This site was created by Frank & Angie Hund, Bad Münstereifel, Germany (Email us)

Almost all of the pictures (including all underwater pictures and roundabouts) were taken with the incredible Canon Digital IXUS Camera (in the US also also known as PowerShot100). The few others were taken with a simple analog camera during our first visit. The most compact IXUS digital camera has a resultion 2.1 megapixels and stores more than 100 great quality pictures on one 64MB CF memory module. There is an "all weather housing" available for the camera that even is good for underwater use up to 3 meters depth - at least as long as it's new (...). We can highly recommend that camera - it's a really awesome piece of technology.

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They represent selected presonal impressions only and do
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hermit crab


We'd like to thank Nadja Palz (author and webmaster of the german Fihalhohi homepage at for drawing our attention to that beautiful island.

Also many thanks to the Fihalhohi management and all Fihalhohi staff for making our stays such a great experience.

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