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Welcome to my Web Page. I live on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and my main interests are my family, classic cars, motorcycles and Rock and Blues Music. I have built and restored various cars and motorcycles ranging from choppers in the seventies to my most recent completed project, a 1959 Corvette which is now being enjoyed by a new owner. I have started my latest project an 82 FLH which I am building into a rigid framed bobber.
One of my earlier restorations, a 1942 WLA Harley Davidson.
The 59 now restored and a slightly different colour. See My other web page for more details about this car.
Another of my earlier conversion and restorations, a 66 Stang. No sniggering from you Chev fans. I enjoy all types of vehicles as long as they're interesting and not too commonplace.
Another earlier project, an 85 Vette converted to right hand drive and restored as well as significant engine mods.
Now sold, 55 Chev Pickup.
I used this truck daily as a work truck.
I cannot take credit for this resto as I bought this one as you see it, only doing some minor repairs and modifications.
Note the right hand drive conversion done by me in my home garage.
Now being enjoyed by a new owner my 68 pickup which I only did ongoing mechanical repairs and restoration as it had lots of time spent on the way it looks but not too much on mechanicals.
Also now being enjoyed by a new owner an 05 Harley Deluxe, but as can be seen it was new so I can't lay claim to any work apart from writing the cheque, hey you've got to spoil yourself sometimes.
I currently only own the 81 Harley..
I have spent many years restoring various bikes and cars and once  restored, have sold them in order to finance the next project. This enabled me to work up to my most recent project, The 59, which in turn financed the 68 pickup and Harley and change.
My latest project an 82 FLH Bobber well on the way but still not done!
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