Artist Studio/Workshop/Storage



Video tour available at (large file, so itíll take a while to download even with broadband)


Approximately 22 x 13 (within interior framing), two story (10 foot first floor ceiling height, second floor ranges from 7.5 to 9 feet) carriage house on historic Naylor Court, three blocks east of Logan Circle (between N and O Streets, 9th and 10th Streets). Currently framed out raw space with electricity. Water and sewer connections are available.


The Naylor Court/Blagden Alley historic district hosts a number of artists, craftsmen and galleries and will be soon be home to the Corcoran College of Art and Design.


The building abuts my private home, which has an enormous garden (approx 3,500 square feet). Arrangements can be made to use the garden for showings, parties and fundraisers. Gated off-street parking is also available for rent ($115 per month).


Base rental (6 month lease, first and last plus 1-months security) is $700 (including electricity assuming reasonable use).

Arrangements for improvements can be made, examples include (all with 2-year lease):

-         Insulate walls, install sheetrock and paint, $50 extra per month.

-         Activate water service with basic bathroom include toilet and slop sink, $100 extra with 2-year lease.

-         Open up original carriage door opening, install glass doors and security gates, $300 extra with 2-year lease.

-         Heavy-up existing electric service from 50 amps to 100 amps, $50 extra per month.

-         Install hardwood floors on second floor, $100 extra per month.

-         Replace existing stairs with space-saving spiral staircase, $100 extra per month.


Contact Paul at for more info or to visit.