The Filipino Amateur Writers' Guild

Welcome to the
Filipino Amateur Writers' Guild. Here, aspiring writers, both young and old, can post their works, and receive comments and criticism.

It is a chance to finally have people read the short stories you have been writing, and receive sound advice on how to improve your craft.

Webmasters' Notes:

October 22, 2001
Re-working the main page content still and trying to figure out the page placement. Yahoo! Club link, guestbook and fastcounter seem to be working so far.

October 21, 2001
The main page is finally up and running but all the links are pretty much dead so far. Still checking the layout for problems and working out the submission/critique format.
Holding the Pen
Here the FAWG pays homage to a great Filipino writer.

Book of the Month

The name says it all. Maybe you should add this to your reading list.

Members' Area

Information on how to join, where to send entries and the like are found here.

Stories Page
Submitted stories can be accessed from here.

Poetry Page
Sumbitted poetry pieces can be accessed from here.

Message Board
The FAWG has its own message board!

Yahoo! Club
The FAWG started out as a Yahoo! Club which is still active. Follow the site instructions to become a member.

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