Sinbad and Maeve tribute!
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Maeve and Sinbad Sinbad and Maeve what a lovely couple they make!
Hello fellow crew mates! you have ventured into this tribute for the lost lovers of the Nomad...Sinbad and Maeve. The Saying "actions speak louder than words" definetly apply in there situation they never admitted there love for eachother for specific reasons although the looks they exchanged to eachother totaly betray them they were torn apart in the real second season when Maeve was thrown over board during a storm but with a little imagination there are heaps of fan fics telling us how the stoy could of ended all of them great but I consider the real second season to be Merlin and Calvins NEW Adventures of Sinbad (link can be found at the bottom of this page) here are some first season quotes one from each episode in which their words betray there feelings or they have a funny argument:

Return of Sinbad (Part two)
Sinbad- huh?
(He looks up to find Maeve holding a broad sword above his neck)
Maeve- Dont Move!
Sinbad- I wouldn't dream of it

The beast within
Maeve- I'm worried about you think he'll be alright with all those monsters there?
Sinbad- he'll treat them well and soon they can all go home
Maeve- if only all of Rumina's spells were so easy to break..
Sinbad-  Rumina isn't all powerful Maeve you proved that today
Maeve- hmm I did didn't I
Sinbad- there something I should know about  all this?
Maeve- perhaps Sinbad perhaps...but not today

Still life
Sinbad- You know Maeve it's nice to have you back in your old self
Maeve- you were really jealous of vincenzo..weren't you?
Sinbad- I was just concerned for your safety thats all
Maeve- oh come on why don't you just admit it?
Sinbad- I'll admit no such thing

The ties that bind
Sinbad- so you and eyolf got close?
Maeve- now what exactly are asking?

Double trouble
Maeve- oh will you please hold still!
Sinbad- What if I move you can't see me?
Maeve- I don't know why I'm even helping you.
Sinbad- you haven't helped me yet
Maeve- fine stay a bug the rest of your life!
Caipra- all right you two thats enough..stop acting like an old married couple
Sinbad- Married to her? hahaha!
Maeve- oh like your such a big catch!

The Village vanishes
(after a villager kisses Sinbad)
Maeve- she seemed..appreciative
Sinbad- I've had better kisses..and recently I might add
Sinbad- it's nice to have everything back to normal isn't it?
Maeve- mm hmmm
Sinbad- whats wrong?
Maeve- oh I was just thinking how nice it felt....when we thought we found Dim Dim
Sinbad- we will get that feeling again Maeve..and thats a promise

Maeve- do you realise that I had the chance to destry rumina once and for all and it slipped right by me I had the chance to...make everything as it should be
Sinbad- I bet rumina is a dissapointed as you are..
Maeve- Don't make fun of me
Sinbad- oh I'm not..I very worried about what happens when we run into her next.

Isle of Bliss
Sinbad- Maeve I know you pride yourself on your feminine intuition but..
Maeve- feminine intuition is it? argghh! ok..tell me this don't women as brave and as beautiful as alana generally get attracted to men you.
Sinbad- why thankyou Maeve
Maeve- it wasn't meant as a was meant as a warning..she wants something from Doubar
Sinbad-he's just showing her some good will...being a perfect gentleman
Maeve- and shes just being a spider..spinning her little..web!

Vengence of Rumina
Sinbad- Maeve..I don't know how you, dermott and rumina are connected but I swear to you I'll make sure we defeat her..or die trying
Maeve..I know you will Sinbad..I know you will

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