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TALK® is the "Global Eye" that understands the Nigerian and International telecoms industry.

The Consulting Team places a premium on understanding the needs and addressing the problems faced by clients or customers in order to deliver lasting solutions to them.
Position yourself to successfully tackle growing competition and unprecedented challenges in the marketplace.
Equip yourself to develop network service strategies that focus on salability, usability, and portability to maximise productivity PLUS cut down on expensive maintenance management.
Benefit from technology driven multidisciplinary consulting delivered via methodologies best suited to your short and/or long term objectives.
We can help you strike a workable and profitable balance between customer service value, effective strategic solutions and the right technology. It's our trademark for success!
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Our Learning and Knowledge Solutions are primarily developed for non-technical professionals in telecoms:
Become more confident in your interactions with technical colleagues and engineers in your workplace.
Understand telecommunication concepts and jargons including the correct application.
Gain superior insight into how the telecommunications market works.
Get qualitative tools/course materials that help you understand and remember what you learn.
The above are for you if you are a non-technical professional in Marketing, Sales, Legal, Administration, Accounting/Finance and Purchase departments.
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TALK's Network Enabled Support Solutions help corporate networks as well as new network operators, in ensuring uncompromised services delivery to customers.
Develop and maintain your network through the use of standard approved tools and experienced engineers
Discover how to align your operational network strategy with competitive customer needs.
Make yours one of the(if not THE) best networks i.e. those that balance quality, network performance, and cost efficiency.
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