's content so don't come complaining to me if you don't like something you see. You have been warned and there are other warnings up on the page so please be aware of that.

3. Third thing, this is not just a web page I also host a growing Message Board Comunity   So there are lots of other things to do as well. If you aren't interested as that feel free to browse the page. Or you are also welcome to join the Mailing List, and get a head read on things before they go up (sometimes)

4. And if nothing else remember RESPECT other people, respect the Authors who have allowed me the privagled of hosting their works. Do not take anything without permission all email links should be specified if they aren't that is because I do not have one or the authors did not wish their link to be posted. All work is (c) copyrighted to the Author.

5. If you have read everything above please proceed to The Original's Library, and enjoy your stay. thank you for visiting. If you have any questions email me:
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