Items are arranged by family group. Portraits of the females are grouped according to their marital status at the time of the photograph, i.e. single women are shown with their fathers' families; married women are shown with their husbands' families.
Cresap Family
  • Capt. Michael Cresap's House in Oldtown, Maryland.
  • Nancy Jane Cresap's Death Certificate.
  • Nancy Jane Cresap's portrait.
  • Jackie Stockton Cresap's portrait.
  • Will Cresap family portrait, circa 1926.
    Photograph includes: Will and Ann Cresap; children: Virgie Locke, Eula Tucker and Herman Cresap; Sons-In-Law: Elmer Locke and Ross Tucker; and grandson Lauren Locke.
Garner Family
Hosey (Hosea) Family
  • George Washington Hosey, Sr. and wife Frances Godwin Hosey's portrait.
  • George Washington Hosey's grave at Campground (marker shared by wife Frances and daughter Nancy).
  • John Smith Hosey's portrait as a young man.
  • John Smith Hosey's grave at Campground.
  • Martha Caroline Hosey's grave at Campground.
  • Ben and Plummer Hosey's wedding portrait, 1903.
  • Brothers Arthur and John Irvin Hosey's photo.
  • John Irvin Hosey and Wife Mary Lillian Garner Hosey's 1937 portrait and cira 1941 with sons Hardin and Raymond.
  • Hardin and Betty exchange vows.
Irvin Family
  • View of Alfred K. Irvin's bier with brother Bill Irvin standing.
  • John and Roena Irvin portrait
  • Photo of brothers Edd & Shirley Irvin with their cousin Bob Irvin and nephew Irvin Hosey
Locke Family
  • David Columbus Locke's grave at New Salem.
  • D.C. Locke's House near Burnsville, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi.
  • Lucy E. (Flynt) Locke's grave at New Salem.
  • Virgie (Cresap) Locke's portrait circa 1982.
Pool Family
Roberts Family
  • Portrait of David Gideon Roberts with wife Mary Jane Atkins.
Worley Family
  • Rebecca Earle(Covey)Worley's portrait.
  • Rebecca Earle (Covey)Worley Dixon's grave. Rebecca's first marriage was to Francis M. Worley. She remarried twice after his death in the Civil War.