Fanfic is a curse.

Fanfic is a great way to learn how to do plot. That's how I got started. Then I got hooked. I've had to wean myself off of it as life demanded more time, but the stories are here for anyone who cares to read them. It's a diverse group: Voyager, Hellblazer, Highlander, and one X-File. I just put up the last of the Hellblazer crossovers (7/12/05).

What did I write? It used to be Star Trek: Voyager, but that's history. Out with a wimper, not a bang. Robert Beltran (Chakotay) had it right when he said that Voyager's writers had their collective heads up their asses. The best of ST: The Next Generation or Deep Space 9 shows were extremely good. The best Voyager shows have never equaled the best Voyager fanfiction.

This site contains a few fanfiction stories of various kinds including some crossovers. Don't be scared of the crossovers - you don't have to know the originals if I did my job right. In general I don't write romantic fiction or bodice rippers. I do write some smut, and a couple of examples are on this site.

I understand that the Powers that Be own all copyrights surrounding the characters, ships, species, etc. Trust me, Powers, I'm not doing this for money. The preceding was a disclaimer.

John Blonde, looking at you.

Star Trek: Voyager:

Q, no A Q catches Chakotay brooding, and yanks his chain. Rated PG for one non-G-rated word.
Disquiet A short piece inside Tuvok's head. PG for implied heterosexual relations.
Motif This piece is pure smut. Do not read this story if you are not legally considered old enough in your city, county, state, or country of origin. Paris, Torres, and Chakotay. Summary: B'Elanna schemes; smut ensues. A lot of smut. In graphic detail. How much more warning do you need? m/f, m/m, m/m/f I've been told by dyed in the wool slash fans that this story contains rare "hot het."
Presence A novel-length work that ended up being AU. Voyager returned to the alpha quadrant during the Dominion war. Mostly an action and intrique story. People seem to like this, despite the presence of a Betazoid anti-Mary Sue.

Hellblazer crossovers (not as bad as that sounds, really):

Rhyme or Reason The Vampire Chronicles, Hellblazer, and something else meet in a piece of very strange fanfiction. I don't know what came over me. The official description: From DC Comic's Hellblazer and Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, John Constantine and the vampire Lestat come together for a museum heist at the instigation of an annoying Chaos magician. Rated R for drugs, mild sex, and weirdness.
Sense or Season It happened again. John Constantine, Hellblazer, meets the Marquis de Carabas from Neverwhere, and the annoying Chaos magician takes too many drugs. Another museum heist.
Truth or Treason The last one. John Constantine, Hellblazer, meets the Methos from Highlander, and the annoying Chaos magician gives away his hat. Another museum heist. Violence, disturbing acts described in dialog.

Highlander, the series:

From the Highlander milieu. A short, tight piece from Cassandra's point of view, post Bordeaux, and after dinner.
A companion to Undercurrent. Duncan and Methos in a raprochement of sorts. Hemingway references

X-files smut:

Devil to Pay
My only X-Files story, and NC-17 to boot. A crossover with DC Comics' Sandman, and written for an Infinity Press 'zine called "Dance with the Devil."


The Real Thing
My only Herc/Xena. Ares. The real Ares shows up in John Blonde's living room. Written for a never-published 'zine called "It's Different For Gods." Linked here for first time, and NC-17.


Blood Brothers
Original, but inspired by a C/P. A dark monstrance couched as a vignette. R.

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