óleos - oil paintings


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Ajos  - espátula (30 x 20 cms) Ajos  2 - espátula (30 x 20 cms)

Following please find in my web page the results of many years practicing, classes with the painter Battle Planas, and the studies carried out at the argentine Art School during 8 years. But I acquired the real touch by investigating and creating and by painting and painting feaverishly. Thank you very much for visiting my page and I would love to have your opinion. Just send me an e-mail to filomeini@yahoo.com and I will be happy to answer you.

La siguiente muestra en mi pagina Web es el resultado de muchos años de autodidacta, luego de clases con el  pintor Battle Planas, también cursando la Facultad de Bellas Artes en Buenos Aires, Argentina y finalmente investigando, pintando y pintando afiebradamente. Agradezco tu visita a mi página y me gustará conocer tu opinión. Mandame un e-mail a filomeini@yahoo.com y me encantará  contestarte.

Do you want to see my paitings? ¿Querés ver mis pinturas?