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    This is the cyber-home of my game developement site "Twisted Karma", henceforth that big banner at the top of the page. Though the primary focus of this site will be that of promoting and distributing the various PC games created here at "TK", I plan to invite other small budget developers to gain exposure for the games that they have created. If you are looking for the mass produced, multi-million dollar budget games that are offered by major corporate gaming moguls, then this site is not for you. BUT if you are looking for HIGH QUALITY , HARDKORE games that break all of the conventions of modern gaming, then my friend you have just surfed right into gaming bliss.

There's Not Any Wussy Games Here!
Put yourself IN the game.
Or put your, friends, pets, and/or children INTO the game. E-mail us a photo in JPEG or GIF format of yourself, or who/what you wish to see in a custom game. Specify who or what you wish to be the hero and enemies. Choose either the Maze  or Platform type game, and for $19.95 you will recieve a one of a kind custom game with you and/or you friends, family or favorite pet. For details send an e-mail with "custom gamez?" as the subject to
July 26, 2004.
Just added a teaser demo of "The ZONE" an upcoming old-school RPG. Check it out on the Gamez page.
July 11, 2004.
Just added a new game called Killer Kowz from outerspace to the "GameZ" page.
July 10, 2004

Well after much reluctance I have released yet another Beta version of the Dungeon Dwellers game. Still some bugs I'm sure. If you play it please e-mail me with any bugs or glitches that you find. You can find a link to the game file on my games page.
Also a new FREE game added to the Games section. It is called "Spaced Out" and is a scrolling space shooter. So play and enjoy!
I have starting making E-kom-X
(cyber comic books). Our favorite blue bot is the subject of one, as well as a number of others by other artists. You can find a link to E-kom-X HERE.
Also am hard at work on another RPG using a different engine which is much more suited for the task and should speed up production greatly.
Lastly, I will be removing some of the old games from this site and putting them on an archive site as I post newer gamesdue to storage limitations. Fear not all of my old crappy games will still be available at the new site.
Well tht will about do it for this update. Check U on the flipside.
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