Rear View Screenwriters' -&- in front of camera people, directors, lighting techs, film score composers, et al, Trivia Fomentation Utility — If I build it & you don't persistently visit/ try-&-see-this-(& next)-time/ get-fed-up/ return/ uncontrolled infinite recursion loop == participate! so as to build a creative Commune Portal they won't come. "and if" [—William S. Burroughs] (Courtesy of ESP)

-NEWS- 24 JAN 07 You can relate your own information on IRC trivia to me [Ezra_Rome in the GAMES! Let them begin!] at Ask The Admin. But this is a fantastically better trivia game channel than most (not so easy as "teej123") with well seasoned playing attitudes. It does not need "good enough answer" features; far, far better than what we had been recommending; and which server, network, and channel we no longer use (that Italian one that couldn't decide what City-named server they were on [read: obfuscation]) nor do we recommend you bother. Femme fatale person there was rather not too genuine in our view. And too much come-on look at my "site" demimonde salaciousness queen wannabe intrusive pop-up arrogance, in our well-informed opinion.
    Nota Bene: You can use the Java Conferencing Utility (as we think of it in the Igloo) to form your own personal, private, or group rooms. Use a real email address -- but no registration is required -- none -- you can start right in on any IRC channel if you know the address, the server and the #room.
    You may want to Google to "find 'IRC channels'" in your area of interest, then bring the address back here. I'll post more NickServ commands for noobies. The server owners have never, to my knowledge or experience, given out or sold any personal data. Nobody has ever bothered my email address that I could trace to these folks. Please email us, as well, if you know a great trivia or word-jumble IRC channel. Or post a new forum topic at Candelabra Barricade, our CMS portal in formation.
    The Java IRC client below is good for (legal) meetings, etc... We/They have a Clean Use Policy. For windows, I would suggest looking into downloading a non-Java client, 'KVIrc', say -- it's my favorite when I can't use Linux's BitchX. KVIrc is superb, easy self-installing, and free (open source). Google will find it for you.

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—Walden Cranwel Delibra, Webmaster, AZOH / CapReg[TV]


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Get ball rolling; for trivia use example on top, or for your own private (or not-so) chat room, enter another name, say #Hugo (just as they appear:) #trivia #Hugo To identify yourself as a registered nick for trivia points, type this: /msg NickServ identify yourOWNpassword [enter] /nick newname -- Change your nickname /join #newroom -- Create a new room or join an existing room /action message -- Sends an action (red) message /whois nick -- Shows you information about this nickname /topic new topic -- Changes the topic (if allowed) /list -- Updates the room list /quit -- Leave the chat and disconnect from the server /sound sound message Sends a sound and a message The sound will only be heard by others using the java client. Some common sounds are: bell, laugh, gong, moo, crash, flush, knock and whistle.

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Like Hugo (in Eugene O'Neill's, -The Iceman Cometh-) you are abstemious of nothing except velleities; and we understand that —could this explain the success of The Cabaret Voltaire Groups dramatically galvanic dynamic Club Pi HHB Writers & TALENT Game Room? —Walden Cranwel Delibra

[.. Burroughs-Cage-Delibran Telepathomancy .. no, I'm straight, why? ..]
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( Blinking around at them. As the laughter dies he speaks in his giggling, wheedling manner, as if he were playfully teasing children) Laugh leedle bourgeois monkey-faces! Laugh like fools, leedle stupid peoples! (his tone suddenly changes to one of gut- teral soapbox denunciation and he pounds on the table with a small fist) I vill laugh too! But I vill laugh last! I vill laugh at you! (he declaims his favorite quotation) "The days grow hot O Babylon! 'Tis cool beneath thy villow trees!" (They all hoot him down in a chorus of amused jeering. HUGO is not offended. This is evidently their customary reaction. He giggles good-naturedly. HICKEY sleeps on. They have all forgotten their uneasiness about him now and ignore him.)



(Uneasy again) What are you talking about? You're nuts.

HICKEY (Dryly) Don't try to kid me, Little Boy. I'm a good salesman—so damned good the firm was glad to take me back after every drunk —and what made me good was I could size up anyone. (Frowningly puzzled again) But I don't see—(Suddenly breezily good- natured) Never mind. I can tell you're having trouble with yourself and I'll be glad to do anything I can to help a friend of Larry's.

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Woe unto you who join house to house, who join estate to estate, to deprive your neighbour. Will you dwell all alone upon the earth?

Isaiah (circa 700 BC)
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Ideas rose in clouds; I felt them collide until pairs interlocked, so to speak, making a stable combination.

Henri Poincaré

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fr. Sir James George Frazer's
The Golden Bough
(good abbrev.[!] details?)


As practised by the Greeks of Asia Minor in the sixth century before our era, the custom of the scapegoat was as follows. When a city suffered from plague, famine, or other public calamity, an ugly or deformed person was chosen to take upon himself all the evils which afflicted the commun- ity.

He was brought to a suitable place (my emphasis —WB.MSTR.ED), where dried figs, a barley loaf, and cheese were put into his hand. These he ate. Then he was beaten seven times upon his genital organs with squills and branches of the wild fig and other trees, while the flutes played a particular tune.

Afterwards he was burned on a pyre built of the wood of forest trees; and his ashes were cast into the sea.


Aw, fer Chris' sake, don't get dat bughouse bum started!


(Raises his head and peers at ROCKY blearily through his thick spectacles — in a gutteral declamatory tone) Capital- ist swine! Bourgeois stool pigeons! Have the slaves no right to sleep even? (Then he grins at ROCKY and his manner changes to a giggling, wheedling playfulness, as though he were talking to a child) Hello, leedle Rocky! Leedle monkey face! Vere is your leedle slave girls? (With an abrupt change to a bullying tone) Don't be a fool! Loan me a dollar! Damned bourgeois Wop! Buy me a trink! (He seems to run down, and is overcome by drowsiness. His head sinks to the table again and he is at once fast asleep.)

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The United Arab Emirates participated with the international coalition against Iraq during the Persian Gulf War (1991) and since then has expanded its international contacts and diplomatic...

Copyright (c) 2003 Columbia University Press.

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It is proper to every gathering that the gatherers assemble to coordinate their efforts to the sheltering; only when they have gathered together with that end in view do they begin to gather."

—Martin Heidegger, Logos

Ultimately the case against ethics can be answered only
by demonstrating how moral problems are amenable to so-
lution by rational methods.  In any particular case the
right course of action is the one that is backed by the
best reasons.               James Rachels

Ethics in Hard Times Ed. by Arthur C. Caplan and Daniel 
Callahan. The Hastings Center, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY / 
Plenum Press 1981 New York


       pleonasm \PLEE-uh-naz-uhm\, noun:
       1. The  use  of  more  words than are necessary to express an
          idea; as, "I saw it with my own eyes."
       2. An instance or example of pleonasm.
       3. A superfluous word or expression.

       Dougan  uses  many words where few would do, as if pleonasm
       were  a  way  of  wringing  every  possibility  out  of the
       material  he  has,  and  stretching  sentences  a  form  of
       spreading the word.
       --Paula  Cocozza,  "Book  review:  How Dynamo Kiev beat the
       Luftwaffe," [1]Independent, March 2, 2001

       Such  a  phrase from President Nixon's era, much favored by
       politicians,  is "at this moment in time." Presumably these
       five  words  mean "now." That pleonasm probably does little
       harm except, perhaps, to the reputation of the speaker.
       --Eoin McKiernan, "Last Word: Special Relationships," Irish
       America, August 31, 1994
       Pleonasm  is  from  Greek  pleonasmos,  from  pleon, "greater,

       Synonyms:  circumlocution, periphrasis, redundancy, tautology.
       [2]Find more at