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(Had to put this here cause my lame ass site doesn't change much.)

I'm Mitch. AKA Fourth Axis.( In reference to the style of
machining I do.) I apologize if this page takes awhile to load. I have a
dsl modem, so it's hard to tell how long it takes with the anchient 56k.
Anyway, you got this far, you may as well check it out.
After all, what good is surfing if you don't ride the wave?

The main topic for this site is machining. It's what I do.
I take a worthless chunk of steel, and turn it into a functional part.
I do this using state of the art computerized milling machines.

The time has once again come, to update this sadly out of date site
For those of you who don't know, I now reside in the heart of wine
country, Sonoma Valley, in California. It's 50 miles
north of San Francisco, and 20 miles from the coast.

I came out here to take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity.
I was offered a position as Journeyman machinist with a company called
Agilent Technology, and soon promoted to process development machinist.
Agilent Technologies, Inc. is a global diversified
technology company that provides enabling solutions to high growth
markets within the communications, electronics, healthcare and life
sciences industries. The Company provides test instruments, standard
and customized test, measurementand monitoring instruments and
systems for the design, manufacture and support of electronics and
communications devices and software for the design of high-frequency
electronic and communications sevices. We provide fiber optic
communications devices and assemblies, integrated circuits for wireless
applications, application-specific integrated circuits, optoelectronics and
image sensors. Agilent also provides patient monitoring, ultrasound
imaging, cardiology products and systems and related services and
supplies.In addition, Agilent provides analytical instruments, systems
and servicesfor chromatography, spectroscopy and bio-instrumentation.

In short, this is a billion-dollar company that is establishing the standards
for the latest cutting edge technology. I am currently in the test
and measurement division. That is, I make parts that go into devices that
test and measure lightwave communications like satellites.

Now this is just the tip of the iceberg, But about as far as I care to go.
If you're Interested, check out the site.
Agilent technologies.

If your interested in what my family and I are up to, check out the new pics
To the picture portal

Minibikemikes ...My other website.

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