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It seems like alot of you want to spend alot of time working on me...I like that...This one is from Karim

I move over you and straddle you across your belly, and bend over and give each of your nipples a light kiss and a lick. Then I move up so that my dick is between your beautiful tits. I take your hands and make you squeeze your tits around my dick as I fuck between them. Occasionally I push forward enough so that your mouth can reach my dick to moisten it, then I move down and rub my dick hard across your nipples then between your tits again to fuck them some more. I reach behind me and easily slide three fingers inside your cunt. Drops of moisture come out of my dick and leave a wet trail on your tits. I rub my cock in it and watch your hand as it pinches your own nipple as you press the breast against my dick. I move back up to your mouth and rub my joint across your cheek and lips and leave moisture on your face.

You suck it into your mouth grabbing the shaft tightly with your hand. As you pull it out of your mouth you hold the tip of it against your lips, look up at me and say, "Fuck me. I want you inside." Ever the gentleman, I move down between your legs. I feel my joint touch the very wet, open lips of your pussy. I hold the shaft of it with my hand and rub the head across your clit, and tease the lips open further. As I tease you, your hips thrust up trying to devour me. I move my dick with my hand so that just the head is inside you. You push again, wanting it all, and although I ache for the same thing, I toy with both of us and play with only the head inside you. Then, suddenly, I plunge my joint deeply into your coochie. The heat of you is amazing. You pull at my shoulders and I hear your deep intake of breath. I have to move in long, deep strokes, and I feel you hips move to meet every thrust. The tension built by the teasing ebbs a bit and we slow to an easier rhythm as we fuck.

As I thrust into you, I hold your face in my hands and kiss your lips, your cheeks and softly on your eyes. Your hands on my back knead deeply into my muscles. Your mouth has the taste of my dick in it. I nibble your ear lobes and then arch my back so I can bend to kiss the nipple of the breast your hand offers up to my mouth. We roll over and you are sitting on me, bringing my cock to an almost painful angle. But now you control the feel of my joint inside you... the angle and the movement, and I want you to take as much pleasure as you can. I reach up to your breasts to caress them, and then move my hands around to your ass. You put your arms behind you, resting your hands on my knees as you arch backward forcing my cock to strain hard against the front wall of your coochie. You position emphasizes the size and firmness of your breasts. I move one hand around to your belly and then down so that the thumb rests on your clit. I slowly spread the moisture around as you move my cock inside you. You bring your face down to mine and thrust your tongue deeply into my mouth. I reach around to your ass and again let the thrust of your hips help force my finger into the hole. As you move down, you take my dick deeply into your cunt, and as you hips rise off of my dick I leave my finger in place and you force my finger more deeply into your ass.

No matter how you move you are impaled on me and I am lost in you. I hear little cries from deep inside your throat. I urge you on, "Yes, use my dick. Take it. I love the feel of you needing me, grinding yourself on my dick. Yes, use my dick." You move faster. I am afraid I am going to cum so I hold your hips for a moment making the movement stop. We rest for a bit with me inside you. I make my dick jerk inside you and you answer with a squeeze of the muscle inside your pussy.

We smile at each other. "We can't go on meeting this way." I say. We laugh. After resting and talking for a while, I take the silk scarves you have left by the bed, and tie your hands together and then to the headboard. You make no sound. You lie passively, looking up at me. I know I have made the knot at your wrists a little tighter than you had expected.

There is a twinge of fear in your eyes, but I go about my work pretending not to notice. I take two more scarves and tie one around each of your ankles, and then to each leg of the bed, so that you are spread wide, and open for me. I kiss up the insides of your leg, to the thigh. I nip you there with my teeth, just a little harder than usual. I kiss over the lips of your pussy, then leave a trail of kisses up your belly. When I take one of your nipples in my mouth, what starts as a licking and sucking motion, ends with a sharp bite that causes you to flinch and make a sound deep in your throat. There may be a bit of doubt as to how in control I am. Even I am not sure how far the passion can take me now that I have you here this way, so soft and warm and inviting and vulnerable… Totally at my mercy.

Mmmmm Karim...I am so vulnerable Thanks!

This one is from George, it's a little long ;-) but, he sounds VERY passionate!

I had been anticipating the evening all day long. Both excited and nervous. Memories of last week constantly pound my head. And if I concentrate hard, I can still smell the perfume that you were wearing. The way your eyes light up when you smile. The graceful movements of your hips as you walk. And the envious stares from the guys as we walked by.

Now here we are. I picked this place carefully. Just for you. An outdoors restaurant seated where we can look out over the ocean. The sun is just starting to set over the horizon. And for one brief moment, day and night both combine in the heavens above. I gaze at you from across the table. Watching and admiring your beauty. Wondering how a plain guy like myself could be here with an angel. The candlelight seems to be dancing within your eyes. Every time you smile it seems my heart stops.

As the dinner progresses, we seem to talk forever. You are so easy to talk to. And I'm amazed at how easy and relaxed I am. And love the fact that we can talk about anything..no matter what. Once the bill has been paid, we head towards the beach. Removing our shoes, we walk in the sand heading towards the ocean. I reach for your hand as we walk across the shore. You happily give it to me. I watch you as we walk. Not being to take my eyes off you. The soft breezes from the ocean moves across your face. You raise your hand to brush the hair away from your eye. We move back from the ocean a little farther on the sand. There we sit and watch the tides roll in and out. I can see that you are getting a little cool. I excuse myself, go retrieve some wood, and start a small fire. I also managed to get a CD player in the process. I light the fire, put one of your favorite CDs, and then sit behind you. Wrapping my arms around you. We sit like this for what seems like hours. But in reality only a few minutes.

Not saying a word. Both just enjoying the moment. I take my fingers and start stroking your hair. You sigh and place your head on my shoulders; wrapping your arms around mine. I brush your hair away from your face and softly kiss your cheek. Moving to your ear, I gently nibble on it. Causing another sigh to escape your lips. I then gently blow inside your ear, whisper your name over and over again inside it, then run my tongue inside. This normally excites you and tonight is no different. You turn your head, raise one hand to my face, and softly kiss me. I then take your face in my hands and look into your eyes. I kiss your forehead, then both cheeks, the tip of your nose, and your chin. I then take your upper lip into my mouth and suck on it. Running my tongue underneath it. I follow that by taking your lower lips and suck on it as well. Then I take my tongue and run it across both lips. I then press my lips against yours. You open your mouth to accept my tongue. I pull you closer as our tongues dance together.

I begin to run my hands over your body. You in turn run yours over my thighs. I moan my pleasure and approval as you slide your hand up to my crotch. You take it in your hand and squeeze..feeling it harden and lengthen with each touch. I move my hands to your breast and cup them. Your nipple hardening both from my touch as well as the cool breeze. I place both nipples between my fingers and roll them. Causing you to sigh louder. As your excitement raises, you unzip my pants, slide your hand inside, and grab my cock. As you run your finger over the tip, you can feel the pre-cum coming out of me. You take it and rub it all over my shaft and balls. Looking at me with both passion and lust in your eyes, you push me back on the sand and unbutton my pants. You then take your long nails and run them over my cock. Flick them back and forth them you reach the tip. Your movements causes my cock to flinch and a moan to escape my lips. Lowering your head, you run your tongue up and down the sides. The to my balls where you lick in slow circles. You then take you teeth, grab a few of my hairs, and gently pull with your mouth. I jerk.both with pleasure and a little pain.

Moving your head back to my cock, you lower your mouth over it. Taking as much inside as you can. Then as you withdraw, you place your teeth on it and rake it as you go. I love the feel of this and reach up to grab the back of your head. I always did love the way your mouth felt on my dick. I start grinding my hips against your face as you continue to lick and suck me. Feeling that I could lose control at any moment, I raise your head and give you another passionate kiss. Tasting myself on your tongue. Lowering you on the sand, I lift your dress up to your waist. I smile when I notice that you are not wearing any panties. Moving to your ankles, I start kissing and licking my way up your left leg. Moving to your calf.then your knee...outer thigh...then inner thigh. I then move to the other leg and perform the same actions. As I approach your cunt, you spread your legs. Then take your breast in your hands and start playing with them. When I finally reach your cunt, I gently blow on it before running my tongue across the slit. You move your hips trying to force my tongue inside you. Taking my tongue, I start to flick it across your clit. Causing you to moan louder. I can feel it hardening with each touch. Your juices starting to flow freely from you. The smell is raising my pleasure and excitement even more. I take a finger and stick it inside you. Moving it around in slow circles. Then twisting it back and forth. Next I add another finger. Moving then in and out of you at a constant pace.

Meanwhile continuing my assault on your clit with my tongue. You yell for me to lick your pussy seconds before you erupt with your first orgasm. Not giving you enough time to recover, I raise myself over your body and lower my pants. I take my cock in my hands and rub it back and forth across your slit. You beg me to stop teasing you and fuck you. Placing the tip of my cock inside you, I slowly push inside. Moving an inch at a time until my balls rest against your crotch. I lean down to kiss you before slowly pulling my cock back out to the tip. Then I push it back in again slowly. You raise and grind your hips with each in stroke. After several moments, you grab my ass as squeeze. The whisper in my ear to fuck you harder. I pull back until the tip almost slips out of your wet juicy cunt. Then push back hard inside you. Causing a scream on pleasure to escape your lips. Then I start moving faster inside you. Then going back harder. Rotating from fast.to hard...to fast.to hard. After maintain this pace for several minutes, you blast into another orgasm. I can feel your cunt muscles squeezing and releasing my cock. You then roll me over and get on top. Taking my cock in your hand, you first rub your hand all over it. Smearing your pussy juice on it. Then you lick your hand before offering it to me to do the same. Next you take my cock and place it back inside you. Slowly lowering yourself on top of me. Looking down at you, you begin to ride me. Controlling every movement. Fast..then slow. Back..then forth. In..then out. Grinding yourself against me. Looking down at me I can see the lust and fire in your eyes. And I know you won't stop until you make me cum.

Reaching behind you, you find my balls and start to play with them. Rolling them around with your fingers. This causes me to moan and come closer to releasing. I reach up, grab your hips, then raise my hips to meet your thrust. I feel myself getting ready to cum. Telling you this, you remove yourself off my cock. Placing your mouth over my cock, you lick, suck, and stroke it till I can no longer hold it. Telling you that I'm about to cum, you continue jerking my cock, aiming it at your inner thighs. I release and globs of cum land on your thighs, waist, and cunt lips. Taking your hand you rub and smear it into every pore of your skin. then take the remaining on your fingers and suck it off. We smile at each other before we gather ourselves together to head home. As I open the car door for you, I give you another passionate kiss. You reach down and grab my cock in your hand to squeeze it. After the kiss we look into each other eyes. And without saying one word, we both know that what just happened was an appetizer. The main course and dessert was to follow later. Until we both passed out completely exhausted.

You are so romantic George...I loved it!

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