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Hi, my name is Eric.  I enjoy playing piano.  My favorite piano is the Steinway.  I play a Steinway Model B 6'10".
I hope to someday be a concert pianist/CEO of a major corporation.  My wonderful piano teacher is Mrs. Ceclila Brauer.  She is a pianist with the Metropolian Opera.  Please visit her site.  She also plays an interesting ancient intrument invented by Ben Franklin called the Glass Armonica
My Hobbies include investing in the stock market and collecting Beanie Babies, someday to be as lucrative as the stock market.
I hope to attend Harvard University and the Curtis Institute of Music, not necessarily in that order. I'm presently 11 years old .
My dad who is also a great  musician, he plays saxophones and tries to play the piano,  helped me with this site.

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Favorite Links:


Steinway Pianos

Mrs. Brauer's Armonica Site

The Ultimate Pokemon Site

This is my Steinway Model B

Playing in the Background today:
J. S. Bach Prelude Number 1

Home Work Helpers

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

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