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--Fight To Thrive--

Is a UK based company that deals with band promotion throughout the United Kingdom.

Launch date: September 2004

To get in touch simply email -

Katie - Fallingstars85@aol.com

(Personal relations and production details)

Tom - mailto:Sometimesnewjersey@hotmail.com

(Designs or web site problems)

Please check the FAQ section before emailing.


New site look added, please send us feedback, ideas and suggestions etc. Were constantly working on new and improved designs so any ideas would be much appreciated. Also we are looking for logo ideas so if you can design one please send it to one of the two emails on the left hand side. The logo must include the words "fight to thrive" only.

Latest interviews added include an interview with Senses Fail and Mainsfield. These can be accessed using the navigation bar on the left.

Projects will be started in september 2004 following the launch of the official site and company. To be included in a project, to be promoted by the company please visit the projects page for price lists and different packages. For information regarding the packages please email Personal Relations manager Katie using the email address on the left.

The street team will come into action in September 2004 but to ensure a fully operational team before the launch we urge you to sign up quickly as once the street team places are full no more members will be taken on till others leave.

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