Charmaine Santiago

uhh hi!! welcome to my grreat page. Right now I`d like to say a few things about myself---Uhmmm My name is Charmaine, I`m 17 and I`m Canadian, I`m in high school. I attend St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School---I like to sleep. ZZzZz.
[All About Me]
[D.O.B] May 5, 1986
[Loaction] Mississauga
[Country] Canada
[Grade] 12
[Interests] Anything you like to do!
[Music] Anything you like to listen to!
[Favourite Color] Blue
[Favourite Songs] Seasons of Love by Rent, Close to You by the Carpenters and Danielle White, Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve, Castle on a Cloud by Les Miserables, Blue and Yellow by The Used, Here, There, and Everywhere by The Beatles, Year 3000 by Busted, Automatic High by S Club Juniors Guilty by Blue, Stand up as people by Lee Ryan Rock With You by Michael Jackson and Morgan Burke Low by Kelly Clarkson , I`m Just A Kid by Simple Plan, Dirrty by Christina Aguilera What We`re All About by Sum 41, Closer to You by The Wallflowers, Ordinary World by Duran Duran, Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney, I`ll Be by Edwin McCain, Jump, Jump by Kriss Kross
[Favourite Movies] Back to the Future I and II I thought they just killed the whole triology when they made the third one. Harry Poter SS, Harry Potter COS and the more movies to come. About A Boy, Uptown Girls , Annie, 28 Days Later, My Girl, The Professional, The Babysitter`s Club I used to watch this movie more than ten times a day!! Now and Then, The Breakfast Club, Newsies, The Virgin Suicides, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory I`m sorry, but I just can`t get enough of that Veruca Salt girl!, Digging to China
[Favourite TV Shows] Well---I don`t really watch that much tv anymore, but back in the day I used to love watching shows like Saved By the Bell, California Dreams, Full House, Step By Step (don`t ask why), Ready or Not, Degrassi Jr High, Are You Afraid of the Dark and Goosebumps (yes I know I should be ashamed of myself) Dawson`s Creek It was soo sad how it ended so fast! The Mickey Mouse Club, Kids Incorperated, Life Goes On Yeaah!! Go Corky and Becka!!, 90210, Party of Five, Survivor I and II, I kind of lost interest when they went to Africa. Now the only show that interests me is American Juniors, but now that`s done I don`t watch much of anything on tv anymore. The O.C sucks like ass!!
[Favourite Books] Summer Sisters, Harry Potter I-V---yeah! Harry and Hermione rock!!, A Walk to Remember

Daamn--ok, that`s enough of my favourites, because the list can just go on and on!!

Star Sign : Tauras
Profession : student
Marital Status : Single
Makes Me Happy : Life!!
Makes Me Sad : Death! Not only physically, but spiritually as well
Cigarettes : Nope!
Alcohol : I like to get drunk
Drugs : I don't use drugs
Bad Habits : Laziness