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Our Inner City Shamgar Team

There is not much written about Shamgar in the Bible.
In fact, he only appears in two verses (Judges 3:31; 5:6). We do know he was a judge of Israel raised up in a time when the situation in Israel seemed hopeless. Israel had sinned against God and had come under the attack of its nearby enemies. Shamgar was one of those he chose to use to bring deliverance to his people and to reclaim the territory that had been taken from them. It says that Shamgar, using only the sharpened handle of a goad or plowshare, destroyed 600 Philistines single handedly! God uses people who are willing to use what they have, trust God for the power and give Him all the glory. People ready to fight back to reclaim what has been taken from them.

Edmonton's problems aren't much different than Israel's at the time of Shamgar. Our city, our country, our world, is desperate and dying. At the front lines are our children and youth. The Bible calls the children our inheritance. When you look around at the desperation our kids are living, it is not hard to see that Satan has declared war for the lives of our kids. Drug abuse, criminal involvement, sexual abuse, gangs, and violence are ways of life for many of the youth of our city. The family unit has been assaulted. Kids are being deceived by the thousands. Many take their own lives due to lack of hope.

It is time for those of us who know the truth, recognize our God given authority, and have a message of hope and deliverance to stand up and answer the call to arms. Christ has already given us the victory. We need to stop fighting the battles Satan calls and stand up forcing him to fight the battle he knows he has already lost. The name 'Shamgar' means 'God is on the move'. What the world looks at and sees as weak instruments, God is willing to use to bring deliverance to the city of Edmonton and the country of Canada. It is time to reclaim the territory that is ours!


                 UPCOMING EVENTS....                                                                      

STREET SCHOOL training for street ministry

Street Outreach & Evangelism

September 9 & 16 /2000   from 2:00pm to 8:00pm at   8401 - 114 Avenue - Edmonton, AB


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One of the problems the church faces today is the stereotype that says following Jesus means living a boring and restrictive life. The kids we contact often come with the belief that being a Christian means having to follow a list of 'Do' and 'Don't'. We want to show them that living for God can't compare with anythung they have experienced! We also need to meet kids where they are at and speak in a language they understand. The 'Gates Crasher Parties' are designed to do that.


           When?  September 30

           Time? 8:00 pm

            Local? Alberta Avenue Community League (needs confirmation)

            For more information contact us by phone or email

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Send mail to ppce@home.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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Send mail to ppce@home.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Copyright 2000 Portuguese Pentecostal Church Edmonton