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Ronaldo Speech (Beta Version) - Download05 September, 2002

As many of you might know, FIFA 2002 did not include the Brazillian (now Real Madrid) star striker Ronaldo. And for this reason, there is no commentary for this great player. Therefore, I have tried to edit sound waves to simulate the commentator saying the word 'Ronaldo'. Now available at FIFA Data is a beta version of Ronaldo commentary in .wav format. The commentator is John Motson (FIFA 2002 commentator for UK version).

Please give feedback to see if it is worth converting this to FIFA sound format.

EA Graphics Editor Expiry Removal Tool - Download04 September, 2002

As the latest EA Graphics Editor has just expired, I have written a small tool to solve this problem - EA Graphics Editor Expiry Removal Tool (aka EAGEERT, long name for a simple tool ;) ).

This tool enables you to continue using EA Graphics Editor even if it has expired. This tool is compatible with all versions of EA Graphics Editor. It simply changes the system date to 01/01/2000, opens EA Graphics Editor and then changes the system date back to original.

Great tool for lazy patchmakers, who can't be bothered to change the system date all the time.

Portugal & Leeds 2GK Kits - Download28 August, 2002

Marcel has made another 2 great kits in 2GK format:

  • Portugal 2GK (Home)
  • Leeds United 2GK (Home)
  • Make sure you go over to Kits-Centre and take a look at least!

    4GKFX FifaFX Team Scripts - Download26 August, 2002

    Another new download is now available: 4GKFX. 4GKFX is simply FifaFX team scripts which allows users to use FifaFX and 4GK kit format, and still have team-specific goalkeeper kits, even when 4GK kits are not available. Of course, to use this patch you must first have the great FifaFX utility, available at the FifaFX site; and the 4GK kit format, available at Soccer Access.

    Kits-Centre launched!26 August, 2002

    After a few days rest from this site, I am glad to say that Kits-Centre has now been launched with 2 great kits uploaded already, both made by Marcel:

  • Germany 4GK Home and;
  • Spain 2GK Home
  • Expect more to come soon.

    Worldwide Roster Update v2.1 - Download22 August, 2002

    The latest addition to the popular Worldwide Roster Update is now available to download at FIFA Data. This gives you latest transfers upto last Friday, with Premiership squads just before the season started.

    Note: These are the same rosters, as released at Soccered as EPL2003 Update 1.1.

    FIFA Data Kits-Centre20 August, 2002

    At FIFA Data, I am pleased to announce that the number of staff has increased to a grand total of....2! This follows the exciting addition of Marcel to the team, where he will provide you with the latest kits from all over the world. I can assure you that his kits are of the highest quality and be sure to at least take a look at some of the kits, while you are downloading the rosters.

    The kits will be available soon in the newly proposed Kits-Centre Section, which is to be launched in the next few days.

    If you are currently a FIFA 2002 patch creator/editor, and you would like your work hosted quickly and with no fuss, or if you want to join the FIFA Data team, just send me an email at herculeszeus@hotmail.com.

    EPL 2003 Patch & Other Updates19 August, 2002

    EPL 2003 patch is a must-have patch for all Premiership followers. It adds the newly promoted teams to FIFA, with fully updated squads and transfers, not only for the 20 Premiership clubs and many Nationwide Division One clubs as well. The new update (1.1) has recently been released at Soccered and an even newer roster update might be coming out in the next few days. So keep checking back to look out for any further news.

    For FIFA FX Users: If the EPL 2003 patch is not enough, there is a FifaFX script in the pipeline, which will let you use the 3rd and 4th kits that comes with the patch. This will allow random patching of 3rd/4th kits for every club, so that each club can use more than 2 kits. Moreover, for 4GK kit users, this script will further support separate goalkeeper kit files as stored in FIFAFX style (e.g. keeper.fsh, keeper_home.fsh, keeper_away.fsh), so even if some of your FIFA teams do not have 4gk kits, you can still have team specific goalkeeper kits!

    All this coming soon!

    NHLSelect v2.0 - Download17 August, 2002

    NHLSelect is an utility designed for NHL 2002, which is similar in function to FIFAFX for FIFA 2002. (It is not compatible with any FIFA games!!!!) This version was previously only available at Cyber NHL, but now it has been uploaded here at FIFA Data. If you are a NHL 2002 gamer, this is a must-have utility, as it allows you to have goalie specific equipment, team specific boards and team specific goal sounds. Head over to the Downloads section to get it now!

    Worldwide Roster Update v2.0 - Download17 August, 2002

    Worldwide Roster Update version 2 has now been uploaded! The rosters include:

  • 2002 FIFA World Cup final squads for all 32 participating teams. All created with FEd 2002. All teams have correct lineups and formation, with all correct squad numbers.
  • Many Serie A transfers and update, with many players added. (No promotions/relegations yet)
  • All Serie B squads (except Napoli) that were included initially in FIFA 2002, which includes Bari, Cosenza, Reggina and Ternana.
  • Many international teams have also been updated with World Cup Qualifiers squad. (effectively all teams except in AFC)
  • FA Barclaycard Premiership Squads for the 2002/03 season, with promotion of Birmingham City, Manchester City and West Bromwich Albion.
  • All Nationwide League Division 1 squads that were included initially in FIFA 2002, which includes Bradford City, Coventry City, Derby County, Ipswich Town, Leicester City and Watford.
  • Note: This is the same roster patch as released in the EPL2003 patch at Soccered.

    ...and there will be an updated version with latest Premiership transfers coming in the next few days.

    Site launched!17 August, 2002

    After a bit of work, this site is finally up, I hope you like it better than the last one at http://www.oocities.com/the_hercules_zeus/index.html. In the coming days, I will try to upload some rosters. So, check the site often for any further updates. :)