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If you are looking for my Science Olympiad Site, go here.

Please visit some of my flight sim, avition, and space links.

Please look at some Flight Simulator 98 screenshots.

You can contact me either through email:stallion_fighter_pilot@yahoo.com, or ICQ. You do not need to have ICQ in order to contact me through it.

This page is devoted to Flight Sims, what's going on with space, and other things that may be found interesting. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions concerning this page, please contact me through ICQ or email.

See a short video of Columbia lifting off from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

I have added some pictures to the site. They are of a May trip from ABQ-ORD.

I have more pictures, but of course, there can only be so many. So, if you have any photos of aircraft, preferably of fighters (air show pictures are always good), or airliners, that you feel may be interesting, or just for me to check, feel free to email them to me at the address above.

I will try to reply and tell you when you will be able to see your picture on my page! Even if they have unnecessary objects in the background, I will try getting rid of the mess, so don't think it's useless.

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