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    there are many thing that may interest a person. some of these interest give reason for people to live. music can be found anywhere. . . it can be found in the simple pitter patter of the rain, the single chirp of a cricket on a summers night, or even a slap on a snare. but music does not give me a reason to live. playing instruments is just a perk of living. making music makes life a tad bit more fun 

                   Dashboard Confessional                                         The Get Up Kids                            

The Swiss Army Romance                        Something to Write Home About

    what is emo? emo is a broad title of music that covers many different areas of emotional  charged music. it is a style where one could write a love song or an anti-love song in a different way. it is something different from the kind of love songs you would expect from people like berry white. here are some emo bands: the juliana theory, dashboard confessional, the get up kids, no knife, jimmy eat world, saves the day, devinir, famous lies,  and someday well have a name.


For those of you who care


    this concludes the web page. sorry that it isnt all that great. and its rather boring. . . to me. music lives. . . and we shouldnt stop making music then life would be rather boring. so i end with this quote

"Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up."
                                                       - Anon

    whether that makes any sense to you. . the meaning of life doesnt mean music. you have to find your own meaning to life. the meaning of life is Jesus Christ


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