May 21st Updated Diary

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- didn't update for a month already...this yr just went by so quick...n June is coming already!
- i think i gotta start studying for my left out CNPA...-_- 3 months till exams...LOL
- went to viva on friday...! it's not really like what i think of...the oldies r so funny..!! dunno why they can be so CREATIVE and was fun to hang out with whole punch of ppl gei actually...otherwise i will blame on u to waste my long weekend!!
- jj left 3 weeks ago...lehz n holly left 2 weeks left yesterday...n siuman is gonna left next couple!! gotta b more boring in the next couple months!! come back quick ppl!
- gonna go back to hk in the coming xmas...hopefully this time can REALLY go back la! miss u guys alot n i can't wait to spend some times with u guys...XDXD! esp for iris n babies n ah king~
- went to pp today with siuman, syd n ivan~ kaka all of us won! up by $200 for today!! so happi! dun need to get out too much money for mom for this month kakakakaka!!
- i guess by the time that i can save up $ for the down payment to buy an apartment in hk gei wa i will go back to have a shout...$300,000..hopefully i can do this within 2.5 more yrs...!! i will + oil!!
-'s 3:22am now n i can still hear ppl r having firework out there...LOL
p.s. wanna b myself, n try to enjoy

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@ my b-day party, 05