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HM 14th Regiment of Foot -1775   Brought up from St. Augustine to Virginia to help Lord Dunmore keep the colony of Virginia loyal to the crown.
Queen's Loyal Virginians -1775     Recently raised Virginia Militia loyal to the crown.  The lives these good folks have enjoyed under the King is in great peril.
4th Independant Company of Cadets -1776    This is one of seven Maryland Militia companies independant of the crown.  These were the first Marylanders to fight against the tyranies of parliment.
2nd Maryland Regiment, light Infantry 1776-1783    The elite of a regiment, the light infantry company used special tactics to fight the enemy.  The 2nd Regt was a key unit at many late war southern battles like Guilford Courthouse.
3rd Maryland Regiment -1776-1783    The first of the "new" units raised after the absorbtion of the independant regiments into the 1st & 2nd Maryland regts.  The 3rd was a key unit at Monmouth and was one of two Maryland units at Yorktown.
Mechanical Volunteers, 5th Maryland Regiment, Maryland Volunteer Militia - 1814 The "Dandy 5th", was the best American milita regiment in the War of 1812.  This unit fought gallantly at Bladensburg and North Point.
Fells Point Rifles, 1st Maryland Rifle Battalion - 1814    One of three companies of rifles in the Maryland Militia.  This Rifle Battalion held the bridge at Bladensburg and  almost anihilated the British 4th Regt., it also fought at North Point.
Welcome to the Historic Guild of Maryland.  We are an umbrella group for several portrayals of the American Revolution and the American War of 1812, one group many faces.  Below listed are our current portrayals, check them out, each site contains (or will) a little bit of history, uniform descriptions, pictures and so on.  See you there!
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