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Fifa Download World News

Welcome to Fifa Download World

Welcome on this new fifa site:

For all you problems en  questions. Post or vieuw my message board.

New downloads: AMSTERDAM en NAC Stadium                                                          The first 3d version of the Amsterdam Arena and NAC stadium has been released today.                                                                                                                                          Screenshot                      




Crew News                                                                                              Fifa Download World has got a new Download maker is our team.            Propose:                                                                                                   Name: Loizos Loizow

This Xstreme Nike ball has Loizos Loizow made.


Click here for langer image

Crew Wanted!!                                                                                     I´m searching for new crew members:                                                      Download makers                                                                                News reporters                                                                                   Mail me when your interested!                                                       

Download News:                                                                                       The next week you can download by Fifa Download World:                      Kits from the new seasen 01/02. For example Away Kit from Ajax.

New Download:                                                                                             Title: Xtreme Nike Ball                                                                                 Author: Cyborg[X]                                                                                        


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> > > > > > > >
I'm joost from the Nederlands.
Nice Manchester Net have you > made.
Can you make self downloads,
When you can.
> >
And i'm searching for download makers.
Mail me when you are interested


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