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Dj Fis
This is Dj Fis.
Residence: Bole Road
           Addis Ababa
School: Yenegew Sew Private School
Grade : 12
I like riding a bicycle, Watch movies, Doing computer stuffs.
Lucky I am I have very special friends & family.
To start from my old & best friends.
Group 5 Filli, Nati, Mikias, Mignot & Me. I like tham alot and won't ever forget them.
Neighbours : Bereket, Michael, George, Tedi...
My Y.S.P.S friends are excellent like
From Boys, Brook, Mewael, Efison, Teshale, Yonathan, Mesay, Nebil(Learned together from KG since now) and much more.
From Girls : Helen, Betty, Sara, Mignot & there group were a nice friends specially Helen(the new duda) & Betty who was awarded the best of Grade 11A were very good.
Special Person:
I like to thank my beloved one Stefis for always being there for me.
Family : I love my family very much for helping me to get here.
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