FIFA 2001 Hidden Controls!
Help for those who EA Sports hasn't!
We have created this site because, EA Sports has not included all of the game controls for FIFA 2001. We do not have all the controls but bit by bit we will add more and more to this site.
If you have any unlisted controls please e-mail them to , so others may benefit from them. Thank you!
Manual Controls

General Gamplay
arrow keys                 move player
ESC                          pause game

S                               pass (use arrow keys for direction)
D                              shoot
W                             sprint (repeatedly tap)
A                              lob
Q                              through pass
left shift                     hurdle (tap)
left shift                     double stepover (hold)
0 (number pad)          360 spin (tap)
0 (number pad)          flickover (hold)
S                               take kick (the longer you hold the button, the
                                                 more power there is behind the kick)
S                              take throw (the longer you hold the button, the
                                                 more power there is behind the kick)
control                      add ballspin left (hold)
alt                             add ballspin right (hold)
M                             select set piece
Q                              through pass
S                               side foot shot

S                              change player
D                             conservative tackle
A                             aggressive tackle
0 (number pad)         attacking press
left shift                    offside trap

Penalty Kicks
A                            switch kicking side
S                             switch player (not available in penalty kick shoot-out)
D                            shot (use arrow keys to aim)

A                           attempt save (plus arrow keys)
S                           attempt save (plus arrow keys)
D                           attempt save (plus arrow keys)

E                           shield
X                           dive (tap)
left shift                  lateral
0 (number pad)       180 spin exit
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