Welcome, web traveler.... let us take you to Fihalhohi -
a piece of paradise in the turquoise seas of the Maldives archipelago. On our site you will find many photos we took during our two visits to the island - we hope you enjoy them! --- Angie & Frank Hund, Bad Münstereifel, Germany

Status as of Jan 12 2001: some pages not yet online, no higher res level yet and a huge pile of photos must still be sorted out. More roundabouts coming as well...

If you consider visiting the Maldives, read our short island description to obtain a rough overview of Fihalhohi as a destination.

For an instant escape to a dream island, follow the photo links:

Travel - just some pics of arrival and transport in Maldives
Island und Beaches - the most incredible....
Facilities - pictures of the Fihalhohi hotel facilities
Underwater - all the good stuff from our last visit!

Don't miss our Roundabouts - some unique 360° views of Fihalhohi!
Check out other Fihalohi Links and please read the Comments and Credits.