*- 榴槤日記 -*

- boss is gone for the week kakakakaa!!! super free...didn't know what i did in the office...seems like nothing to do but i m always as busy as usual; today found out some more damanges from the last shipment and then i took some pic of them...hahahaha...i also captured the laziness of the ph.D. with the camera..hehehe gotta post that in my boss's office...LOL
- finally decided to join the new talent toronto at the very last min...wish me luck *O* still deciding which songs i really wish to sing...although i do think i won't get in to the final ga lar but tried jor gei wa then at least no regret..!!
- another contest coming up with $500 cash price *v* i think i do need to go to k by myself sometime this week...-_-!!
- i tried to relax these days...as much as i can hehe...~~ parents r gone until the end of the month...*-* kakaka really made me wanna move out since it's really free...
- went to have a drink with ver last nite...it's very nice to talk with u n i know that u really try ur best to get what u really want...!! i m very happi for u~~!! more better TREES to come hehe~ i hope i will understand this theory sometime in my life -_-!
- wanna go back to hk so badly...miss u guys so much *_* hopefully if eventually not in aug gei wa then will b sometime in Oct or Nov la...actually really go back in Dec but the tickets r like $700 more expensive...i can buy many stuff with that $700 CDN in hk!!! so...
- baby qq told me that she wanna go to detroit again!! hahahaha i wanna go too...so addicted!! may b we can go off for a playoff game again too!!
- brother is going to japan in may!! *v* looking at the new blue labels..@O@!! gotta get myself one, my mom one, n probably help auntie to get one too kakakaka...~~
p.s. ok ppl stop being pp-addicted!! stop asking me!! aahhhhh LOL

- it has been a week of confusion, n finally i m sorta settled in my heart
- it was a LOL nite @ MHQ, -_-!! my boss is crazy!
- zodiac nite on last fri was horrible, worst mood that i ever had for going K...-_- i guess i was really drunk @_@
- got a "communication" meeting yesterday...WHAT THE HELL was in my boss's head..?? sigh: pH.D. really doesn't mean anything AT ALL...
- gd-bye bb, god bless u in the heaven...rest in peace *with love*
- can't wait till long weekend!!! i think we do need to spend some personal time together *MUAH*
- i was gonna given a surprise for mr.morris...ended up he just left his house 5 mins before i arrived...-_-!! but i m sure i will come in again to visit u!! but no more surprise coz i dun wanna use my eyeliner again to leave a msg for u at ur door...and thx very much for your words, i will take it n do it...^-^
- dunno what i gonna say and gonna think, but for now i guess i did express myself throughtly, i hope u do understand how i feel...n i will try to make u happi, everyday...

- just back from the business trip to brazil, sao paulo is a very nice place and it's totally different from what we can think of. there's many white ppl actually and it's not as danger as what i thought; ppl r so nice over there n the food is amazing. if u like meat n alcohol, it's definitely a paradise for u~
- work is still very busy as usual, ppl r getting more weird than before, and the pH. D is still fucked up as usual. it's hard to learn how to b as happi as i used to b, n it's getting harder to control the ppl over the work place. my boss is too old to make any smart consideration for now...sigh: dunno what to say, feeling great pressure.
- sometimes just think that it had been a long time for our relationship, i think i do need some time to solve the issues that were unsolved for these yrs...
- dunno what i was thinking of about these days, i just feel so weird, so uncomfortable, so insecured, n just feeling the boringness from u over me.
- bb is sick now and i m lucky to see him after i came back from the trip, i hope that he will get better afta last nite's treatment. life is just like a wheel, ppl come and ppl go, and like now pets come and go, feeling kinda down in these days to think of how say to let something goes.
- miss u so much iris, i guess u r the only that i can really talk with at this point of time, u r my best friend no matter how much we had gone throw in 15 yrs.
p.s. i think i am tired out, internally

- another month passed already! time really flies...
- working as busy as usual, seems like works r just non-stop gum pushing over me...!! but the things that made me overwhelmed were not the amount of work, it was one of the co-worker in here...sigh:
- went over to lo gung's place in these few weeks...this would be the last week lu :( so free that dun have to live at home actually...dun need to wake up early, can do watever i want to, n can go back home as late as i wanted to...LOL~ had a 14 hrs sleep last friday...so enjoy~ i do think i was exhausted during the working weekdays...
- gotta have my first business trip in late march! BRAZIL~~ gotta be so tanned when i m back...well it's only a trip for 3 days, but still i m very excited about it XDXDXD
- 身不由己 r the 4 words that i learned, from friends, from work, from family, n basically it fits to many situations that we would encounter in our lives

- it has been a month already that i didn't update at all!! it's FEB already too...! time went by so fast!
- went snowboarding on the 30th with lo gung~ 1st time snowboard hehe it was fun! i made it once that i dun have to pk n got down the hill *O*!!
- didn't do much these days, work at weekdays as usual, the annual dinner is coming up this sat...gotta b MC this yr haaaa...*O*! hopefully i won't accidentally swear or say some wrong things..-_-
- start to think of how to make more money these days...mom told me cathay is hiring admin person with 3 yrs experience, n told me to stay where i m working now n afta 3 yrs then go back to hk n get a shout! may b i will b some sorta CEO in the future!! I HOPE...
- looking at the eq2 n i m still dreaming that i can move out from home soon one day... sigh: too trouble to go out late n my parents probably bombed up my cell by calling me 10 times in 10 mins
- SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ppl~ happi 3 yrs with lo gung~ MUAH i hope that u like what u got but dun play with it too much n leave me alone okie? hehehe keep up with the steven chow face hahahaha i wanna see that face everyday~
p.s. I LOVE U~

- first entry of the year~ *v*
- had a great new yr party at kee club on the 31st-1st~!! hahaha took so many low b pics~ gotta upload them very soon but seems like i m currently stuck with the tv series and no time to upload pics hahaaaaa so lazy @O@
- woke up so early on the 2nd which was supposedly my holiday...stupid me forgot to tell the supplier that we were off on the 2nd n the shipment actually came in the morning...spent jor like 5 mins n rushed back to office for the shipment X_X!!! but luckily didn't get yelled at the this occurance...=_=
- work resumed this week, things r getting way too busy at the packaging line and i spent some of my time to help them...seems like i m standing in the middle of nowhere, like my boss n the sales r putting pressure on me for the production, and like the workers are putting pressure on me that they can't make the deal, i hope that i can handle what i m doing for now...dunno when i will explode if my boss is not hiring an assistant for me soon -_-!!
- ppl stop to come out these couple of weeks since some of us r dying for playing comp games, couple of us r dying for hanging out...LOL
- got some more birthday gifts these couple weeks..surprise from potato that i got a Tiffany necklace from him *O* and also got a Frey Perry scarf from ricky~ thx thx so much and i love them~
- really hope that i can go for the business trip to Los Angelos in march, hehe, n still looking for some other business trip that i can go around the world~

- last entry for this yr lar!! got so much to write!
- michigan 3 days trip was fun!~~ n bought so many stuff!!
- 1st day: woke up at 7 n started to head off to michigan!! first stop...birmingham, supposedly there's a free carriage ride but we ended up see nothing there...-_- then we head off to the detroit ZOO~~ it's a small zoo but we had lots of fun there la~ we spent jor most of our time in the aquarium n watching a seal hahaha it was so funny lor just stand there by the fan in the water n blow itself~~ its fat was rippling~~ hahahahaha n there there's one penguin loves to run n run n then jump to water n come back up run again hahahaha~~ enuf playing at the zoo then head off to great lake crossing...we stuck at a store which every item was JUST $7.98!! god..! then head off to our hotel!~ it was very nice n price was cheap!! went to swim n the pool were all ours! then head off to eat n then to casino! lost jor $50 lor X_X but watever la~
- 2nd day: woke up too late that me n lo gung missed the free buffet breakfast!! but yum will n QQ went there coz yum will actually can't sleep at all in the morning since he's a postman hahahaa~~ poor QQ forced to wake up at 7 n have the breakfast hahahaha~ then we head off to the PALACE~ watching pistons n spurs! hehehe lo gung bought a ben wallace straw~ took lots of photo there la n there's free gift for everyone on the seats since it's xmas!! hehe~ then we back to hotel n relax a bit, n then went to swim again...~ so gd that i can actually still swim a bit (hehehehe) n then went to dt detroit to have our dinner at renaissance center, too bad that coach insignia didn't open la...!! n then head to MGM grand casino...lost again!! really no luck these couple days~
3rd day: last day at michigan lar!~~ had a nice breakfast in the morning then we head off to great lake crossing again! bought jor a pair of vans~ n then we went to prime outlet! things r so cheap lor n yum will ended up got 2 pairs of jeans for $5...-_-!! i went so crazy to the bath and body works shop...my GOD!! the antibacterial stuff r $10 for 5!!!!!! ended up spent jor like $50 on those stuff hahaha~ *v*!! didn't bought too much clothes though but seems like lo gung was so crazy during shopping...-_-!! hehe...come back to TO at 3 am in the morning @O@ super sleepy! gd that didn't need to work on 27th~
- back to work on the 28th, so busy these days n i was almost crazy about the amount of stuff that i need to do...it's not a matter for me to have so much to do but the point is...got too much disturb by my boss when i m working!! SUPER ANNOYING!! n his calls were like non-stop yesterday morning!!!!!! my god!!
- stupid lo gung was mad at me couple days ago! hahaha low b jai!~ hehe~ went to kee club last nite with lehz n baby angel n other la~ had some fun hehe ver dropped by n visit me!~ so happi n long time no see her lar...had a great talk with her last nite n i truly hope that u will find someone who is perfect for u~
p.s. gotta have some fun again tonite~~~ heheh

- first of all THANKS to everyone who came to my b-day party~ i was very happi that nite although i ended up slept jor more than 30 mins before i left kee club...@O@~
- received alot of brand names products this yr!! so happi~ 1st of coz my lo gung's patrick cox bag, burberry brit from siuman, sydney, ah lun n water jai~ vivienne westwood phone strip from chere~ *v* n pretty necklace from my baby angel...n i m still waiting for sai lo's dior shimmer~ ^O^~ LOVE THEM ALL~~ GOD! hahahaaaaa of coz still have the cash from my parents hehehehehe =D!!
- about working...so much to do!! it's just like endless...-_- n pressure r coming from my boss already...i really dun think i can b a really bossy person as HE WANTED ME TO BE...-__-!! i can't be not nice to my co-workers even though i got the power to be; if i would have to be picky to everyone, 1st one i really gotta be so picky with that fucking pH.D!! he is LATE EVERY FUCKING SINGLE DAY, he got exception to COME IN 30 MINS LATER THAN EVERYONE already, he got NOTHING TO DO DURING WORK, he PRETENDED TO HAVE SO MUCH WORK IN FRONT OF THE BOSS, he asked so many FUCKING STUPID BRAINLESS n NONE OF HIS BUSINESS gei questions, he only knows HOW TO WALK AROUND THE WHOLE BUILDING DURING WORK since he got nothing to do...many many more...my GOD...!! but sigh: my boss is so much IN LOVE with him gum so i never say a word about this pH.D...sigh:!!
- love the flowers so much from lo gung~ the prettiest bunch that i received!! thx baby for letting me to have such a wonderful b-day, i know u tried ur best n it's touching my heart~

- it's already the end of month lar...almost work for 2 months lu...!
- lotz of things happened in my working place, things r getting so much busier than i think...although i didn't really know what i did during the day, all i know is i was so busy -_-
- really learned alot of stuff during work these days, other than know stuff dealing with my tasks, also had a gd lesson on how to be a good n real person...ppl can b so fake n really know how to blow water in the industry, n although sometimes u know the truth but u can't say it out, coz these words will probably have some effect on my future...better just keep it rather than drop that out...sigh:
- knowing that study alot like a pH. D really means nothing at all, we are all the same as we get into the industry !
- hehe gotta have party soon ^O^~
p.s. thoughts n future

- such a bad luck today i saw the BITCH ...sigh: really want to puke yo...anyway
- working is getting so busy now...n started to forget what i had to do for everyday...since everyone is throwing some stuff for me to do, n i already had enuf stuff for myself to do...
- damn supposedly gotta move in new office this week...ended up still HOPEFULLY able to move in next week...AI~ the furnishment is taking forever
- lo gung's b-day round 2 was great...ppl were super crazy that nite n my tummy hurts coz laugh too much...n actually puked that nite at the parking lot of hilton suite -_- lo gung was so drunk by that ice-fire n crashed to the wall for 3 times -____-
- drinking nite round 2 this week tonite LOL...
p.s. life cycle = adjust and adapt, hope that you will be happi everyday afta all the shits u had gone through, my buddy~
p.s. Although i can't say it's perfect, i think i m very lucky already.
p.s. monarch i m coming soon...!! :D

- it has been a week already sin last update! time is going too slow during the week but going way too fast during the weekend!!
- things r very busy at the work rite now! so happi and i can't wait for the trade shows that coming up!! first in July --> VEGAS!! MY BABY~ n Aug --> HK!! i m coming back!! n Oct --> Baltimore!! HUGE SHOW there!! my god..!! if i can go either one of these i will b super excited already!! but probably i will have to go to ALL of them!! KKAAAAAKAKAKAAA!!!
- went to lo gung's house today for dinner, gave jor his b-day gift to him lu~ hope u like it la~~ but then dun blame me if u get some more degrees to ur eyes~~ hahaha but u can still ur coverage from work hehe~ MU-AH
- then went to syd's to mj la~~ so ging!~ me n lo gung won jor 15 daiz~ kakaka have been a long time didn't win that much! =D
- sometimes i won't blame sth if it's not from the heart, but still kinda hurting someone's feeling!
- baby is coming in work at the same company from next week on!! hehe hope that u will save so much $$ n kick some butts!~ have fun during work lar~ support u always!

- happi working this week...hell busy with the license thingy man...the consultant was SUX, i can do his job too if i went to work 2 months earlier..damn..
- went to eat with boss n dai lo frank, okie 3 ppl n the boss order like 5 dishes...FULL like hell~ LOL n SSSSOOO HAPPY that he paid for my CNPA course!! XDXDXDXD didn't expect that he paid for me!! save jor $500s...!
- so lolers that 7 of us gaap jor $36 for 649..hahaa...ended up we got $10 back n 1 free play...well...
- wanna save more $$ for crazy shopping in Dec...counted that i will still have 4 pay cheques..^O^ have more energy for me to work now! very busy these days at work but actually kinda enjoying it~ but still really wanna move to new officeeee ASAP!! *O*
- went to country with baby angel, siuman n syd~ so funny whenever i think of the changing faces by "gum chi yuk yip" ^^
- kinda missing our Lehz now~~ seems like we all now almost seeing each other everyday n now he was gone for like a week already! COME BACK SOON yo...~
- lo gung just loves to sleep...hehe~ ZzzzzZZz
p.s. gd luck with exam babe~ MUAH

- finally got my first pay cheque 2 days ago ^O^! so happi!! gotta save $$$$ for now..!! hehe coz detroit here i come again!~~~ can't wait!! gotta have wonderful time there again~ gonna go there with QQ + WYW n lo gungung~ gotta take 1000 pics rite QQ!?
- went to siuman's party last nite! the most hyper time of the nite was IVAN YU's song!! haha~~ everyone just stopped what they were doing n everyone was singing together..*O* can't control not to laugh at that moment but then ivan seems like madding at us..hehe =D siuman + sydney + alan took a LOL pic!! gotta post it later~ hehe
- woke up so late today! coz it's WEEKEND!! now i truly value the weekend sleeping time! it's super sleepy that everyday needs to wake up at 8! next yr gotta b so hardcore if i m taking 5 days working n 5 days studying n 3 students for tutoring X_X!! will see if i can postspon the time that i can finish the certificate ...um...-_-
- mj-ing tonite! lost jor lor but gd that lo gung did win sth so it's not a big lost..:\ okie FEI JAI SHUM u gotta start paying out ur debts...~ otherwise..hum...
- got a msg from my friend today~ kinda happi that i could have few 知己 in my life, who r always supportive n understanding, thanks for the ones who always beside me no matta what's happening in our lives =)
p.s. love the words from lg's msn...i can feel it~ thx *v* MUAH~

- haven't update for such a long time, i will try to keep this up for now~~ hehe
- working for about 3 weeks lar~ kinda interesting n today was the busiest day i had ever had since the first day!! so enjoy ~ coz the time pass so fast~
- went tutoring tonite...so tired...i m scared that i will b so exhausted if i m taking classes, working n tutoring 3 students...hopefully i can really handle all these! -_-
- planning on a trip again!~~ hehe hopefully we can go successfully la~~ hahahaha
- so happy recently...heheeee..i m feeling it~ *v*
p.s. I LOVE U TOO~

- it's time for a little update...i guess i m too lazy to even visit click to the site builder lately......
- it's sept already....a month till my full time work starts...gotta treasure these FREE days for now...later gotta working, tutoring, n skool n will b very tired i guess, i hope that i can actually save some $$ by that time...i missed my babes in hk so so so much!! really wanna come back n visit u guys...
- went to drink last nite...lehz n sydney were freaking drunk man!!!! n last nite sai lo, siu man, lehz and baby angel called me when i was driving back home....AM I REALLY A DANGEROUS DRIVER???
- went to BBQ (again) last week...so fun that we all had a water fight all together...started by lehz accidently thru a water ball to wildcat's leg...n strong bf-water-jai gotta protect his cat n fight back, n somehow more n more ppl got involved...ended up lehz decided to suicide with me so a whole cooler of water was straightly POURED from our heads to toes...MY GOD...my whole body was wet! n we all sat by the fire to dry our clothes...
- haven't had this feeling before, that seems like sth may happen soon but i guess i really have been thinking about this for a long time, dunno if i should b happy or not...
- lo gung is gonna having a 8 jai probably SOON~ hehe i will have a nice ride from him SOOOOOOOOON! WARNING: arrive 8 jai by permission ONLY, no fakers n bitches allowed
- kinda excited that i gonna b a GOOD tutor very soon, actually i love this job from tutoring the gr. 10 science kid, hehe n also this will earn me some extra $$ aside from the full time job~~ *O*
- talked with ah chan couple days ago n i truly know that she really is my rescuer!! no matta how bad or how sad i felt, when i heard her voice it's just like everything turns out bright, thanks very much for being my very best friend for 14 yrs ^-^

- haven't update for more than a month already!
- lots of things happened during this month la...first thing was our event at the chinatown festival! GREAT SUCCESS!! so happi to be with this group of friends n having fun n earning $$ at the same time! already i was totally dead afta the sat 10-9, sun 11-5, n mon working at 7-4 LOL!
- mj for like 5 days for this week...kaaaakaaakaaa!! mostly winning la LOL more than $60~ so happi!
- lots of party these days la...alan's b-day..sai lo's b-day..celebration for our success at the fest...so fun to take so many pics man~ love you guys so much!
- gotta have to work very soon ga lar no more time to play~ but definitely i m looking forward to move ahead gei...~ still thinking how should i schedule the courses that i wanna take...sigh:! my parents told me that i dun have to rush...but i really wanna finish them asap so i can find a betta pay job! hahaaaa....i really want my business card longer n longer though...hopefully i will have the CQA in a year!!
p.s. LOVE U BABY~~

- haven't updated for more than half a month already~
- finally i can say i will get a FULL TIME job for sure very soon, but do i really wanna go for it? these couple days really gimme a headache to decide what i really wanna do...for this job, at least it's called a LAB...n there's gonna b so many stuff for me to learn...BUT..sigh:!! see if there's anyone reply me by this week...ifff not then probably i have to go for this
- went to both toronto zoo n safari with my babe sandy last week~~ so happi~ we were so funny at the safari lol! esp the monkeys n the zebra...hehe~~ SO CLOSE man they r all just at our windows~~ haha sandy was screaming when the monkey just climb to her window~~ hahaha
- QQ's b-day party last weekend...super funny nite lol n all guys there were drunk that nite including lo gung...1st time saw him PUKE in front of me lol~ so scary~ hehe
- BBQ at lo gung's house on monday, YY is such a cute doggy~ his ass will pump up whenever u hit it wakakaka~ it's much more active than ah B lol although it's only 2 yrs younger than ah B!
p.s. i wish i do...

- another UTI morning...damn...so pain ><" almost 6 am now n still can't sleep...too pain to get a gd sleep...X_X

- gotta write a very long diary today!
- 1st, lg's convo was on Jun 15th!~ went in london on the 14th nite and stay over at a motel beside "beef beef beef"...ask me if u wonder wat that is..wakaka~ funny that me n lg wanna go smoking n made n excuse that we gonna go buy food la, but then uncle came with us n eventually we all 3 smoke togetha..-_- LOL!
- convo was okie that day...sorta boring to b a guest actually~ it ran faster when i was the graduate!
- came back out on that day n went back in on the 16th, coz MY CONVO is on 17th~~ finally came to this day! kinda excited actually when u actually wore the gown n the hood! ^-^ hehe took many pics that day coz more ppl showed up~ went to 17 sleep on the 16th -_- the maomaos n the environment made me got the runny nose >O<"
- went to take 1 on friday nite, it's a very wonderful nite since everyone showed up! yes it's everyone...~ took many crazy pics that nite, n some funny zoom in pics wahahahahahaha *O*...to all of u: I LOVE U ALL~~
- working on sat morning! damn man can't wait till monday to get paid!! so poor recently!!
- went to focus then take 1 on sat nite~ SO BUSY hehe LOL! focus with ver ver n joe n them la...then went take 1 met up jj n lehz, n another room for ben's farewell party la~ i guess i love 15 20 when the air was so dead...LOL
- hopefully i will have the interview very soon la!! really wanna get a job man! btw~ congrats to lg to b MR. EMPLOYEE~
- very sick these few days...lg spread jor his disease to me lor...-_- my lung gonna fall off very soon...cough cough cough **

- 好o野! 唔知點解部電腦format o左之後而家個IE可以打返中文喇!! ^O^
- 今日返工, 真係好鬼熱lor!! 仲有既係好鬼多蚊同烏蠅o羅!! -_-!! 今日生意都okie, o的客係由城北christians搞既...無D小朋友o係度搞搞陣, 所以都算順利~ 3點倒返到TO喇! 老公o黎pick up我之後返o左佢屋企睇甜孫爺爺, 但係太眼目訓喇, 最後係"hup"著o左...之後比老公整醒o左-_____-!!
- 返o左屋企繼續sleep~ 因為琴晚去o左CM去到3點幾, 今朝7點返到公司lol...琴晚都幾好玩啦, 有兩場啦~ 細老好開心咁o羅...WAHAHAAA...仲有aaron件home depot員工衫真係好funny lol!! 不過最經典既係mimi, sisi, jj, gigi同kiki呢幾個名o羅*O*

- didn't have to wake up too early this morning since my bro didn't ba ju my car lol! hate it so much when he didn't know what he was doing n faking us out that he was working all the time gum lol!! dumbass
- went to MD today n saw mr. nono!!~~ nowikou was telling me why and what m i doing there with my bachelor degree....-_-
- had lunch with lo gung n auntie today...uncle's back in the aftanoon n got me capriz..~ i think i need to cut it down man...
- then back home for a bit n quickly went out to play badminton till 10~ didn't play for so so so long man...3 yrs already n i really think that i m too lazy to move my body~ haha dunno y sweat alot though!!
- supposedly gonna go pp~ again~~ with jj n water la but then this stupid computer keeps me at home rite now...so proud that i got back the "picture it!" program by myself LOLOLOL~
- okie n lo gung just called me that he is going to take 1! n there're my friends in his room in which he didn't even know them...hahaaaaa...

- haven't updated for so long already...hehe...too much things happened these days and just dun wanna record it~ :P thx everyone went out chills and listened to my bs..LOL
- went to pp with buddies last nite...haaaa...dun have the energy to gamble these days...luckily i won jor $7.50 *O* at least not a loss...~
- went to MD today again...haha...heard that there're ppl thinking that i m a new student there...DO I LOOK LIKE A HIGH SKOOL STUDENT AT ALL??? man...i feel so old to go to the skool already man n right, i m a TA, ppl!!
- then came back home to sleep...didn't get enuf sleep these few days coz gotta work n then gotta play at nite..@O@...n mr. morris was telling me that he woke up at 5:30 am everyday..*O*..that's about the time when i just go to sleep...
- went to pmall with lo gung today...coz of stupid computa...n i really gotta lock my computa la!!! so frustrated since the nite before it was still normal n when i came back from work last nite someone at home already bombed it!!! super angry!!
p.s. food fest is coming!! :D

- mentally break down day...sigh: celica is gone...>_<: ripped
- another big failure of my life...i hope i learned sth there, n i will come back very soon...
p.s. thx 4 everyone is being supportive...

- went to interview by myself yesterday...drove for like 6 hrs back n forth, super tired la almost fell asleep on the highway LOL...n the traffic jam really gimme a headache...x_x lucky i was safety arrived home!
- then took an hr nap and then ppl asked me out for k la...n told me to plan it la n AU SIUBAK N LEHZ lol ended up didn't come out lor!! so mad >:(!! but we (me, lo gung, angel, jj n water jai) decided to go drinking ourselves! so crazy~~
- it was an okie nite but when we came out n there was a cop waiting in front of us lol!! so we decided to go back in n sit for a bit...stupid me supposedly i can leave ga lar ma but then forgot to bring my ID lol...funny that when the cop was coming out from the parking lot, there's a drunk driver just crashed the car to the curb in front of the cop *O*! but then the cop didn't come out from the car or sth la that's y we're scared that he was waiting for us...-_-
- went to have lunch with lo gung n auntie uncle today...so funny how uncle wants to have another "english" name from a horse training person...
- have a great aftanoon today ..*v*.. n got some sleep as well~
- last nite talked about getting a new car for me iffff i get the job~~ WAHAHAHAAAAAA...!!! SUPER HAPPI!! i hope my GT-S is coming very soon (GT doh okie ga lar~) Muwahaaaaa...*-*!
- finally the UWO site updated my profile n PROGRAM COMPLETED..!! MAN i was super lucky lol the 4th yr biochem course...i guess the prof mispost the mark n my mark went up for like 17% WAHAHAHAHAHAHA >:D!!
p.s. ok thats it......
p.p.s. pics uploaded!!

- caught into a fight with my parents x_x so mad n feel so ma faan
- hate it when lo gung is still being too cool to me :(
- went to see Dr. Tsin again today and waited for like more than an hr lol...SO MAD AGAIN...WHY!!!
- back jor home n gotta study for the interview thingy for tmr, tmr will b my very first SUPER SERIOUS day of my life... eat congee eat rice = depends on tmr ga lar...!! i will try my best hopefully i will get it la!! wanna leave...n somehow dun wanna leave though... :(
- thought alot these couple days, sometimes really have no clue what will happen in my life, not even what will happen in the next second; i m scared
- went to timmi with lo gung and now very sleepy @O@...
p.s. ripped

- went out to eat with my aunt's family yesterday, then come back home mj with my cousin n ricky n his sis..LOL lo gung dropped by n went out for a break n then went to aunt's house BBQ~ kinda full la...
- since nth to do at all so lehz told me to go finding jj with him, n then wait till he got off...think jor 1 hr sin know where to go...ended up went to lehz's sis's friend for house party...haaaaa...many girls n they r so happi la~ unfortunately last nite only got budweiser n no other beers lol..sigh:..i think i will NEVER EVER drink budweiser again...stomach hurts..X_X n i was totally dead in 1 hr...hahaa...so stupid..ended up threw up few times n went to lehz house sleep over la -_-! thx taking care of me la lehz n ur sis!
- woke up so early today la...n then woke jj n lehz up la so funny...they r like hiding in the bed coz they didn't put up their pants hahaha
- ate jor then come back home lu...n lo gung is mad at me -____-"
- interview in 2 days...okie gonna start studying today!! hope that i can get the job la! >:D

- didn't go out today other then went to smoke...
- dumpling making nite! hehe...!! haven't made them for a long time but my skills r still here LOL!! SEE THE PIC! :P hehe

- read the diary entries and view the albums from these few yrs today...(kinda mo liu...) so many memories *_* no matta it's happiness or not i will keep all these in my mind~ thx for those who had brought me happiness n laughs ^-^
p.s. CHERISH ALOT......

- hate to stuck at home -_-!!
- another crazy party nite last nite, ended up went to emcee again, kinda expensive but i guess doh okie gei coz it was a super funny nite...many jokes lol...n super funny scence...esp the one with angel n siubak hahahahhahahahaha...damn man...me n lez saw it n we were like LOL LOL at the same time >:D
- another boring aftanoon n nth to do...WHEN WILL I GET A JOB!!?! well actually gotta prepare for the 2nd interview but dun have mood to study at all...
p.s. cherish...

- another boring aftanoon...!! >:(
- good news of the week ---> yesterday received an email concerning that I got into the 2nd interview LOLOLOL!! YEAH ^^v~~ gotta kick some butts! i will try my best for the job~ another good news was i got a phone call from Mrs. Quan that ESTEE LAUDER's lab is hiring! LOL gotta rush my resume for her so that i may have a chance for another interview~ HORHORHORHOR~
- ended up did nth in the aftanoon yesterday b/c of JACKY WONG..HAHAHA...well everyone was diu-ing him so i stop here! see how nice i m! >:D haven't seen lez like that kinda boring like yesterday...hahaha...
- went to da pai at lez's house la...n found out that lez is super super dumb :P LOW B LEZZZZZ always BS!! ahhahaahaha...~ i really gotta smack u!
p.s. what's going on in my head <:(

- woke up so early today.. (well...much earlier than normal la...hehe) then supposedly wanna go shopping by myself but ended up angel called me out..so went to loblaws n bought the shelf then went to find angel la...
- went to eat with her n then back jor home lu!
- at nite supposedly we r gonna go k ga lol...when everyone was ready jj got trapped haaaa...ended up cancel jor the party *O*! so mad! hehe
- so went to country with angel n lo gung dropped by there n study...so low b that saw chris's mom...-_-
p.s. gotta get a heater in my room!!

- went to work yesterday...~ it's very boring but well at least i can get some $$ from it!...hopefully i can get the job that i went to interview ASAP!!
- then lo gung picked me up n went back to london...it's very empty at lo gung's house coz almost everything r gone already, so went up n find ah singsing n genngenn~ played mj with evon n potato la..~ lo gung so ging for getting himself 10 fangSsss "ching dui"~ LOL won jor $5 hehe
- i guess david was scared me last nite when i talked with him about the lease, n he suddenly called me at 9 n told me he is coming into london LOL...then gotta woke up at about 10 to get him to sign the lease..super sleepy but well at least got everything done for now, i miss london -_-:
- then went to hospital n saw the specialist...basically i have to do the thing with the needle on my neck..YES..it will b ON MY NECK..DAMN...>_<:: n did some blood tests today @_@
- saw yu when i was waiting for lo gung to pick me up...it's nice to see the classmate although i m not very friends with him, so gd that he can always work in the lab during summer time...sigh: wanna work so badly~
- came back out n nothing to do again hehe...~ well i dun think i gonna stay at home though LOL
p.s. 曾.發.生.的.不.算.幻.覺.

- celia n her mom were gone yesterday lar~ hope they have a great trip in US la~ gonna meet u guys when i go back to hk!
- then come back up n find jj n lez n other ppl la...went to dinna at sun shing si, n then went to lez's house to "heh" till like 10 sth n went to light drink at G-spot LOL...it's not quite light for some of us..-_-
- went to p-mall with lo gung today...table tennis competition there man...i still rememba the time when i used to b really gd at it back in my primary skool period >:)
- then came to lo gung's house to sleep la...again nth to do like now...LOL n lo gung got a new cell LOL i want one too...gonna beg someone to buy it for me hehe
p.s. 只想一天, 真的能活在童話裡, 無牽, 無掛

- 4:00am caught in UTI AGAIN...FUCKING PAIN n FUCKING SLEEPY n can't sleep X_X i hate this feeling so so so much...gotta ask the doctor if i can find a way to completely get rid of it for my entire life...HOLY SHIT! Y DO THIS TO ME AGAIN!!! i rememba last time i caught in was the exam period...n this time interview will b like 8 hrs later...@_@ want to cry

- ended up got out at 9:30 this morning, lo gung picked me up n went to see a doctor...n lucky he got me the medicine so i could go to the interview at the aftanoon
- 2 hrs drive then we arrived...this town is very small la n there's huge industrial plant including the company that i went to interview today! they got their own railway for transporting...LOL!! since i got an extra hr early b4 the interview so me n lo gung were kinda hanging around...actually the environment is okie nice gei n lo gung may move in with me ifff i got the job...*O*!! hehe~
- then came back out n can't wait to get a sleep!! took a 2 hrs sleep n kept me awake till now! went to lo gung's house da pai tonite...now = super tired!!

- still practicing for tmr's interview ah...-_- started to get kinda nervous...but i hope i can do it!!
- went to dt with angel today, first dropped off celia at the subway n then me n angel started on queen st.! LOL didn't buy mucha things, bought jor the smoking labbit to lo gung la, an etnies wallet for myself (can't wait for my westwood since the one i was using = broken *_*); n then went to eaton n shopping n talking for so long lol! ended up we bought quite a few things lol n sigh: finally can't control myself over the gorgeous DIOR PRINCESS RING n now it is on my table now...thinking of how i should wear or put it on...
- dummi lo gung did stupid thing tonite, but it's not his fault gei i know...just the fact that i m getting too mad over a certain thing that i can't get over with...still...i m stupid too...@____@
p.s. it is great to forgive n forget, it becomes brutal when u can forgive but not forget...

- went to niagara with my family n my friend n her mom yesterday! everyone was so frustrated at a certain point of time since they r super troublesome, but ended up everyone was happi gei i guess...*O* n i won jor $22.50 from the fallsview casino LOL!
- then talked with my friend till 4 last nite~ sucha long talk n i did think that i will cherish all the friends that i had esp the ones in hk n the buddies in here ^-^
- went to noon k today! lehz is back n of coz we r gonna have some fun!! tonite had a huge BBQ party at my house, my family la, ricky's family, my aunt's family, keni n his mom, my friend n her mom, n jj+siubak+lehz were here as well! it's a very great party i guess haaaaa...esp when my dad asked jj where his lighter was coming from ...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
- then went drinking at lehz house tonite! jj was super drunk again...hahaha n he got raped by us n i gonna upload the clips n the pics soon LOL...n lehz was almost "pants off" too...HAHAHAHAHAAHA
p.s. 4:30a.m. now lar i think i gotta sleep....@O@

- went to watch "house of wax" last nite, ok it's a horror movie again and my lo gung still sat beside me n laughed..-_-" haha when Paris Hilton was getting killed in the movie, a guy shouted "that's hot" in the silence..haaaaa *O*
- then went to CM la...didn't know most of the ppl n brian still asked me if i can bring him mui mui jai's...haaaa...well...give it up la! n lo gung was...sigh:...!!
- celia finally came! went to wonderland today n i think she was scared by the rides so didn't play that much haaaa...~ n saw a very touching scense that a father fulfilled his disable son to get him into a ride...!! u know how much love there is from his parents...
- okie FUCKING FAT BITCH stole my hat today, n told me that she got this hat from a dollar store n told me if i want the hat she can give it to me!! !@)#(!_@$! HOLY SHIT, okie rite bitch...lemme let u know that it's a VOLCOM hat n it's $50, n if it's from a dollar store, i dun think u can even effort it coz u r too cheap to buy it!! SO MAD!!
- then went to "kam tin chuen" tonite~ YUMMI food n the cheif was the one that we went there last time!! he was having a show time again!!
- very tired day since i was kinda wing wing dei afta drinking last nite n gotta woke up so early this morning...
p.s. album updated!

- went to ricky's house play mj on tues, seems like there's way too many mj these days...-_- HELP!! I WANT A JOB! too boring in toronto...
- got the car yesterday..finally! my brother lor he was gonna tell me he gotta work on tues, thurs, sat n PROBABLY will have skool on mon, wed, fri..!! >:| if this is the case = he gotta use the car MON-SAT?!!? WHAT THE HELL!?!
- went to emcee last nite, this is the first time went there without yum will! everyone was drunk except me :P
p.s. life is just unpredictable n u will neva know what's gonna happened in the next min, treasure what u had

- woke up so late today coz my phone @ home n cell didn't ring at all!! LOL
- then ricky dropped me off at markville n lo gung picked me up...bought a tee + a necklace + sandles today~
- then come back home n clean up my room...STILL @O@...too much stuff to be cleaned up in my room but i m happi to have TV in my room!! from now on dun have to fight for a TV for my favourite shows~
- then after "the bachelor", went to lo gung's house n play mj n then went to country style with ricky
p.s. okie, da vinci code will take me months to read it

- it's MAY already! the yr almost half way done!
- finished my exam n now feeling so so so FREE!!~~ very very surprise that i finally got a job interview n it will happen in mid may~ i m definitely super excited since it's related to what i studied in U!! gotta study so hard n try my best to get that job although it's a little bit far! XDXDXD
- funny things happened last nite n my sai lo ended up slept at my house LOL! hahaha~~
- went out with mom today n wanna get a tv, but ended up the sales told us that US is going to change the tv channel to flat screen n Canada's gonna change that to flat screen next yr...so i guess the tv will b cheaper later? n probably will wait till next yr to get a 16 X 9 next yr!
- then went to tea with siubak! man long long time no see him lar! talked alot today n tonite mj with him n jj n water jai..hahaha...i won 4 dai's...LOL n lo gung dropped by...haaaa...kinda hate that we all have to smoke secretly gum...
p.s. JOBJOBJOBJOBJOB n $$$$$$$$$$$$
p.p.s so excited that celia is coming to visit meeEEeee~~ SOON!!!

- updating my very last bit of studying journey...it's my last...16 hours for studying rite now, actually didn't really study for this course coz need a 35% to pass the course :\ haaa...i m super lazy~
- mah jong last nite, lo gung won singly! >:( !! but it's okie~ very fun questionaire from evon last nite~ n found out that i was the same type of ppl as MM ?_? hahaha...well...
- went to biochem office yesterday...fucking bitches didn't allow me to photocopy the assignments answers lol!! DAMN...i guess i need to go back tmr morning to read over it before exam...-_- hopefully they r there la...
- jess is coming back to london tmr! hehe~ welcome back! started to miss london so much lar~ so many memories r here...*_*:
p.s. okie i guess i will get wasted the day after exam...call me out girl!

- went to emcee last nite, funny stories heard from a les~
- come back to london today...tmr gonna start to study lu -_- SUX
- more pics from the last two months were uploaded! check it out if u guys r too boring from studying ^-^

- finally got a day out n went to shopping with lo gung~ *v* spent $70 on DIOR cosmetics today LOL~~ they r VERY VERY NICE *O*O*O*O* but very very expensive...shop n shop n shop, the sales @ the bay were all crazy, they like stick with u when u just step in the cosmetics counter, n like talk n talk n talk....HOLY....ended up i feel super uncomfortable n went to sears! got my DIORs~ haha feel so glamour~
- then went to lo gung's house to play mj n eating...! won $17 n thx ricky! hahaha!
- just talked with my baby magdalene on the phone, miss her n my other friends so much suddenly, i want to cry, really dunno why, started to feel very sad to leave my friends n classmates in UWO *_*
- also ver is gonna go to quebec, probably i won't have a chance to see her that often in the coming yrs.. **stiff stiff** she is one of the smartest ppl that i know, esp for her biochem marks! wish u all the very best in mcgill! i gonna send u some treats sometime hehehe~ u r the only one who will know if i was sad n hiding somewhere at home n cried, n u r the one who shared the jokes n biatchy talks with me =) i miss all these memories so much...

- done my exam by 11am today...rite, Dr. Woo is such a nice guy to put about 1/6 of the materials which is exactly the same as midterm, but damn i forgot to reali take a gd look at the midterm :\ so...WATEVER! at least it's done for now!
- went back home n sleep...super exhausted n this sleep really recharged me! haha reali gotta go out tmr!! need some shopping definitely!
- went back to Toronto tonite, met a white girl at the bus, so nice that she shared watching "CLOSER" with me~! it's a very complicated movie n i dun understand like half of it..hahaha...well... she is a 1st yr MIT student n told me the wildness of 1st yr saugeen students *O*! must b fun!
- lo gung came to watch "step to the past" with me at 1~ hehe *v*
- many thoughts about UWO these days, i do think i really gonna cry so badly when the time very close to the end of UWO life...i miss almost everything in here, esp the ones who worked with me in these yrs >_<: *stiff stiff*, even i talked with jon today, just wanna say gdbye to him, n he came up to me like we can still keep in touch, man it's very touching for me, like i dun really have whites friends, but i found a few of them this yr! thx jon! n ya definitely it's see you instead of gdbye!
p.s. can't wait to go clubbing with u, girl~! LOL

- these days seems like horrifying me n torturing me so badly...got about 2 hrs sleep for these 48 hours...very surprise that i m still awake...gonna take some rest then gonna write my 3rd exam at 9 am LOL
- walk to western sci this morning for biochem test at 9 this morning, 1st person i saw was scherma again! haaaa...he was like standing in front of the dean's office with his hair in a TOTALLY MESSED UP condition...may b this is y he is so smart...LOL hahaha
- BEST BIOCHEM EXAM that i ever wrote in my entire life!! i can't believe that I had 100% (well 99%...) that i will definitely get sth gd for this exam! *O*O*O*O* i think the torture from it finally will pay off...~
- then chill a little bit with dustin n straightly to weldon for hardcore studying chem300...janice n jay n danoush came to join me there at 2 since i got a nice table there~ hehe :D n there were some slutty bitches just dunno how to shut their mouths while everyone is studying.. >:| !!
- 12pm - 12am again for today, super exhausted!
- made more friends these days, y i didn't go out as often to study in these couple yrs~ some many nice ppl out there~ aaahhh start to miss my University life **stiff**

- got a gd sleep after went to hospital last nite, went to skool from 2:00pm to 1:30am, efficient study for today, because heard such a bad new that chem300 will b accumulative X_X DISATOR! n knew that i have to finish biochem as early as i can and then start 300......reali gotta speed up!!
- surprise of the day --> saw scherma n niranjan!! n finally got all the notes that i needed for 300 -_- reali wanna say thank you to u guys! these ppl r madly smart, wish u guys gd luck on the MCAT n getting into med-skool~
- super noisy at UCC, ended up went to study with janice n jay again n heard sth very interesting at 1am n here was the story:
- a girl who lived with 2 guys (all whites), n these guys came back home with 3 other guys n a chick, the girl supposedly watching movie n then she heard some shouts from chick in the room, n some banging n slapping noises...
- n then a guy came out from the room with a robe (or short) on without the top, to the washroom, n then another guy came out looks the same n went to the washroom, GUESS WHAT HAPPENED IN THE ROOM!?! n the girl saw the chick was either with a robe or a tube top on ...haaaa...

- worst day of the month...UTI again DAMN...SUPER PAIN...n fuck that i m having it rite before the exam...!!! how can i keep on studying -_____-
- it's getting little bit betta but still feeling shit...
- went to study with janice, jay n other gwai lo's these couple days, gonna miss all of u very very soon!! these days r the only days that i gotta study with u guys -_- probably won't have another chance in my entire life! man i just love the jokes that u guys made...esp jay's ones...haaaa~~ keep taking the caffeine pills to keep urself away from gay-ness! gonna miss scherma so much as well...
p.s. mind consists of chem, chem, n chem...n partially biochem n biochem...

- yesterday was the last day of class, done the final chem372G presentation and went to our chem party!! free pizza + ALCOHOL!! so happi and had lots of fun, esp this is the last day of University life ever, n surprisedly i know more ppl in my class ever in this very last day! all the chemistry ppl r very very nice ppl, reali have great fun and very enjoyed this last party...one surprise of the day!! ---> Janice would b the only one who knew this...hehehehehe i m very very happi about it!! it's just like my dream comes true!!
- realized that i may not see these ppl in my entire life again, realized that i only have a few days left in western :\ i started to miss all these ppl n all the things happened in western already...made me cry >_<:
- went to weldon today, didn't see any chemistry ppl at all, n the notes that i got from my friends were so confused...no one there for me to ask n clarify the stuff so came back home earlier...
p.s. misssssSSsss U~

- this weekend it's not quite productive...but i got my presentation done n the labs done...so...it's okie~ so boring though...LOL
- lo gung came back today...bought me stuff from my parents...too many things to eat!~
- brought jor auau to lo gung's house...hahaha he looks so funny together with maomao~ *v* love them so much!! n lo gung blamed his LOUDLY snooring on auau......q(-_-)p can't sleep lol!!
- MY GOD...found my last lab was still in my labbook last nite!!! *O* HOLY SHIT!!! how can i forgot to hand it in last week! worried x 100000 n lucky my TA was so nice n let me hand in today.....-_-"
p.s. 21 days more~

- WOW! April already!! 25 more days to go then i will be done for my entire life HOPEFULLY!!~ LOL SUPER EXCITED
- lo gung is gone for the weekend so i decided to go shopping again before i run into my super busy mode :P hehe~
- 2 assignments, 1 lab, and 1 big presentation r on next week....everything had started for a bit but just dun have to courage to finish them all....esp my power point slides...-_- gimme headache so much!!
- it was 1 "long" happi 1 "long" empty"!! i thought i was gonna have an interview when the ONTARIO MINISTRY of environment...damn...n now gotta wait again...!! super eager to have a job!!
- my plan for my 1st 3 months of salary:
- 1) buy stuff for my parents which they wanted me to buy for them (forgot wat it was though..*O*
- 2) buy a westwood bag or wallet for myself
- 3) go to trip HOPEFULLY
- then the coming 9 months r to save up $$!! then...LOL..~~
- talking about future, it's still questionable, but think about it n just let it be would be the best, since if sth needs to happen, it will happen no matta of wat, RITE!? so i m enjoying the rest of the days of my University life with lo gung~ MUAH!
p.s. u love my drawings eh....!? hehe *v*

- didn't really work anything for skool other than the lab reports these days~ sorta relaxed n since still too lazy...@O@ so didn't get much study done
- poster presentation is coming up...n rite...fly jor my partner airplane today *O* coz didn't wake up...we supposed to meet up for finding an article for the presentation but i found it already last nite so...ya...dun wanna wake up...hehe
- labs labs labs~ worked super fast this week n got off 2 hours earlier! gd tat Dan knew wat he was doing n i knew wat i was doing as well ^-^ SUPERB~ still rememba last time didn't have a partner...such a torture...!
- went to watch "meet the fockers" with lo gung @ skool tonite~ hahahaha~~ ASSSs-HoLE~~ cute little jack~ LOL!! love it!
- talked with one of my best friend last nite for so long...rite i knew him for 11 yrs lar! such a long time! take gd care man n just relax n b happi =)
p.s. hardworking mode = on (soon)

- finally done all the midterms last fri!!
- uploaded all the pics from last Dec till the pics b4 detroit trip~ trip pics will b uploaded next week so check it out later la! :)
- bombed so badly for my biochem 382 X_X i m worried...lo gung promised me to go out study with me for finals...hopefully it will turn out fine!
- CONGRATS to my roommate ver~ who got accepted from MCGILL for DENTISTRY!!!! SUPERB!! so proud to have u b my roomie hehehe~ hopefully u will do fine there n so u can clean my teeth in 2009!!
- went to lez's house to play mj tonite~ didn't win/lose...jj won't jor 15 dais! hehe got my money back last week~ so gd~ *O*
p.s. love u so much *v*

- wowow!! just back from a trip to detroit yesterday!~ stay there for 2 nites with lo gung for our belated 2 yrs celebration n v-day~! time passed so quick!! it's a wonderful trip although didn't do too much thing there~
- we got lost quite a few times when we were in detroit...man we lived in dt n there's reali many black ghost!! so scary n lo gung said afraid to get robbed!! haha~ many areas in dt were like empty towns...like the windows of the buildings were covered by woodboard n then stores were all locked in cage when they r closed!! *O* but our hotel doh okie nice gei hehe it's beside the river...~
- first nite went to eat at the ren center at 72nd floor~ so nice~!! n so high class~ (n so pricey...) n went to MGM casino...me n lo gung won $40 total haha~ well betta than nth!!
- second day went to pick up the rent car n then drive to a very far outlet mall...holy the things r so cheap there man!! lo gung got a $9.99 converse!! n i bought jor a nike terminator for my bro n lo gung got a terminator high for $29.99!! *O* n i only bought myself a guess skirt...haha for like $7 or sth...~! ~v~ n then went back to hotel to get the ticket to palace!!
- BIG TIME at nite went to palace to watch pistons vs knicks!! nice game n we took most of our pics there...!! haha one pic was with 3 little boy with a "red-white-blue" afro heads!!~! we wanna buy the afro heads ga but cost like $20 each!!
- too bad tat we can't stop on the duty free store...n last day got a beef jerky lol!! $30 >_<: n then come back up to london in the aftanoon~
- just got out home when i was back home last nite coz just so mad~! haha...my mom just made me mad again when i was in a very happi mood!! *_* n got mad again tonite coz went to emcee n they called me like 10 times in 3 hrs...!"@(#*!)@($*!@$
p.s. okie we gonna go to church tmr hehehehehehehe~ for sth special!

- first of all...happi v-day everyone!
- today was such a day for me...a very precious day with lo gung, also a very frustrated day with my skool..
- slept late last nite n gotta woke up for exam...the location was too far so i took taxi to skool (HOLY I M SSSSOOO RICH)...coz me $5 to TC!!-_- n then gotta run from TC to 3M in 5 mins *___* it's not fun but i was just late to class...n then gotta run from 3M to CB for lab...i was super exhausted already...n HOLY SHIT...my lab partner didn't show up for the lab!!!! then i gotta do the whole Freaking lab myself...running back n forth the rooms which supposed to b 2 ppl do in each room separately...
- n i m very proud tat i can finish my lab on time!!! all by myself!! thx 4 TA helps me a bit with the machine set up...
- n back home n reali dun wanna do anything AT ALL but gotta start my biochem study...midterm on wed..:| no fun again...
- lo gung gave me a surprise tonite~ got a candle dinna from lo gung~ so romatic~ thx lo gung for cooking n prep all the stuff~ i m so happi :) sniff sniff** wanna cry *O*
- took a nap n back home to study...till now it's 5 sth...gd tat gotta take a break n watching my favourite show CSI~~
p.s. MUAH~

- happi 2 yrs anniversary to my beloved lo gung!! time flies...
- got stomache for the nite...damn...no mood to study at all @_@
- although didn't have time to reali get to celebrate with u...i m still happi to just stay home n study with u ^-^ heee~ we gonna have some fun afta the midterms...*O*
p.s. I LOVE U~

- came back out to TO this weekend, went to c Dr. Tsin again n holy the specialist appointment in london will b in JUNE...?!?! by the time i m already not in london man...-_- c wat i can do for it...i dun want to c doctor in here n poke the needle in my neck >_< ... SCARY!!
- went to drink coffee with lo gung n ricky last nite...haaa...how can ricky study in tat smokey n noise (as me n lo gung r talking constantly...) place..?!?!
- gonna eat the yr end dinna with families n other families tonite...
- skool started to get reali busy...i LOVE to do labs but not lab reports...which made me very dizzzzzzzzi @O@~ + sleepi...
- no energy for the last few days since i was being sick...lucky tat tyenol cold reali works!! but i m coughing constantly n my lung is gonna fall out soon **cough cough**
p.s. 4 more days *v* special day ...

- haven't update 4 a long time again! am i reali busy? nah...at least not with skool, just da fact tat i m too lazy with skool now...but this moment gotta b working hard for my biochem essay...damn 4th yr course...
- play mj last nite at potato's house with von n aaron n potato, haaaa...won jor 30 dai's *O*!! lo gung left jor n left me alone @O@~ haha~ well...hehe tat's y i won last nite hahahahaha...~~
- have been thinking so much these day, grad jor then study ho or work ho, wondering if i can get a job, or if i will b accepted from the MLT program...or if i should go to hk n try to find a job, or find sth tat may b just total irrelevant to wat i studied in these 3 yrs...?_? reali no clue...
- also looking back to U life, seems it went so fast, happiness, sadness, maturation, n also ppl's stupid-ness...haaa~ just found out tat i reali dun understand y ppl never think of TIME when they tried n attempt to sue someone!?! time is just the greatest evidence to tell ppl the truth!
- it's being great to know the friends in these yrs, they're just b there 4 u no matta wat's happened...i guess i will b reali missed the friends in here, the campus, my room, n stuff n stuff...n my FREEDOM *_* wanna cry
- almost been 2 yrs for now, kinda like a miracle to me :P i hope i did change inside out in these couple of yrs ^-^
p.s. ......Detroit......~~

- alrite time for some updates! Unicef Funds is approaching $4000 now! n few days ago i saw Jenn when i was at the office, n i told her the amount tat we had raised for the tsunami victims, she just cried out...man...almost made me cried too~ *_* amount is still raising n we r looking forward to the yr end total...rite......n this yr gotta get audit from USC...damn gotta prep my ledgers....
- having fun with my comp lab n talking msn for the whole class...janice were telling me tat she fight w/ jay n accidentally hit his balls....hhaaaaa....funny man n he was crying out when he was still drunk~~
- lab was fun but the write up was brutal...n niranjan's figure was different from mine...man...we were lab partners n supposed to b the same -_- n 10-hr class for monday wasn't tat fun too...super exhausted at the end...!
p.s. countdown~~

- my 1st entry of the year!! rite...it's a week already...so busy with the stuff for unicef!!
- so proud that we had raised over $2000 already!! it will be doubled up by the government and this is the greatest thing that I had ever done in my life~ to help ppl, to give a heart for them, although it's not a reali reali big amount but for sure it will help out lots of ppl already ^-^
- rite...counting coins for almost everyday at the unicef office for these days, and the USC officer starts to call me "the unicef girl"...okie...
- beside the tsunami thing...i finally got my full schedule for this term! finally can add tat 400 level biochem course n dropped tat STUPID pharmtox course for this term...since i bombed the pharmtox last term ...it's betta to get myself away from it again...although biochem = hardcore too...hehe
- n finally i pull my average back to 70s again...stupid physio from the summer...well...hahah...actually didn't study for it since it's a distance course....damnit n pull down my average so badly..-_-
- play v-ball last nite~ supposedly i went there to watch lo gung play ball, lucky i saw vivian to play v-ball with me since there's an empty court there!! FUN~~ i love v-ball *O*
p.s. i can feel ur love, although i feel i'm stepping on the same path again, but i know tat things will make it out, mu-ah love u~

- first of all n once again, happi b-day au siubak!! wish u all the best for ur big old 20~~~!!
- almost play mj everynite for the whole week!! hahaha...mostly lost lol sigh: coz always the first 4 rounds won pretty much, but then afta tat just straightly lost...no luck~~ hahaha~~ watever la it's okie fun~ betta than nth to do! hehe
- okie gotta update a bit, 1st went to lez house party on the 22nd, didn't drink much coz we began the games with drinking soho7 + spite n red wine + grape juice...*O* kinda dizzy afta drinking those to begin with...it's fun tat nite though coz almost everyone was there!!
- then evonvon came to my house from 24th-27th~ we talked so much at nite!~! reali we haven't talk tat much since skool start n now we all kinda catch up wat we up to! hehe~ thx ur pencil case i will use it 4 sure~ hehe
- went to boxing day shopping @ vaughan mills~ bought jor clothes n a super super cheap adidas red/white boot for $60~!!
- went to 1st markham on xmas day n lo gung bought me a paul frank ball ball hat~ hehehe~~ i luv it so much~ n also the star head~ mu-ah~ thx lo gung!
- 27th afta driving vonvon to 1st markham, bought 2 puffer fishz 2 lo gung~ *O* they r super cute...but the sales wasn't tat great lol!! coz they told me this kinda puffer fish need a 10 gallons tank for EACH OF THEM...holy...n now lo gung is only using a ...1 gallon tank...but unfortunately 2 days afta purchase 1 of them wasn't tat healthy already...so ended up got tat to refund n now only 1 jai jai left~ but it's okie...lo gung is still crazy about it...
- went to yorkdale today with lo gung n auntie, n then went back home to eat n went to watch lo gung play ball~ n realized tat his friend's brother was one of my friend! hahahaha~ they look the same! then went to angel's house to get capri -- thx so much baby~~~ n also looked at the shushu~ they r so cute~
p.s. so far = 1A1B :D

- 今日係好好好忙既一日~ 11點幾老公打o黎叫醒o左我, 跟住之後就o拿o拿臨出去同老公's family食lunch, 咁之後就一齊去o左睇羽絨~ 我o地試呀試, 試o左幾件仲有sizes...end up我買o左件比自己~ 係媽送比我既生日禮物~ i love it!
- 之後返o左屋企bring all the stuff去o左studio度影相~ 呢次係我一生人第一次做model做咁耐! 比人影足3個鐘, 笑到塊面frozen o西o羅!! okie now i know ppl'r being models r GREAT!! btw THX TOM!!~ u r just great too!
- 搞到成7點半先影完, 之後同小白+昌仔去o左first markham倒配小白揀禮物~ 同埋我o地去o左“做節"~ 京都肉排, 香妃雞 + 清菜炒魚球, rite...it's wat we got at the FOOD COURT~
- 之後去o左老公屋企, auntie送o左份聖誕禮物比我, 老公講o左呢幾個月以來既最大既大話!!! 就係昆o左我話份禮物係金沙 搞到我夜晚好肚餓既時候諗住拆開o黎食啦!! 點知裡面原來係bodyshop既cream! 我鐘意就係鐘意既, Surprise都有既, 但係咁我肚餓點算!?!?

- FINALLY!!! 終於重見天日返o左TO喇~ woohoo~ 見倒仔仔喇~~ 真係好好好掛住佢, 依然都係咁肥咁生"猛"~
- 一返o黎就同老公去o左p-mall, 好耐無見過咁多人同咁多o野!!! 去o左ones倒行o左陣, 見倒有個都幾鐘意既玩具~~ 但係衰就衰在要靠運去抽o架o羅~ 咁clare就幫我開o左個喇...點之真係...抽唔中!! -_-" !@)#(!_@#! 不過算啦~ clare話o左如果佢繼續開既話幫我睇o下有無我想要個個wor!! hahaha~~ >:D so happi~
- 之後老公去o左我屋企坐o左陣, 比我阿爸阿媽逼o左飲2杯蔗水~~ 不過好彩唔係花旗參茶je~! 如果唔係佢實na口na面~~
- 食完飯幫表弟補o左陣science之後睇o左manhunt!! OMG *O* *O* *O* the models r so HOT~~ *O*
- 今晚同o左jj, 昌仔, 基夫, 小敏 n sydney等等去o左country吹吹水~ 之後買o左外賣比小白同埋去o左佢屋企傾o左個幾鐘頭...本來仲未傾完o架, 但係本來話o左一點倒返去但係都見差唔多兩點lu~ so went back home lu~~
p.s. okie snowboard n ski, i m coming!! >:D

- RITE!! it's 5:55 AM rite now...i will have my last exams in 3 hours!!! wowwwwwhooo~~~~ i will b done done done done very very soon!! >O<"
- had my 21st b-day 2 days ago~ thx 4 little celebration during the peak time of the exam periods~ n calls + msgs too~ ^-^* thx thx so much!~
- want to say thank you to lo gung, although we didn't have a big big celebration, but i know tat u did ur best to make me happi, n try ur best to gimme a big surprise~ u know wat...i smiled from my heart when i saw the "lan lan au" where he was staring at me from ur closet~ my face was like *O*... hahaha~ n i will remember every word u said in the card...luv u so much >OO< o n ur spongebob ice-cream cake~ another *O*~ hahaha seems like i got so many spongebob stuff just in a year n kinda crazy about it......rite...i m 21 now...-_-"
p.s. proposal or punch!? hahahaha~~~

- seems like age didn't update my diary...rite...it's call a DIARY...
- too busy w/ my exam but now just take a very little rest since just finished my 1st one tonite...not too bad man i guess i will get my first A of the yr *O* *v* @-@v~ yeah
- due to the conflict i will have my pharmtox exam in 10 hrs later...n ver told me tat was out of 100 n asking DETAILED questions....SHIT!! -_-"
- too stressed out this aftanoon n called mom~ nice to have a little talk n she told me to drink ginseng n eat yin wor to get some energy~ it's kinda working! betta than drink tonnes of coffee...
p.s. can't wait till the day i can get high high~

- haaaa...last nite wasn't a fun nite...coz when me n lo gung were "playing" n he crashed my head to the wall n "booom"!! pain + lil dizziness @O@~ my head got a hill now =___="
- heard a shock news from my beloved friend, i guess she is just getting thru another stage in life, i wish tat i can beside her n support her although i didn't know wat i can do or wat i should do for this...
- other then the accidents...my life is going great~~

- Happi b-Day to my beloved evonvon~~! wish u always happi + pretti ^-^
- went back home finally on friday...man...took 5 hours to come out...SUX!! lo gung was super tired..so did i...but luckily we got yumwillwill + singsing in the car to make some fun for us~~ hahaha~~ still remember tat sing will gonna help yum will inject "mong jai jum" hahahaha~ >:D
- can't reali move afta back home...n finally i found the songs tat i wanna sing for monday~ *O* so excited!!
- went to k with lo gung + ah gor + ah so + ah nick @ take one on sat~ so much fun when we all did sth low b~~ hahahaha~~ then went back to lo gung's home n he gotta have mandarin lesson...so i went down n chat w/ ah gor n ah so...haha...we're all talking about how to get slimmer...man -_-" n how ppl tat r so skinny with big butt~~ hahahaha~~
- then we 4 + auntie went to sushi on 7 inc to have "all u can eat" =___= so full~~ SUPER FULL actually -___- this weekend reali madly eating lol...got a EXTREMELY FULL gei da bin lo on fri nite already...my tummi is popping out...
p.s. >OO< i wanna b w/ u~~ la la la la la~~

- 終於有時間用o下中文o黎update o下我個日記喇~!! 因為所有midterms同project都做完喇!!! happiness X 100000000 -> infinite!!! 仲有既係今日收倒今年既第一個80s既midterm!!! >:D 實在太開心喇!!!
- 琴晚去o左城西, 好遲先去倒, 睇唔倒我妹幾歌-_-不過無論點都好我係100%支持你=) 都算係幾好玩既一晚! 除o左o岩o岩開始dance個陣有5個未夠稱既小朋友唔走搞到等左成半粒鐘個bar先開之外! >:|
- 收先既係敬o左妹一杯之後, 同ronda+tiff+jj+helen+mary去o左飲個唔係sourapple既sourapple shot之後, 去o左舞池發o左陣癲, 都真係好熱, 跳呀跳, 之後kk同jeffi嘗試challenge我既15 20, hahaha, 失敗o左, hahaha, 仲有mm既15 20突襲-_-飲多幾啖搞到走個陣好想嘔 @O@~ 唔該晒potato同helen送我返屋企~
- 今晚煮o左好多致癌餸比老公食 ~O~
p.s. needed: capri

- HAPPY b-Day to lo gung mu-ah***** hope u enjoy the little party @ 17 last nite...didn't attempt to drink but ended up we all did -___- n we all have exams close by...-_______________-" haha funny pics will b uploaded later on afta my 2 exams tmr n a research presentation next monday +_+ damn busy!!
- n it's around 3 am again...so many ###### in my head n also the biochem stuff....WHY do i have 2 exams on one day!!!??!! !@)(#_$)!_$
- went to csa audition today, i reali struggled if i should go for a try or not a week b4, coz it's 2 exams tmr, n there's hell lots of stuff 4 me to do, n dunno if i m gd enuf...coz 30 ppl cut down to 10...but of coz i didn't regret to go for it!! coz I MADE IT!!! hahahahaha >:D !!!! much betta performance this time than the hkc one...haha~ just tat didn't have any experience last time n this time my hands didn't shake at all~ phewwW~~ so happi!!!
- i gonna practice singing afta nov 15 when i finished every exam n project!!! ver ver gonna close the door whole day coz i will sing all day long~
- hahaha n yes..the pics about last nite...super funny when 38F big head timtim wore an under-sized motorcycle hat!! hahaha~ n all the guys r gone crazy about the hat~~
p.s. can't wait till tmr afta 10pm when all my midterms r done for this term!!!

- BLAH!! it's 3 am again n i m on my spec right now...too many # in my brain...+_+ n haven't started my biochem YET...DAAAAAMmmn
- there're too many things to do this week +______+ lo gung's b-day la, audition la, biochem n spec exams on the same fucking day, n 2 assignment by wed X_X i m dying...
- watch jor "SAW" yesterday...the plot was very gd! n i think it's scary n ugly too...but again lo gung was sitting beside me n laughing...=_="
- talked w/ celia over the weekend for 3 hrs~ long time didn't talk w/ her tat long lar! although we didn't c each other age already but truly she is one of my soulmates!! thx for listening to all my bs n i m glad tat i can share w/ u! love u n hope u do great in U Penn this yr! hehe c u soon when u have ur holidays from US~~
p.s. 2 days to lo gung's b-day hehe n 1 more day till 21 months >OO< **LOVE U**

- blahhhh~~ on my industrial chem now...gotta take a little rest!
- went to big 2 two days ago with kk n karen...we were the only ones + few were the only upper yrs..haha~~ well well well...yes i m too old to play big 2 now! -___- b4 tat went to kk's house n "heh" n tiger's shit so smell~~~ hahahaha~
- n tat day did sth gd...first time push a wheelchair!! saw tat 2nd yr wheelchair gwai mui crossed the road n she dropped everything down...n c if i can help la...n then she told me she is heading to saugeen...which was steep road man..+_+ HOW CAN SHE GET DOWN BY HERSELF?! probably rolled down n crash to trees or sth... n then of coz i helped her down *___* so heavy..n i almost rolled down the hill with her...*O*
- got back my spec test yesterday...*_* i know i can do betta than this! sigh: n prof was kinda yelling at us tat we did need to know everything he taught...who didn't know this point before exam!?!? but just the fact tat everyone just forgot wat they studied including me =_=" i will work hard for a 90!!
p.s. okie stop here! + oil lo gung mu-ah~

- came back home yesterday!! first time from london by bus, n then all the way up back to scarborough town by myself~~ went shopping for a bit at Queen...haha when i was at the subway station...i was kinda lost n dunno the N-E-S-W...n then asked a "cha cha" n she dim me lol...!!! -_-" n then back to where i was at...can't find the stuff tat i want ah.. *O* but bought jor an uglydoll keychain instead...~~ little TRAY TRAY~~ so Q~~
- my toys r here lar!!! hehe...they r all Q too~~
- morning call from my aunt...sigh: well...can't reali do anything with my cousin...~ but i hope tat afta listened to me, he will think tat i m positively helping him n not troubling him la!~ coz the words from my mom n his mom were like 100000 times more "faan" than mine~~
- went to lunch with lo gung n auntie...so raining today! haaaaa...first time auntie "kiu" ju me when we were using the same umbrella @ T&T market...*O* kinda scary but i gotta adopt this~~ hahaha~~
- bought jor lo gung's gift today...i hope tat u love it (well...i can c when u can't get rid of it tonite...=3=) and meaning i didn't waste my time for bargaining the price for it!!! hahahahaha~~~ so c lai~
p.s. okie...Toy'sRus@barbie section + super gun for AB!

- 又好耐無update我個page~ 呀~ D考試真係有D o羅我命!
- 琴晚過o左17party~ 好玩就真係唔係咁好玩o架o乍, 由其係有"魚"存在~ 哈哈哈哈...不過係3科考試後可以話可以relax o下啦, 學o左點玩"嘩啦嘩啦"~ 都真係幾好笑:D
- 因為琴晚好夜先目訓, 搞到今朝又起唔倒身返學=__=" 九點幾彈起身之後返o左學幫unicef坐booth, 今日既sales間直係意了之外兼喜出望外~!
- 話說本來今日我帶住班helpers收檔返office擺o野之際, 突然間USC office有個女人衝出o黎跟住我o地, 話要買戒子~~ 真係好surprise!! 之後佢仲叫o左其他USC office D人一個一個咁入o黎睇...ended up淨係佢o地都幫我買o左成$100戒子~
- 琴晚係唔係幾開心o架喇, 不過算啦~ hehe~ 你想草草下次同你一齊草草啦~ (如過我第二朝唔洗返9點既話...=3=)
p.s. 就o黎11月喇~~ *O*

- yayaya....it's 3 sth am again n still studying 4 spectro which is coming at 10 am... -___-" god...when will midterm stop!! my head is just full of spectra......
- went to hospital again today...finally~ the specialist told me that i don't have to go back again lu~ no more MRI n blood tests other then regular body check~~~ *O* hehe~ n coz of this ..lo gung is telling me tat being w/ him will heal some diseases or sth....okok....sure....
- went to eat hot dogs with lo gung today~ hehe~ yummi *v* n we r trying to enjoy it n sit outdoor...but it's cool n cold~ n haaaa...almost fall asleep n crash to the table at the library today coz of this morning class at 9 today...so ended up studying for an hour there n went back home to sleep...@__@
- gotta work hard 4 sth...b4 lo gung's special big day...hehe
p.s. gotta get 90% this yr!! i will work hard 4 it! yeah v~

- finally done my biochem!!! OMG!!! it wasn't tat bad...kinda hard though but i guess is betta than the last yr biochem courses!! hehe since i went to class this yr! haaa~ :D special thx to my beloved ver ver~~ without u probably i gonna fail this midterm~
- wat a funny thing, n ppl can b just super mo liu! haha, sending me other's diary n writing shit doesn't mean i will react!! the worst thing was disturbing my study period 4 a bit, n that's it. not pointing at particular person (as other ppl did), but i m sure he/she is a TRANSVESTITE! thx kev n jess taught me this word last yr~
- dunno y~ i trust u 100%! i achieved this goal finally~ if u did sth without telling me, there must be a reason, i won't bother asking n dun bother to know~
- talked with vonvon today~ i m sure she is a gd friend of mine! thx 4 all advices~ love u n kath~! my soulmates~
p.s. i m happi =D

- haaa~~~ singing contest tonite...! although kinda upset lost jor -_-" but it's okie...~ it's a great experience on the stage......super nervous n my hands were shaking like hell~
- SPECIAL THX TO MY FRIENDS WHO CAME OUT N SUPPORT~! n cheer me up at the stage...tat reali made my hands didn't shake tat much...haaa~
- congrats mui mui got champion~ i will come to support u too!! >:D
- HAVING FRIENDS is anything better than wat I had in my entire life...hehe *v* (besides having my lo gung~)
- it's 3:30am now still on my biochem...it's just way too boring...

- 又成個禮拜無update個diary喇~ 呢期真係好鬼忙, 唔忙既話都留返D時間目訓呀目訓~!! @_@
- o岩o岩派返spec份assignment, 好鬼失望/-\ 比第一份低好多x_x!! 但係好好好好彩既係竟然biochem份assignment非常之高分!!!! *O*v~ 101% hohoho~ esp thx to 我roommate verver~!! 無你教我點approach個題咁既#7既話我個題零分都似!
- 同老公早既日去o左睇Resident Evil II, 都真係唔錯唔錯, 但係次次同老公去睇scary既戲佢都係o係我隔離笑......-_-“
- Unicef開o左個GM喇, 好開心今年D會員個個都好活躍, 兩個positions有成十幾個人爭~ 哈...會想起兩年前既我唔使爭就做o左VP finance~ 六年既unicef經驗, 幫倒人之餘真係有好大既滿足感...~ :D
p.s. 老公露台...hehe~ yA next time get sth special back home wahahahaha

- woke up so earli this morning n then went to study with baby rachel @ country...n then herman joins us up~ he was super funny cbc >:) who didn't know alot of chinese other than swearing...
- then went to commerce to take pic with lo gung ..*v*.. n went to shoppers to buy some more paper towels...today is BIG 20X SALE!! went crazy shopping @ shoppers with my mom...i guess we spent like over $200 there today...but tatz okie..since now i can redeem my $75 n mom got $55 for redeem as well~~!!
- went to lo gung's house tonite, auntie was choosing the ring tat she wanted n also helped me out for cleaning the other ones~~ thx thx~~ kinda fun nite tat we all three sit there n trying all those rings on n on... hehe~
p.s. thx 4 letting me for being the luckiest girl in the world n always beside me no matta wat's happening, happi 20 months, n love u - always

- still sick for these days...cough cough cough n cough n my lung will collapse sooOOoon *_______*
- got a very bad headache thru out the day...damn it...sleep jor about 3 hours during different time of the day...afta class from 2sth to 4sth...n class again n went to stupid library n can't fucking print the stuff tat i need for the assignment HOLY...so frustrated!! ended up went back home n finished the assignment then sleep for couple more hours then woke up to do another assignment again...2 more to go...@_@
- eat jor little stuff n then back to work n wait till lo gung finished intermural then he bought mcdondon back home n eat together... ^-^
p.s. stay healthy -_- ------> hard...

- 04/10/01
- 今朝老公陪我去o左hospital度做MRI, 做完個頭又痛, 隻手因為支IV搞到痛痛地...越o黎越怕針筒既物體...>O<" !!!
- 之後上o左堂交o左份做o左星個禮拜先做完既assignment...點知個prof今堂又派多份中要係下個禮拜五交...HOLY SHIT!!! 搞到下個禮拜有成3份assignments要交o羅!!! @_@
- 返o左TOR之後同老公一齊陪yum will will買couple rings送比佢女友~ 無意之間比我見倒老公送比我既couple bracelet... *O*!!! 完來好“娜利"o架....$__$ 多謝老公同對唔住你個"何包"...heeeee...~
- 返o左屋企"heeh"o左成個晏晝, 好鬼tired!! 因為今朝成七點半起身...跟住食完飯之後去o左老公屋企幫手搬o野, 同埋睇o左六壯士, 都幾好笑~ 真係好鬼鐘意杜文澤o架o者!!!
p.s. 多謝你常在我身邊...relax, it's just sweet...*v*...

- currently sick for few dayzzz...dying...=_=
- stupid mass spec made me dizzy...took me few days to do the analysis n reading those 45 pages contradicting reasonings......WTF!! wat a wonderful textbook...
- doing my unicef budget...o god...it's math again...dizzy @_@
- there're just too many bitches n sluts around the world (esp the city of toronto...) so y hesitate to give a shit about it n made urself more wrinkles rite? :) verver, i will always b there for u~ always next door if u need me! yea ^-^v~
- knowing ppl can b reali "9" when they come up to fight for sth tat u like, or love, n they just did things under-the-ground n pretending to b innocent...deep thoughts of the day: when things happened u would know who ur friends r...
p.s. thanks for lo gung cooking me dinna but i was food poisoned...*O* joking~

- 琴晚去o左hkc個odance...都真係唔係好fun~ 因為分開o左上下層既關係...D人全部去o西樓上飲酒...但係人小小咁chillo下飲o下都okie好feel~
- 跟住去o左jackson屋企afta party...阿tim high鬼o左係咁追問kk既Taiwan奇遇, 仲有阿mo講既一D偉人歷史~ 非常之底死~
- ...仲有既係我第一次同老公一齊weedweed + ciga...*O*本來唔知係草o黎o架o羅...老公比我對完先知...haaaa...~O~
- 今日好趕咁11點半先起身都趕得倒12點個堂...返到屋企都好鬼tired啦..~ 跟住等老公做完gym..一齊食我煮既老公favour紅燒牛腩麵~
p.s. enjoying the sweetness~

- 今日係第一日clubs' week, 人流都ok啦...唔係好多, 有12個member被我o地踢o左入會!~ 希望o黎緊里幾日會多好多人join啦~
- 今日又係唔係好好脾氣既一日...唉...-_-" 不過誤會...唔講真係唔知你諗緊mut...
- o岩o岩個禮拜去o左sydney個b-day...見倒好耐無見既wilson啦~ hehe真係開心佢話我瘦o左好多...hahahahaha...>: D 我諗係因為太耐無見者...小白, 基夫同昌仔佢地送o左個人型吹氣公仔比sydney...wahahahaha...super funny *O*
- 之後係wing wing地既情況之下call老公o黎o查我架車走..@O@..而老公就返去maurice個farewell度...
p.s. 希望你會記住我今日話比你知既方法啦...

- skool started...just only for a week and got so much to do...lucky this term got 4 courses only...hopefully it will b easier to handle them...
- did 1/10 of the assignment for industrial chem...holy shxt man...took me like 45 mins just to find the right article...man... then it may take me 45 hours of work to finish the 10 % presentation... -_-!!
- biochem still as hardcore as last yr...damn...
- other then skool...haha...stupid yum will will thought tat i was mad~~ no lar i m so kind tat i always forgive ppl~~~ horhorhor!!
- n tonite jj just made me mad man!! y guys always gotta upset girls!!
- found out my special name to b..RB...haaa...
p.s. n yes baby u got a pink butt~~ PB :P

- 今日老公陪o左我成日, 首先係去o左旺角買麵包去餵鴨仔...點知去到人多到不得了o羅...super多人去餵鴨...D麵包小o左好多擁躉因為實在太多喇 -_-“!
- 之後行o左陣main street, 好多人因為D鬼老mall無開, 咁o岩呢度又有festival咁既o野...今日又見倒D公公婆婆手拖手咁互相扶持...好羨慕呢...~
- 跟住去o左commerce度影卡, 返o左老公屋企...佢間房好似有迷煙咁o羅, 又目訓o左陣覺...@O@~
- dinna完之後去o左老公屋企同auntie, uncle同阿哥打牌, 老公就個個位都打過, 去到邊贏到邊咁o羅...!! 原本我個位贏多Do架o麻...~!! 阻住晒~ hehe\
- 跟住幫佢D玩具影o左D打交相同D低B相, 遲D會upload去photo album度o架~
p.s. 掛住你 *mu-ah*

- 今朝晨咁早(actually 都11點幾..)就嚇醒o左, 原來老公成家都唔知點解咁早都起晒身仲要已經去緊食o野...+_+! 我仲要係最遲起身o個個...今日D人做乜...
- 之後同屋企人同埋表弟一家去o左飲茶, 食飽飽跟住去o左meet老公@markville~ 佢就勢利o羅...係winners逗留(係被扣留先o岩...hehehehe *O*)o左成兩粒鐘...不過佢都有收穫~
- 去o左老公屋企睇o左陣“抓狂一族"...非常低B兼好笑~ 但係因為飯氣攻心既關係...目訓o左陣...幫老公D Baby清理個枓之後返o左屋企繼續整靚靚我D玩具~
- 今晚非常白無了賴幾時候, 幫D K碟打好D名, 排返好晒佢~ -___-"
- 唔知點解, 有諗通o左多D...又唔知點解, 今日幾開心..*v*..
p.s. 晏晝比老公既玩具從高處躲下打親我個頭!! 仲要阻住晒...! >:( !! 我會玩機會報仇~~ hehehehehe >:D

- 今日係好休閒既一日, 起身食完o野之後繼續整靚靚我D玩具, 不過整得好慢...
- 跟住同老公去o左喟鴨~ 唉, 點知D鴨咁高竇, 唔係好鐘意食我o地帶去既cereal (雖然過o左期...) 但係無理由o架...D鴨無咁醒知道過o左期定未過o架o麻... -_-"
- 跟住本來去買麵包o架o麻, 點知過o左六點close o左o羅...上次去D鴨好likey D麵包, 如果佢地仲未走既話下次買麵包益o下佢地啦~
- 食完dinna之後幫我表弟染髮, 佢就威o羅...個頭比預期中上色好多...SUPER 橙紅o羅compare to我阿哥用同一樣既o野...!
- 之後過o左ricky度打牌...衰o羅...一轉o左為之後就輸到貼地...!! WTF!!! 仲要係次次都係輸比人地自摸o羅!!! ARrrgh!!
p.s. 如果可以既話, 我想每一天都能平靜地過...

- 好來無打過中文喇...因為個IE傻o左﹐ 我又懶得將佢D字copy n paste o黎paste去...但係今日突然間好想打中文
- 呢個幾禮拜好似有好多o野發生o左咁, 有開心亦都有唔開心, 無論點都好, 船到橋頭自然直, 希望既係早D有個答案
- 話咁快就要開學, 個summa好似好快就完o左咁, 仲好似有好多o野未做, 好似話仲未去wonderland啦, 仲未同keni去旅行啦, 仲未考個抽血牌啦, 仲未去safari啦(...雖然去o左toronto zoo instead...heeee)...其實有好多o野想做, 同有好多o野想有人陪我一齊做
- 琴晚我既好朋友同我講, 如果佢話地球係方既, 你都要信, 因為佢咁樣話得比你知, 因為佢都相信地球係方既, 無須去問點解, 只要相信; 雖然呢番話唔係好make sense, 但係好似當頭棒框咁打通o左D閉塞o左好耐既o野咁...
- 今日係咁大個人以來第一日同阿媽講D從來未講過既o野, 其實佢同我講既幾句話都講得好o岩...
p.s. 開心, 傷心, 都係只差一線
p.s. thx siubak :)

- finally got some time to update the pics a little bit...all the new pics from this summa r posted already!! check it out la~
- lots of things happened these days...kinda sudden for me, no matta how it gonna be ended, i will treasure the process, n that's the only thing that i had to care about :)
- went to watch AVP with lo gung today...i was kinda scared by some little parts in the movie...but lo gung was laughing beside me lol *O* but some of the parts r funny gei...heeeeee...
- n then back to his house to watch "love, war" ....okie la not too bad...but kinda sad tat eason died as well~
- stupid IE...can't type chinese suddenly >:( !!!! n i m too lazy to transfer the chinese back n forth the notepad...heeee...hope tat i know how to fix it...DAMN so ma faan...
- n rogers just such an aXXXxxxxxxx man....made me pay one more month for cable...>:( !!!! calm calm calm....-__________________-!!
p.s. thx 4 being there, for u, n for my buddies as well

- worked for 10 hours today~~ kinda tired...
- went to gerry's house to finish ice-wine which we purchased from niagara trip~~ too bad ver ver wasn't here~~ otherwise everyone was there to sure this nice moment...~ took some stupid pics gotta upload them later~
- bought jor sweet water for my beloved lo gung~ coz he was doing essay so charm~ ^3^ but dun worry~ mu-ah**
p.s. uploaded some pics check it out la :D

- didn't update my page for a long long while!! too lazy n too busy n too tired when went to work n enjoy my hardcore not at home playing~ ^_______^ hehe
- lots of things happened these days...first mom got into car accident few couple weeks ago, n now still need to c doctor n physio n stuff... n lovely CRV n sewing machines were TOTAL jor... +_+ coz mom bought the machine to help the company 2 do sth tat day...too bad tat can't sew at home shortly... well but first thing of coz hope my mom will get well soon...
- @ the hospital on mom's accident...first time in these 20 yrs i did cry for my mom...omg...reali reali bad feelings when i saw my mom...the air bag crashed to her face n when she saw me she just know how to cry n nth else...!! *___* made me cried as well man...~ it's gd to let her know tat i m reali cared about her gei~
- other thing, the 4 oz. thing made me get little bit upset...not the point u like to play n me dun like but just tat i dun like to b under "not informed" or "unconcerned" situation...hehe...but luckily it's over for this situation now ....HOPEFULLY it's all over~
- lost jor $100 @ port perry...this is my last time going!!!*O*!!!
p.s. happi 1 yr n a half~

- 足足兩個禮拜無update過喇~!! 因為真係好好好忙!!
- 首先講o下琴晚啦~ 同阿hin, 阿matt同eddie去o左rama睇concert, 千樺比想像中唱得好~ 但係都係edmund正D~~~!!! *O* 本來無得同D佢o地一齊坐, 事關比ticket比我o地個auntie玩o野o羅!! 比o左兩張隔到無雷公咁遠既ticket比我o地...好彩個manager鬼婆好好好好人~~~ 安排o左另一個位比我o地~~ 超爽~O~ 唔洗錢睇o左張$168~~~ ^-^v~!
- 跟住去o左跟阿ken去o左食o野, 事關佢係VIP, 又唔晒比錢食o野~~ 勁爽~~!!! 之後去o左賭返兩手~ 贏o左$50~~~
- 上個禮拜同verver, joejoe, hinhin, 阿matt, pearl, vinvin, gerger同sally九個人去o左niagara玩o左兩日~ 好開心因為我o地好high咁住embassy suite既fallsview, 對住無敵niagara falls景仲係住34樓~~!! 簡直SUPER!! 仲贏o左一舊水~~ 成個trip咁就唔洗比錢之餘仲有淨去outlet買衫~ ^O^v~~~!!!
p.s. can't wait to see u tonite mu-Ahhhhh~~

- 琴日好唔開心!!! 請唔倒假去睇老公比賽!! >O<" 仲要比auntie訓話o左一輪...!!! 唉...算喇算喇...(無得唔算o羅...唉~) 終於明白點計之前咁堅持唔做...如果唔係睇錢份上既話我真係唔勞o羅!!
- 琴晚同joejoe, hinhin, matthew小朋友, dandan, gerger同埋vinvin去o左唱k, 玩玩下無o野好玩班低B仔係度係咁"O"骰...+_+!! 痴線o架~~~ 恭喜晒joejoe同my dearest verver~~ 祝你o地新婚愉快~~
- 今日去o左送hans機, 希望佢鐘意份禮物啦, 走個陣真係有D眼濕濕=_=: 又走多個朋友喇...祝hans你一路順風, 前程錦繡~~!! 賺大錢~!!
- 夜晚同joejoe, hinhin同阿matt去o左緣續園, 下個禮拜又去trip喇~ excited~!!
p.s. 好掛住老公~ 聽日見~

- 今日做o左physio個midterm喇...+_+ 唉~ 真係完全好心機溫書o羅玩到心散晒添...死喇...希望唔好炒得咁勁就好喇...
- 琴晚去o左hans係17既最後一個party, 雖然人就唔係好多, 但係都開開心心咁過o左一晚, hans下個禮拜就走喇, 真係有D唔捨得~ 如果佢真係喊既話我諗我都會>_<:: 希望你一路順風啦~
- o岩o岩個禮拜開始o左我返兩份工既生挨~ 正所為人最緊要係開心!! 所以日日放工之後真係唔出街relax都唔得~ 不過玩完之後先覺得其實返工好支力~
- 禮拜四入o左london visit老公~ 煮o左兩日飯比老公食, 有牛仔骨, 雞翼同牛腩麵~ 見倒老公個yummi樣, 真係我既心靈支柱~
p.s. mu-ah**

- 好開心去完旅行喇~ 好多謝ver, joe, 阿matt, 阿hin, vincent同gerry比o左我呢D快樂既回憶~ 仲有既係好開心可以一齊傾心事, hehe~ 原來你o地都好感性~~ NOT SEXY~~
- 今次旅行雖然無乜點做過D勁o野, 但係去o左rafting~ 上個summa去o左tubing差D浸死, 所以有小小陰影但係最後都堅持去o左!! >:D!!! 仲有我o地好瘋癲既hiking!! omg...!! 諗返起都覺得好tired!! ~O~"
- 返o左o黎三日返足三日 +___+!! 不過真係睇錢份上~ hehe 返o左三日已經有兩舊既水, 所以點都要挨落去!!
- 呢幾日見阿joe同阿hin同阿matt仲多過老公!! 我地個trip好似仲未完咁o羅~
p.s. 我好掛住你~~~

- 今個禮拜過得好充實!! 首先係禮拜一, 返o左個晏晝工, 之後返o左屋企做乖女~
- 禮拜二做o左件今年最有意義既事, 就係考倒個G牌喇~ *O*!!!
- 跟住禮拜三朝早同馬祖健+vincent去o左睇租車去旅行D o野, 睇o左咁多間都係我老豆個度最底!! 所以最後都係去o左個度租, 仲比其他平成一舊水!! ^-^!
- 去o左接baby rachel放學, 同佢去o左markville行街街兼我要見工~ again~ 希望多份part time幫補o下...~ 之前做過既一個老世請返我去做...!! 超開心~ 九蚊一個鐘既一份鐘意幾點返就幾點返既工, 呢個時世真係去邊度塭o丫!! ^O^ 我會努力返工o架喇!! 份低人工既part time, 最後都係唔做喇...返o左一日工... =_=" 希望佢地都會出返個日既人工啦, 咁我就可以買多件衫喇~
- 之後去o左Bliff度燒o野食~ 見倒好耐無見既herman, 一見就句句"jag"住晒~ 哈哈哈哈~ 又學多既個字...i.e. venis...~~~ hahahahahaha
- 本來禮拜四要返工, 點知老世打電話o黎話唔晒返, 咁仲好~ 燒完o野食入o左london探老公~ 去o左17度見見gary ho啦~ 老公D winning好似好勁~ 因為aaron同yum will will挑戰o左佢好多穫次次都係佢贏, 到最後個埔先輸o左比yum will will~ hehe
- 今日晏晝同老公出返o黎之後睇o左小小"戀愛告急", 好似幾好笑~
- 夜晚去o左ver屋企開旅行大會, D o野都準備得7788, 開完會之後去o左gerry度打牌, 又係贏~ 哈哈哈哈~ 贏o左十四蚊~
p.s. 開心n疲倦

- 今日總於第一日開工! 都算係咁啦唔係好tired! 但係創o左我既人工新低點!! 唉...已經再無以前既八蚊九蚊咁多...+_+!! 但係做住先啦好過遊手好閒咁倒水!! :)
- 放工之後baby rachel o黎o左陪我等昌仔o黎接我~ 之後同埋基夫+chloe去o左食dinna, 今日同昌仔傾o左陣計, 呢個世界唔同既人真係有好多好多, 未如意既事真係有好多好多, 人大o左要面對既o野都好唔同, 不過一句講晒, 做friend既只係想你開心, 做乜都無所為, 只要你開心既話做好朋友既我一定撐你!!
- 另一方面baby亦都同我傾o左好耐感情問題, 希望你會諗清楚要點做啦! :D
- dinna後去o左bowling~ 今日創o左我另一個career high~~!! 103分呀~ 雖然對於好多人o黎講都係小毛見大毛, 但係我已經好滿足o架喇~ yeah v~
- 之後去o左country倒吹水~ 玩o左好耐都無玩既潛烏龜o羅...四仔基夫玩o野o羅!! 就係最後淨返基夫同昌仔兩個, 佢o地竟然一人淨係o查住一隻牌!!!!! IMPOSSIBLE...!! 原來係基夫係我o地唔覺既時候是但咁張其中一隻牌連埋一對咁出o左o羅!!! *O*
- 今日有老公同yum will will探我班啦, 仲有chere同阿哥添~ hehe :)
p.s. 好掛住你, sorry呀陪唔倒你...>oo<

- 又好耐無update我個page喇~! 皆因要開始學整另一樣o野去整我遲D既".com"!! 係! 係".com"呀~ 希望睇緊我個page既你到時都會繼續睇啦!~ 不過有樣唔同既係遲D唔係人人都睇倒我個page, 因為決定o左會set password, 唔想D閒雜人等睇我既o野, 遲D我會send個password出去o架喇, 歡迎收倒password既人o黎同我分享~ 不過我諗呢個".com"最快都會8月先完成~
- 琴日返o左出TO喇~ 渣o左兩個幾鐘頭車, 好鬼支力, 呢兩晚都好乖咁留係屋企~
- 晏晝老公同chere出返o黎之後去o左take one~ 好似好耐無去K咁, 但其實又唔係o架bor~ 可能真係好想好想去~
- 呢幾日要安排o下去旅行既行程喇~ ^-^v~ yeah~ 其實好想某D人都去o羅~ hehe
p.s. 好掛住你

- 琴日無無聊聊咁過o左一日, 最成功既係整好o左我係the general store買既一份手工, 而家掛o左係london既屋企度 *v* heheEEee~
- 今日出返TO喇, 其實係TO仲悶過返入london o羅!! 因為仲未有工開既關係, 所以無無聊聊咁就可以洗o左好多錢... -_____- 就o黎破產喇!!
- 夜晚同o左ver去傾計, 坐o左係starbucks度到人o地要close先就, 之後同o左queen's既朋友們去o左bowling...~ 好耐無去過......頭4球都落晒坑 =_=" 之後好努力咁"look"o左個80分返o黎...haaa~ 好屎~
p.s. 開心過每天~ 天天天天天 :D

- 今日起身之後, 返o左學校搞埋unicef既o野, 終於o羅倒張cheque!! FINALLY!! 之後去o左drop低D舊書去賣...同埋陪老公去搞張阿哥上次留落o黎既$20 ticket~
- 同老公去o左mall食o野同行街街, 跟住去o左買食送;, 仲埋o左本maxim因為隨書附送100 hotest woman in the world, 咁咪睇o下又有既hot o羅~ 之前睇過FHM既100 sexiest woman in the world...但係第一名既britney...真係唔係好得喳o羅~! 今次係jessica simpson排第一名, 不過佢就真係幾hot o架~! *O*
- 開始o左讀我既summa, 今日睇o左3個modules同做o左個quiz, 我諗呢科唔係太難希望可以pull up我今年個avg啦...-_-"
p.s. 天天開開心心 :D

- 琴日同老公一齊去o左帶阿B去打針抽血...見到阿B見倒個獸醫既時候陣到傻! *O* 跟住小小阿B返到屋企已經無晒精神...好慘呀~
- 之後夜晚同vigi去o左飲o野...傾傾傾傾~ 我o地兩個都真係既無奈, 雖然個situation唔同, 但係所遇到既人同事簡直就係O_o!!!
- 返到屋企又同我親愛既vonvon傾電話又係傾傾傾傾... 多謝你比我既advice..=) mu-ah**
- 今日又係好晏先起身, 成日都好晏目訓zzZZzzz...
- 食完o野之後同我阿媽去o左睇香水~ 睇呀睇, 好耐先決定買支FCUK既香水 =D 個尊好pretty!! 仲有好抵咁用o左九蚊買o左盒EA既胭脂..heeEeeee~ 本來用開bodyshop點知加價加到暈o羅!! 由我最初既$10.50, 到$12, 再到而家既$15o羅!!! INFLATION!! 唔晒讀biz或者econ都明!!
- 之後老公陪我去見工, 同埋去o左p-mall行~ 之後返o左ones探o下老公既朋友們, 比fanny踢爆o左我上次帶個"女"去ones行街添..heeEEe..之後去o左買花比媽媽...去到都所淨無幾因為太遲先去喇!
- 今晚有羊扒餐食~ 夜晚會同vivienne飲o野.. 今晚學識o左個新字...heheheEe..."企o下"...!! yeah ^-^v hohohoRRrrr~
p.s. 幸福快樂

- 今朝終於可以真真正正鬆一口氣喇 =O=~ 一定要好好enjoy呢個假期~!!
- 見完counsellor清楚o左下年要take咩科之後, 仍然都係唔知點好, 因為諗住take個summa去幫補o下下年, 等自己唔洗咁辛苦, take八科會比take十科舒服好多...點知除o左六科之外, 好衰唔衰有三科都好想take...>_< 八科定自己攞苦o黎辛take九科好?_?
- 真係黑仔...!! 諗住去USC搞埋unicef張cheque啦!! 點知USC今日CLOSE lor...第二次喇!!! 上次又係專登去...又係CLOSE o左...!!
- 出o左TO之後去o左揾歐小白, 訴苦o左一輪之後好o左D喇~ thank you~
- 夜晚同o左helen, 昌仔, 基夫同alan出去飲o野, 返o左屋企好tired喇!-____-"
p.s. 心情好o左好多, thank you all my buddies =)

- 琴晚睇o左個好好好荒謬既email, 當中既內容係好過火, 但係完全離晒譜既係比人中傷既人, 竟然矛頭指向我, 一個係老公既朋友, 雖然我有幾唔鐘意EMILY都好, 但係有樣o野我好肯定咁話比EMILY知, 呢D咁無聊白痴既o野, 我十歲個陣都唔會做
- 我可以係度講既係, 我好重視我同老公既感情, 會傷害呢段感情既o野我係決對唔會做; 仲有一樣o野係, 一個寫diary既人係好尊重寫diary既人, 無人想自己個diary比人話, 比人留D唔好既o野
- 呢件咁既事, 雖然可以令到我同老公好唔開心o左成晚, 但係無變過既係我同老公既感情, 只要老公信我就已經足夠; 最後想講既係, 我只會覺得留呢Dmsg既人係一個無朋友既可憐人!
- michael講o左句o野, 明白o左人係無諗過朋友會握自己, 男女朋友就可能會, 我明白呢一點, 因為我都唔會覺得我既朋友會握我...多謝你既忠"納"
p.s. update小記
p.s. 雖然有小小唔開心比人屈既感覺, 但係開心既係你明白我, 我既朋友明白我, 已經足夠, thank you so much it does touching my heart

- 琴晚又入o左london喇~ 而家老公搬o左去我度住, 屋企好多o野, 哈~ 仲有部27寸既電視放在張床隔離, 真係幾爽~
- 今日成日都好似好忙~ 朝早本來去見counsellor點知又full晒o羅...+_+! 成個science faculty咁大都唔明點解得o個兩個counsellors on duty o架o羅! 諗住去問o下分點知一個prof都唔係度o羅~ 之後同老公去o左買o野...hehe...咁o岩o岩得咁"喬"撞倒阿水同vivian, 佢o地都幾搞笑, 買o左部printer有成$50美金rebate!!~ 勁正~ 去o左買餸, 有係時候做返煮飯老婆~
- 今晚幫親愛既vonvon剪頭髮~ 我既手晒都真係幾okie~ hehe~ hope u like it~!!
- 同老公落o左dt食pizza~ 好好好大塊o羅~~ 我就食o左一半, 老公食o左一塊半之後抱住個tummi出o黎~ hehe *v*
p.s. 心情 = 1000000~~

- 琴日出o左TO, 終於出返o黎喇!! 即晚就去o左CM~ 好耐無去k喇!!
- 今朝本來要車我阿媽返工跟住有車用, 但係又好好好懶咁.....結果成兩點先捨得起身...z_z" 之後同老公去o左行街, 無收穫~ 因為琴日用o左30mins spent o左成$50 lor...+___+
- 今日知道o左D o野, 好好好好唔開心, 雖然個理由係因為唔想我考試考得唔好, 但係咁樣, 而家仲唔開心>_< 不過你因為我既唔開心而又令到你唔開心, 只要你記得你應承過我D乜, 同埋summa讀o個幾科要有90%, 咁我就會盡快開心返o架喇~ heeeee...
- 係成長既過程, 要面對既o野真係好多好多, 屋企, 學校, 經濟, 朋友, 另一半, 好多好多既o野真係唔係自己控制得倒, 亦都有好多o野未如所願, 唯一可以做既係面對; 雖然有時面對o個一刻真係好難堪, 跌倒了再爬起來, 便知道跌倒雖然很痛, 但有你默默在旁附著這個我, 原來這就是幸福和滿足
- 你的不離不棄, 我會用心好好體會

- DONE DONE DONE DONE!!! FINALS r all DONE!! (well...but...heeeEEee...)
- 希望快D開工啦~!! 好等錢用~
p.s. 心情 = ......咁o羅

- 今朝早考o左第一科喇! 都ok咁啦, 唔會太好又唔會太差咁啦~!!
- 返o左屋企呷o左陣...都幾個鐘o羅...so lazy~ 跟住要study! 夜晚同老公一齊睇apparentice大結局~
- 之後從新整過我份cover letter同edit好我份resume, 希望你份咁好既工會請我啦!
p.s. i can feel ur luv *v* thx baby~

- 今日有D唔開心, 真係唔知點講好...
- 好懶既一日溫o左唔係好多書, 無乜mood去溫, 但係好想好想用工作去分散注意力, 我講過會比心機, 就一定要做倒!!
- 一天開心唔開心都係咁過, 開心的過有何不好
p.s. 掛住你呀

- 禮拜四上o左今年既最後一堂喇, 我既2nd year生涯就要完喇! 諗諗o下時間過得好快! o黎o左加拿大都已經o岩o岩六年喇~ 仲有一年就畢業喇 >_<" 一定好唔捨得...!
- 今個禮拜開始o左我既努力努力再努力journey~ 好比心機讀讀讀讀...~ 進度非常之理想~! 希望努力最終都會有成果啦!!
- 禮拜四好surprise老公因為end up同o左ver出TO~ 老公要出去考試...我就咁o岩揾倒媽媽, 話個新keyboard到o左喇!!! *O* 所以我急不及待就出去整返好我部labtop~ holy~ 從來都我覺完來我部labtop可以咁靚仔o架~ no more blowing keys~ ^-^v
- 禮拜五同六都o係TO度既tim記同我既beloved super hard working ver~~一齊溫書...考試期真係好多人o羅 >O<" 仲有要搵間無咁嘈既真係唔易!! hehe~ 仲有話說我同ver同christine為o左"roll-up-the-ring"第一日3個人總共飲o左15杯o野...=_=" 結果淨係中o左2個donuts!! 之後第二日我同ver再接再厲去roll-again~...hehe~~今次我飲o左3杯裡面中o左2個donuts!! heheheheheEEEE~~~ yeah v!
- 禮拜五去o左老公度stay, 好過分o羅...!! 竟然話我得154cm o羅!!! heeEEEEee~ 乜D高既人真係唔知D矮既人大概有幾高o架咩? **cough couhg** 想逞清我係有163cm~!!
p.s. 老公!! 記得幫我掌阿哥個嘴~~ hehehehehe
p.s. 仲有17日!!

- 今個weekend, 簡直係呢世人洗錢洗得最甘既兩日, 仲要係洗得好好好唔自在o羅...唉....!!!
- 首先係禮拜六...本來諗住早小小就走, 咁但係昌仔生日bor, 點都要比D面!! 咁就留到最後啦..唉...張單每人$45...點知仲唔夠, 真係見係昌仔咋, total比o左$60, 都仲okie既我既資產仲頂得住...
- 禮拜六, 噤o左一舊水諗住用o黎擲袋o架啦, 點知老公話去DROP BY個western friends既p, 咁好啦...點知無走o羅...咁我又k得好happi, 但係飲得一D都唔多o羅...9條友張單成六舊...痴線o架!!! 因為淨係叫shot, 唔飲beer o羅......holi...眼都突埋 @O@
- 今日無上堂淨係去o左交assignment, 同埋做埋最係一份lab report喇~!!
- 夜晚因為我既dummi老公唔識畫graph, 所以要老婆出馬~ ^-^v~ 不過我都諗o左好耐先畫倒~
p.s. 努力努力努力努力努力努力!! 仲有22日!!

- 今個禮拜o左TO~ 禮拜五好乖咁留o左係屋企度無出街~ 而我老公就出o左去混~!! :P 不過佢有打比我話我知佢混得好開心, 咁所以我都好開心喇~ hohohoRR *O*
- 禮拜六到我去o左混~ 同vigi同其他男士們(唔識既)去o左唱K~ 好鬼多新歌!! 不過我阿哥都burn o左好多新歌係屋企有得唱~
- 去o左竹橋食dinna之後, 去o左基夫既生日party~ 我o地呢班人越o黎越大班~ 琴晚好熱鬧, 仲有既係功喜晒我beloved小白~~ 祝你快快樂樂!! 同埋基夫生日好快樂+早日揾倒女~~ hehehehe >:)
- 今日一朝早就要去飲茶, 同小小gloria去o左行街, 去o左ones既時候就比fanny發現, 仲老屈我咁快就靜靜雞生o左個女 *-*" hehe~
- 之後返屋企pack我既行裝, 就要返入o黎london喇=_="
p.s. ***mu-ah*** 心情指數 = 1000000000....heeEeeeee~

- 今朝又無起身, 因為又好唔舒服...+___+ killing meeeEEe...
- 返o左genetics個tutorial之後去o左costco買o野, 唔知老公幾時會買個平面電視呢? hehehe~
p.s. 雖然生活不是天天的多姿多彩, 但這樣簡單開心的生活已很足夠了 *v*

- 琴晚去o左17個p...嘔到死死o下...@_@ okie~ enuf drinkin b4 finals!! heEeeeee...我諗我會收斂o下o架喇~
- 今日當然無力起身...12點幾先醒, 跟住去o左做lab...個lab既3個鐘裡面, 有2粒半鐘都係o係度等D o野dissolve, 簡直係有史以來最悶既一個lab!! -___-" 再加上我十級唔夠目訓兼眼目訓既情況之下, 呢個lab簡直勁頂引兼囉命!
- 之後返o左屋企, 煮完飯超唔舒服...真係要抖抖...
p.s. 好開心咁又過o左一日~ update 小記

- 今個weekend無出TO, 星期五同beloved *sandi*去打排球~@O@~ 之後因為多人得滯, 所以一個鐘都唔夠就去o左隔離做gym =_=" hehe~~ lotz of fun...!!
- 禮拜五晚去o左薯仔度打牌~ 哈哈哈 *O* 我一家贏三家贏o左廿底~ ^O^v yeah~~
- 之後大部分時間都留係屋企同老公睇皆大歡喜, 禮拜六同老公去o左costco~ 買o左唔係好多o野, 因為個份量真係好大!!
- check o左我genetics個分喇~!! 終於囉倒個B返o黎...好耐未試過讀bio subject囉B喇!!! 仲要above avg添!! 真係要好好繼續努力~
- 254份ass-ignment搞o左我成個禮拜日...!! super time-consuming~!!
p.s. 開心又係一日, 唔開心又係一日, 點解唔開開心心咁過既呢個道理, 已經參詳透了~

- 有個好朋友同我講, 感情就好似考試一樣, 即使附出o左幾多, 努力o左幾多, 結果都未必如你所願...
- 上完genetics終於去o左deposit個幾舊水, unicef個P真係super麻麻煩煩難!!
p.s. update小記

- 今日好懶咁朝早無上堂...又起唔倒身 +_+!
- 一彈醒就好精神, 咁就整理o下下晝要做既lab啦...點知完來上個lab做o左好多錯既o野搞到好多都無match到D要match既o野...死得啦!! 個TA今日如常走o黎吵亂我D notes同講o左D等於無講個既o野之後就走o左...+_+!! 真係問你死未?! 好好彩今日做D tests全部結果都同manual所講既差唔多...如果唔係就真係mung死~
- 返o左屋企之後繼續做埋另一份lab, 之後煮飯同老公撐檯腳, 睇咪forever eden之後老公要去gambling~ 我就乖乖o地留係201做lab~
p.s. 努力努力努力 ---> tmr開始溫finals!! (聽住先啦~)

- 今個禮拜真係好似好忙!!!
- 星期五晚溫書溫到好夜, 之後實在太唔想溫, 老公又出o左TO, 所以最後自己上o左老公度睇皆大歡喜, 之後""hup"著o左 @O@~ 7點幾醒o左準備考試, 星期六9點後!! 之後我親愛既昌仔同基夫係TO專登入o黎車我!! 真係好好好感動~~ 多謝晒~ *v*..!
- o岩o岩趕到o黎novelty搞既3on3, 老公好叻仔咁入o左semi-final, 仲好勁咁入埋final~ *O* 雖然囉唔倒第一, 但係第二都有medal~! 老公同阿哥都話: 打o左成10年波終於囉倒牌喇!!~~ 真係恭喜恭喜~!
- 夜晚成班去o左慶功~ 係名古屋all u can eat...("all u can weight afta" quoted from joanna!), 之後去o左同vigi飲o野, 好耐無同佢傾咁耐計喇~ 偷走出TO去o左老公度, 夜晚睇o左七姊妹, 其實就唔係好驚, 但係因為咁夜先睇, 真係有D心寒!! =_="
- 今日好休閒咁過o左一日...返o左入london之後, 同老公食完飯去o左同ver, connie同noel打牌~ 贏o左5底~
p.s. vigi~ thx for ur wish n i will keep tat in mind...!

- 今日個lab簡直係好好好亂同好好好煩!! @_@ 做到真係淨返2分鐘就落堂先有得走, 最慘既係YIU o羅~!!!! 比個TA昆o左o羅....!!! MUNG MUNG MUNG MUNG 呀 >O- 放o左學之後, 去o左ucc食o野, 之後去o左浦library...~ 一個人讀書真係好過幾個一齊讀~~!! 但係用o左5個幾鐘先讀完3個lecture...!! 好憎genetics!!
- 除o左返學, 呢兩日心情好好多喇, 個人都放鬆o左所以都開心D~ :D
p.s. 努力努力努力努力努力!!
p.s. 派o左我最低點之後既第一個test, 成績唔可以話bang bang聲, 但係都可以話算係咁o架喇...我要努力努力努力努力努力!!! *-*o!!

- 今個禮拜無出TO, 考完試心情輕鬆o左D, 今日個prof竟然派卷...!! 速度驚人~!! @O@ 考得都不過不失啦 *v*~ 可以話有返小小希望既~~~
- weekend同老公去o左行街, 買o左個punky fish型仔BB既袋~ ^-^v~ YEAH~
- 今個禮拜下o左好多廚~~ 肉醬意粉啦, 檸檬雞, 煲我最鐘意既清補涼啦, 仲有今日同露比比一齊整o左拔絲香蕉~~ heEeeee~
p.s. 我會繼續努力努力努力努力o架喇!!

- 而家係朝早7點幾...成晚無目訓喇@O@~ 因為9點要考試喇!!
- 做足晒準備...希望今次可以比返D希望比自己啦!!
p.s. 雖然仲有D唔開心, 但係多謝你用行動話比我知, 你有幾錫我! mu-ah**
p.s. 仲有多謝我既好朋友們! Thx 4 everything~

- 忙的麻醉, 只能一時

- 今日係休閒中夾雜o左繁忙既一日
- 首先係今朝啦...本來係supposedly老公話10點起身, 咁我咪10點都起身啦...點知兩個都唔知醒...成12點先起身...咁咪好"哪哪林"起身返學...@O@~
- genetics完之後即刻要上lab +____+!! 好好好趕!!
- 忙完一輪...終於有得抖抖...!! 同o左ver去行masonville~ 買o左好多o野...但係好似唔係比自己既咁...真係除o左件衫之外咁多o羅~!!
- 返到屋企已經7點幾...今晚要招呼陳氏鄺麗上老公度食飯...hehe~ 咁我就整o左o古o魯肉o羅~ 點知第一次個獻都okie...第二次落小o左糖...咸o左小小o羅~ -_-"
- 食完飯之後...去o左17打排...食o左兩次自摸十番但係end up淨係贏o左兩底o羅! 點解??! 唉...痴線o架!!! 薯仔同mm勁自摸o羅~~ 好彩兩"po"纏住, 如果唔係真係血本無歸!!
- mm同我講o左一個老公既秘密~!! hohohohoRRRrrrR~~~ *O* 癲開心 *v*~~~

- 又成個禮拜無update過...真係好好好忙!!
- 禮拜五個3on3終於完滿結束喇!! :) 都算幾順利啦...但係好唔底既係老公o個隊o羅唔倒獎o羅~ @O@~ 不過算啦~ 盡o左力就得喇!! >:)
- 禮拜六考o左科organic +___+!! 唉...又唔知會考成點喇....!!
- 情人節o個日本來發緊小姐脾四...因為呂XX唔o係我考完試之後陪倒我...點知...哈哈哈~ 完來佢去o左買花..hehe~ 夜晚整牛扒比我食...*v* 就咁過o左我o地第二個情人節喇~~ thx老公咁錫我~
p.s. 啦啦啦啦啦~

- 成個禮拜都好好好好忙!! 皆因有成3個midterms +_+" 唉~ 希望3科都唔好考得咁差啦!!
- 禮拜五去o左3on3個比賽幫手, 老公個隊贏晒4場 *O*~~ CONGRATESSssss~!!
- 禮拜六考完genetics之後去o左chere屋企食飯, 之後12點幾ver去o左我度幫手整unicef Do野! 整o下傾o下...成4點AM先做晒o羅~ @O@~
p.s. 開開心心既第一年~

- 今日未停過, Lab -> 褒湯 -> lab report -> 煮飯比老公 *v* -> lab report -> study stats till...
- 好開心今日老公讚我煮既o野yummi~ 仲問我tmr有咩餸添~~ hohoHOHORRRrr~~ *O*
p.s. 你鐘意既話, 以後既每一餐都可以煮比你食~ (**如果我有時間既話**)

- 好耐無update喇~ 呢排日日都有煮飯;比老公食~ heheEEee~ 點解??!
- 琴日"heh"o左成日, 去o左fabricland陪my baby sandy~買scarf去banquet, 之後去o左white oaks度買埋鞋, 哈哈...佢同vonvon都係傻o架!! 事關佢o地兩個都唔食牛, 但係又好唔小心咁好想食hotdog, order完之後先發現間鋪頭係賣"遠近馳名"既"all beef"hotdog...!!! -___-" 結果一個逼住食, 一個就淨係食麵包...~ *_*!! heheheeE~ 傻o架~
- 跟住好高興咁去o左vonvon屋企試衫~ 唉...唔去shopping都竟然可以買倒衫!!
- 返屋企之後已經係11點喇~~ 餓死老公了~!! =_="
p.s. luv u so so so much~~

- 琴日同今日既genetics quiz都perrrRrrrr呀~~! *O* suPer haPpi!! thx ver~~
- 呢既日忙忙忙o羅, 但係唔知忙D乜咁-_-"
p.s. muah~ >oo<

- 今日同老公+auntie食lunch...~ 有利是逗~
- 之後同埋chere+adam去o左echo~ 去o左p-mall買水晶比我既好媽媽, 唉!! "dum"呀~! 話說我用o左好平既價o黎買o左條月亮石比媽同買粉晶比自己啦, 點知夜晚同老公+chere+阿哥去o左CNE, 有條大D靚D仲抵D既月亮石o羅...!! =_=" 有忍唔住最後買o左比自己...~
- 行完年宵之後我o地去o左Marche~食crepe~! yummi yummi ..*v*..
p.s. 心情指數 = 爆燈~

- 今日出o左o黎Tor喇! 過新年~ 癲開心o羅! 勁多利是錢~ yeah v~~~
- 琴晚去o左122度打邊爐, 同成班好好朋友仔一齊好開心~!! 期間睇o左american idol, D人好慘o羅, 完全係十個有九個比人嘽到一文不值..!! 做明星真係咁好?!
- 之後去o左17個P, 因為gary ho要走喇~!! 希望佢前程錦繡, 同埋一路順風啦~!
- 草真係咁好"對"o架咩??!
- 返o左o黎溫暖排o左陣, 開飯好開心琴晚有崤o左足足3日既鮑魚食!! yummi =u="
p.s. 多謝你咁聽我話...heeeEEee...身體緊要呀!

- 今朝起身又要上genetics同埋lab之後, 好乖咁返o左去做星期五先要交既assignments, 因為hehehe...~~ 呢兩日都會無時間呀嘛!!
- 之後夜晚去o左exec dinna~ 打邊爐~~ 好好好飽!! =_="!
- 返o黎之後要繼續做埋D assignments...WAT A BUZY DAY~!
- 超mung!! genetics個quiz無per到!!!! ><"!! 下次要好好同ver~一齊做!! hehe~
p.s. 心情起覆不得了!! ---> calmcalmcalmcalm downnnn~~

- 今朝又起唔倒身, 又係淨係上o左堂lab...+_+
- 之後同vonvon去o左sobeys買餸, 今晚本人親自下廚, 整o左個愛心大餐比老公~ D牛扒真係唔錯唔錯~ hehe~~
- 原來sobeys D嘢平過loblaws咁多, 以後要多D去sobeys買餸喇!!
p.s. 開開心心

- 成個禮拜無update過喇!! 皆因今個禮拜真係好好好忙!!
- 講講今個禮拜做o左D乜啦! 首先係禮拜日好唔好彩, 我+老公+chere撞車...撞好唔好彩咁o個個係個好好好麻煩既女人 @_@! 又皆因保費好好好貴既關係, 所以無報燕梳既情況之下, 星期一"一家人"走去撲水比chere! 咁大個女第一次幫朋友仔籌咁多錢, 件事總算告一段落, 希望以後都平平安安啦!! -_-"
- 呢一科genetics真係就o黎攞我命!! 多o野做到不得了HOLY!! 堂堂lecture除o左要睇晒D prep notes之外, 上堂之前都要做online quiz!! 堂堂都係咁, 唉, 無計啦, 邊個叫自己攞o黎衰, 要個CHEMISTRY degree都ok啦, 係都要好聽D多埋BIOCHEMISTRY呢幾隻字, 係就係好聽D, 但係, 頂!!! 好X多o野做o羅 =_=!!!
- 星期三, 又係genetics, 今次唔係lecture, 係tutorial, 又有quiz! 咁咪好努力咁睇晒D notes啦, 頂!!! 點知個好好好人既TA話帶唔夠卷, 今個quiz當我o地個個都per...雖然讀o左既o野係有用, 但係好晒時間o羅!! 夜晚趕做lab因為第日要交, 真係super tired!! @_@
- 今日係成個禮拜最舒服既一日, 因為今日上完堂o左完lab就真真正正有得抖抖喇!!
- 洗o左衫同幫我baby洗完白白之後, 溫暖牌o左一陣, 之後去o左同老公睇"gothika", 都真係幾scary!!
p.s. luv u so much~

- 今日上o左genetics, 果然有prep到上堂真係明D...!! >:)
- 之前考試期間skip落既一大堆shit足足用o左我成兩日先抄得晒 +_+"
- p.s. 溫暖牌day1 --> 10cm ^-^!

- 今日好乖咁上齊堂~ 上o左genetics同3粒鐘既lab +_+ 返到屋企亦都做o左陣genetics既prep...!! 真係好唔想再炒有關bio既科目!! 要努力克服!! >:)
- "你快樂所以我快樂" = "你不快樂我也不快樂" --> so true!
- 我個好roommate今日大清洗間屋again~ ^-^v~~ yeah 真係feel倒自己都乾淨D!!
p.s. >oo< 錫死我老公!!

- 今日終於又要返返學喇! 知道o左我科biochem炒得好勁...SIGH!! 今個term科genetics要好好努力!!
- 決定o左同老公一齊grad...老公好突然間咁笑以為佢笑D乜啦, 點知完來係笑: "um...!! 你同我一齊grad, 咁我o地咪可以一齊影grad相o羅~!!" ....-_-?? 一齊影grad相有咩問題呢?!
- 第一日返學已經又skip o左9點同10點o個堂 +___+ 咩wor...咁真係好難先起倒身o丫嘛!!
- 之後同老公同chere去o左masonville買o野, 終於買o左張琴凳喇~ 仲去o左loblaws買o野, 好鬼tired! 老公又再次o係我屋企亂做佢既怪癖!! >< !! 激死!! killing meeEEee~~
- 夜晚好勤力咁做lab...點解咁快有lab交?! 咪就係D好好人既prof知道exam period無人會理lab咪postpone到聽日交o羅...唉, 放假點會有人做o野o架..!! 咪搞到今晚先做o羅~! =_="

- 首先同我lovely + funny既表弟講聲生日快樂先~!! happi b-day man ^-^!!
- 今日終於返o左london喇...~ 因為琴晚係偷走(again)去我老公度, 今日o係旺角又差D比姑姐撞倒, 真係好險!! -_-"
- 返到o黎同o左老公啦, chere + 陳氏鄺麗去o左食飯, 今餐好好餸o羅~ 有好yummi既片皮鴨啦仲有賽旁蟹~! 味道都唔錯!! v~~
- 心情麻麻地啦...不過諗諗o下想老公開心D首先要自己開心D, 心情點唔好都會變好啦~
p.s. 多謝你會氹我開心 *v*

- 今日終於last day喇!! 返o左咁多日工終於有得抖抖...!! 一月一日喇!! 有係一個新既開始, 祝各位順順利利 + 心想事成啦~!!
- 03年係我二十年以來心情起覆得最大既一年, 不過亦都可以話係最開心既一年...我仲好記得有個好友話比我知, "唔好比佢走呀!!", 放心啦我一定唔會比佢走 ^-^!
- 尋尋覓覓o左好耐, 二十歲既我終於找到了!
p.s. i just wanna say, i do.