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first of all, i'm the dark-haired guy in the middle.  i am a junior at Snoozeville HS.  i am a fun-loving crazy person and like hanging with all my pals at school...it takes the pain out of all the work.  i am looking at colleges right now, and my first choice is The Ohio State University (not JUST because brian is going)...
i like spending time with friends, going out to eat, spending money, movies, just chillin, and having a great time.
family?  well they are always taking away my phone and not letting me buy what i want (with my own money!)...thats ok i love them anyways


brian-you are the coolest,bud!  had me scared about vanderbilt though...
patti-you dirty perv!  always wanting to lick people's nipples and have multiplesomes...fun times in abercrombie and the food court
nick-crocodile rock--never again....
Chris-youre a fun kid...and it'll only get better with the humping moose t-shirt
Jena-thanks for everything.  All the inside jokes, 3 hour conversations at blockbuster without renting a movie, and just having good times is what it's all about

If you are not in here, sorry i made this in a hurry.  tell me something funny to put in here