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The greater part of our pages is the "
Bali Story 2000" and the photos that go with the story. It is the daily diary of our Bali holiday in the last two weeks of September, 2000.

The first chapter is '
Getting Ready', in the links column on the right.
It tells of the organisation (or lack of it) that preceded the trip. It's long and you might be advised to skip it.
The second chapter is '
Getting There' and tells of the flight to Bali.
Day 1", "Day 2" and so on follow, until the final chapter which is "Getting Back".

Also in the links is an earlier story (
Bali Saga '99) and photos,

as well as advice for travellers -

Beginners Bali',
Bali With Kidz',
Shoppers Aid / Cheat Sheet'.,

and you'll even find memories of our first trip to Bali in 1979 if you look hard enough.

Shopping, eating and visiting suggestions, from postings on the Bali Travel Forum by travellers, can be found in '
Bali Travel Forum Recommendations'.

In addition there are all sorts of related and unrelated bits and pieces.
Look hard and you'll find '
Filo's Toilet Tester' and the Animals Page.

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Here are more than 40 Links to our other pages and to other Bali sites that we like -
A Rushed Trip To Bali - 2003
The long story of our 2003 trip beginning in Seminyak, going to Candi Dasa, to Amed and back to Candi Dasa in one day, to Pacung in the central highlands, to Tuban, missing the flight home and finally the best 3 days we've ever had in Bali. There are the photos also.
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Bali Story 2000 - Getting Ready
Bali Story 2000 - Getting There.
Day 1
Day 2
Bali Story 2000 - Sheraton Photos - Days 1 to 4
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5.

Bali Story 2000 - The Inn Photos - Days 5 - 10
. (The Holiday Inn is now called the Bali Hai Resort & Spa - 2002.)
Day 6
Day 7
Bali Story 2000 - Northern Trip Photos. Day7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14
Day 15.

Day 16
Getting Back.
  This is the end ot the Bali Story 2000.

Bali Saga '99.
     The story of our '99 trip. 
Bali Saga - Photos,
  Bali Hilton, Nusa Dua, '99.

e Tuka Orphanage.

My photography

Bali Travel Forum Recommendations - Site 2. The previous linkhere was often subject to restrictions imposed by Yahoo Geocities. If this is the case then try this link to the new home pages we are establishing.

Bali With Kidz.
      Hints for harried mums (and dads?).

Beginners Bali.
    Hints for first-timers.

Flight of Fancy.       Bali dreaming.

Filo's Bali Toilet Tester.
  Don't leave home without it !!

Currency Converter.

Yahoo Currency Converter Has an interesting recent trend graph and an inverting facility to convert foreign currency back into your home currency. (How much did I pay for that?)

Shopper's Cheat Sheet
.   Very handy when bargaining.

Shirt-Pocket Phrases.
Everyday words in a handy size.

Bali Travel Forum
THE information source for Bali Travellers.

Bali Street Animals Rescue
. As this organisation is in recess this page has been abbreviated.

Wonderful North Bali.
  Ringo's great stories & photos. A must see particularly if you're going north.

Bali.     Long established site now at a new address and with a new format. Information and travelogues about Bali. Current. Recommended..

Shar^kies Bali.
      No. 1 Aussie site.

Mic's Bali. Up-to-date info for holiday planning. hotels - Homestays, maps, food, shopping etc.

Time'.     Dava Sobel.

An Irish Blessing
.      Anon.

.       Robert S McGee.

Mans Demise
.      Anon.

The Owl and the Pussy Cat
.       Edward Lear.

'First Time' - A Biker's Tale

By 'Bike to Queenscliffe

Photos from the Holiday Inn, 1996
. (The Holiday Inn is now known as the Bali Hai Resort & Spa.)

Photos from Lombok, 1997

Photos from Ubud and further north, 1999.

Bali Beginners 1979. Memories of our first trip to Bali.

Frangipanni's Bali. Beautifully written and easy-to-read stories of Bali travel, with fantastic pictures.

'Leaving Bali'   W R Foran, 1925, and -

Bali by Noel Coward, as well as -

Father's Poem. Unknown author.
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