SeXy  Filipina  Girl  Cat-fight  Stories

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Before I share my  stories let me tell you a little about whom is writing this, OK?  My writer friend's name is Jen.  You can read much about her on her homepages but briefly let me say here; she is in 20s ( that mean L~a~t~e 20s in "dating site talk" :-) 5’5" in height and weigh 119lbs. Jen is college graduate and taught sports in school in Philippines for two years before accepting job as OCW in Hong Kong.  In Hong Kong, there are over 100,000 single Filipina women that would make the best wives for foreign men as she explains on her website.   

Jen likes to write and has completed an eBook "Filipina Courtship Secrets" you may enjoy reading.  So, later I & others will write about more wild fights but now let me start with my friend Jen's 1st  three stories; "The Disco Dancing Cat-Fight"  "The Tumbling Filipina Catfight"  &  "The Up-Hill Battle CatFight"

  The first story I share with you is of a disco dancing cat-fight. My second is from my friends' college experience.  Later, I will share stories I hear about from friends or from the hundreds of Filipina Jen interviewed during Personal Searches on behalf of American and European gentlemen.  

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  SeXy Filipina Girl Cat-fight Stories

 Over age 21 ONLY 


If you like my stories let me know by sending comments to me at this special email address and I write more in future.  If you nice guy please consider writing Jen's friends.  To learn more about Jen and her friends go to her homepage.  Blessings,  Kat

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