Welcome to 'Half Moon Ridge'
South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
Home of Ross & Fiona, five donkeys, three dogs, chooks, fruit trees, bush tucker plants, vegies, herbs, indigenous & native plants .
Meet our lovable donkey herd

We use our donkeys for riding, harness, packing & farm work. They are also adorable pets.

We are members of the

Donkey Society of Victoria

Fiona edits
Donkey Digest magazine for the Affiliated Donkey Societies of Australia.
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Stroll around Half Moon Ridge... to see the orchard, herbs, garden, regeneration & bush tucker plants.

Admire the
views & wildlife too.
Cuddle the pooches Kaeli, Zipper & Minnie
Email us about donkeys and mules at fiona.mottram@bigpond.com
We LOVE Cajun jitterbug and Colonial dancing.
Ross plays bush percussion instruments too.