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Many people question the origins of a Leafy. Some speculate that this example link could give us ideas. However, it is also noted by various sources that people who have touched Leafy either emotionally or physically have found this example link helpful.

In the study, it was found to be true that eleven out of seven doctors recommend Leafy for the cure of lonliness, blurred vision, cold sores, and hairy palms. Unfortunatly none of these doctors were willing to give a recorded testimony, and one was noted to have way too much free time on his/her hands. We can only assume that s/he was, in fact, made of plastic.

Meanwhile, space and time collapsed, and indeed, it was fruit flavoured. "That's OK", quoted Leafy, "I like it that way, and it helps with the flow." When asked what "it" was and how fruit pertained to it, Leafy gave this reporter a very strange glance, an auto-graphed nude 8x10 of a blue haired anime character, and several blank 5.25" disketti. One disk was noted to have some sort of writing on it that may or may not have been lipstick. Taste test later confirmed it was no lipstick, but in all actuality, a combonation of cherry pie filling, and the blood of seven young virgins. The eighth young virgin was unavalible for comment.

-The Associated Press