Fila Brasileiro Association - FBA

What is the Fila Brasileiro Association (FBA)?

It is an international association aiming to preserve and promote the FILA BRASILEIRO BREED under official CBKC/FCI regulations.

The FBA has delegates, not only throughout the United States, but also in Europe, Central America, Caribe, South America, Asia and Oceania spread in many countries. The FBA today enjoys the privilege of being one of the largest Fila Specialty Club of the world, numbering over hundred members and still growing.

It was founded in 1992 by the CBKC/FCI/SKC judge Clelia Kruel, who has been breeding champions for nineteen consecutive years. She is also the author of three Fila books, translator of the English official version of the FCI standard of the breed distributed internationally, founder member and ex-technical director of the Fila Brasileiro Club of America (FBCA).

The FBA Board of Directors strictly follow the FBA Bylaws which are briefly explained in the attached MISSION STATEMENT.

The FBA strives to invite knowledgeable licensed judges for its Specialty Shows who look not only at the type, structure, balance, and gait of the dog, but also at the purpose of the the breed - a true working and guard dog. For this reason, at Specialty Shows, the judge will not touch the dog, asking for the exhibitor to show the dog's dentition and to lift the tail of the males in order to check the testicles of the dog.

This is a way of showing the respect we have for the true temperament of the breed which is well known for their OJERIZA - aversion, distrust toward strangers - as it is clearly stated in the OFFICIAL standard of the breed. At GENERAL SHOWS and INTERNATIONAL SHOWS the judge may elect to touch the Filas, but show dogs must have been trained to accept willingly this situation, which is basically against their nature.

The FBA encourages its members to exchange information with other Fila owners and breeders. Members are encouraged to x-ray their producing stock in order to fight Hip Dysplasia and to use only sound dogs in their breeding program.

The FBA also encourages its members to use their Filas as working dogs, enhancing their abilities as guard dogs, trackers, sniffers, cattle drovers, hunters, police dogs, and faithful devoted companion dogs.

The FBA promotes meetings, seminars, training sessions, and conformation shows. The quarterly FILA DIGEST is mailed FREE to all members.

Depending on the number of active members, the FBA is able to put on circuits with more than one show per day several times a year. At these Specialty Shows the exhibitors receive a written critique of their dogs. These shows present a great opportunity to see the best of the current stock, the best studs, the best puppies, and to exchange information.

These are several of the ways the FBA serves its goal to better preserve and promote this wonderful breed.

If you want to be a FBA member and receive the FBA quarterly newsletter; FILA DIGEST, contact the FBA secretary by mailing address: FILA BRASILEIRO ASSOCIATION 5029 County Road 605, Burleson, TX 76028-1177 - USA, and ask a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM. The FBA secretary will mail a copy for you to submit as a new FBA member

For further information, go to the FBA web site: FILA BRASILEIRO ASSOCIATION

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