Hello to all viewing this.  This is my first draft of the site, so bear with me.  This week has been a little slow.  Last night I went to a pancake night at church in Frankfurt.  It was a little weird, as there were more chilren than adults, but I got to eat pancakes!  It has been so long since that has happened.  Very bad for my diet!  I got to view the skyline of Frankfurt also.  It has some really impressive skyscrapers.  If I knew German, I think it would be a great city to live in.  If I knew German that is.  This weekend I'm taking a train down to Kaiserslautern to visit some friends from the Air Force.  It should be a good time.  Next weekend it's off to Munich.  I want to try to fit as many small trips in as I can before I leave.   I'm impatiently waiting to hear from CU about acceptance, but I have a couple of weeks yet.  Must wait, must wait.  Argghhh!!! 

There are  more pictures coming soon!
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